video on socila media vs youtube

Video on Social Media VS Video on Youtube

Search engines and social media are different plate form. The search engine is an open platform which index website. And optimize data in its database that, how much websites are in the world and what is in it.

If you write a keyword then it will search it from its database and will show you results. And Google also accesses these strategies from youtube also.

Google also shows you data to put other video sites also. So video, which is available on “Vimeo” or any other video platform. Then Google will show you result because Google is an open platform.
But some people think Google prefer Youtube videos.

video on social media channel

if we talk about social media channel, then social media are always a close platform. What will you do, you will do to go inside these channels. If it is like Facebook, Instagram or any other platform they put content in its boundaries.

Search By Intent

So any your video is on Youtube that will be shown in Google, but if that video is in social media platform that will be not shown on Google results. So social media channels did not allow Google to crawl their content. Because they want to retain their content in their own platform.

You have to understand by this concept, if you want traffic by search especially by intent, then video to be on youtube is an important part. If you will not provide an open link in youtube then Google will not search that link.

Traffic by Social Media

If you want to get traffic for your Youtube video, then you can share it on all social media channel. So you have preferred to Youtube because search traffic is that traffic which searches with intent. It has some intent that I have to find something. So by these intent conversions can increase.

socila media example

Need Search

So this conversion will be not found any other where. Because there is no concept in social media. You can search for people, group, pages and you can not search need. when you have to search need then you go on Google because Google gives you that problem’s solution.

Which is the difference between a search engine and social media? That also exists in video perspective. So the video will give you a different type of results in Youtube. And it will be different on Facebook.

So as a brand marketing, you will upload a video at that place where it can be searchable. And Youtbe is the most important platform. Some other channels are also populare for some other qualities. But normally Youtube is famous for video ranking.

Making money by Youtbe

You can also make money by Youtube. That is another discussion. But is you use youtube only for your business that will be enough. And it will be benifit for your business, if someone will search about your business that he will also find your video.

He may search from Youtube or Google,Youtube video will also show him in results. But video on Facebook will reach only that persons who only follow you. Or you have to create an Add that people can watch it.

So this is the main difference of youtube among search, video on social. So you have to understand social channels and video channels which are different. Search is not possible on social, and social is not on search. And both have different parameters.

You have to focus on intent because we are focusing on SEO. So I believe search is bigger vs following should be as much. When people will be intented they will search, then they will search they will also convert. So you have no miss your search and you have to put search friendly to your video.

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how to use video to outrank your competitor

How to Use Video to Outrank Your Competitor

As we know Google allows a different place for videos. If we understand it then how bigger is this opportunity. If I am not ranking in the top 10 results in main SEO, or competition is so high, or a keyword takes months for ranking, You make a good video, you can rank it.

So this is a big opportunity for understanding people, that you are focusing a place for SEO, but you can rank it through video.

For example, if I write a keyword in Google ” how to unlock a mobile”
In the top video, results are showing and other results are below. If I have an online mobile store, and to per-mote my mobile store I will also focus on inbound marketing to per-mote my content to help my users.

Video Content

If there is content video, “top mobile of the month”, “top mobile of the week”.”cheap mobile of the week” if we create this type of content. So what do you think there is? then where will be its problems.

If his mobile will be locked, where he will go? He searches on Google ” how to unlock mobile” so there are many issues which users want to solve.

So in this situation, if your website is not proper ranking. You can launch a video on those topics. You can create a video on that separate topic on a separate place to rank a video.

If you do this possible your main SEO means your website SEO will take time to rank. Then youtube gives you extra space to rank your video to rank a keyword in youtube platform.

If You are Ranking NO 1

If you are ranking no 1 on main SEO. Then What’s the problem if you come on rank in 2nd place.
Your website is ranking on number one and your video also ranking no 1.

So by doing this, you will take 2 positions. If you will not put video today. Then your competitor can rank a video to beat you.

video ranking

Then he will become no 1 and you will become no 2. So in Google search results, he will be ranked in 1st position. And searcher or finder first watch his video, not your website. So this is a golden opportunity for those who have to understand if they want to rank it an extra position is to rank your site.

You can understand it a bonus that you have the opportunity to rank on other space.
So there is up to you what you want to show in the video, you can show site, number or do promotion or branding.

What do you want to show? all options are available in video. So I suggest you if you are trying Google SEO then you should have to try Youtube SEO. Because for this you avail another opportunity for better your SEO. Because at the end our purpose is this we are ranking on No.1. Our ranking will be good.


And especially our ranking should be good on that keyword, by which traffic generates. When traffic came then sales and business will come. Who will hire you or if you have to run your business? So the ultimate purpose of SEO is to grow business.

And all other marketing channels like social media channels purpose is to promote marketing. When your things are not linked that how I will increase traffic and how to grow business, yet you will not understand things. You will be wasting your time. so understand it and include video SEO in your main SEO.

youtube seo ranking factors 2019

Main Youtube SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

We have talked so for video is how much important is youtube SEO. As in Google SEO or Normal SEO there are also many factors involves to ranking a keyword. so that in youtube SEO, there are also many Youtube SEO ranking factors involves to whom we called youtube SEO ranking factors.

So we can increase our SEO to use these youtube factors as a technique. Need to see it now, how youtube rank a video by following which factors. How a video has to ranked and how a video de-ranked in youtube.

So here I will disclose to you main youtube SEO ranking factors which Youtube algorithm count.

What are the Main Youtube SEO Ranking Factors?

As in Google SEO, google says you that you create content for users, so like that youtube also encourage to create content for users. And youtube also use the same parameters.

Why Search Engine Promote Content?

Because all search engine works on the same parameters. All search engines goals are that they remain successful, and to remain successful. They have to give value to their users. And then they can give value to users when they have good content.

If users came and search something on the search engine, and pathetic video can start ranking on the 1st page. They will not call bad to video, they call bad to youtube, and leave the platform.

So every platform struggle is quality conscious, that anyway it can retain its users, provide the best content, best video, and best results.

Actually these expectations are upon you, and you are responsible for that. You help that platform and it can help its users. Ultimately you are promoting your content.

Importance of Single Quality Video.

Quality video is also the main important factor in ranking your video. Where you have to promote 10 low-quality videos, there you upload only 1 quality video. That video will gain up views of more than 10 videos.

That video will gain millions of views wheres other videos gain less than a thousand views. So you can see an impact, it is better to launch a single quality video, rather than 10 low-quality videos.

List Of Some Main Youtube SEO Ranking Factors

There are also some ranking factors in youtube also which youtube search engine also see. So here I can explain to you some most important ranking factors which rank a video on youtube.

1 – Create Compelling Content

Compelling content means, your content should be so much better than it can market itself. We read it starting that content is king, and the same thing is in the video. If your content has no quality then you optimize it as much as you want it will not rank on youtube, It means users will ultimately down vote it or leave the content.

how to create content
create compelling content

If the content is valuable and you have to do optimization so supper, then the video at where you will be launched it will try to rank up because users are engaging it and watching it.

So its session length will long and its time length also. Make this playable, that content is king. If you will give valuable content then you will also survive in video SEO or Google SEO, Because without useful content you can’t survive on SEO.

2 – Create a Catchy and Informative Video Title

As we write the title of any post, so like that, a catchy title is necessary for a video. Because the video has different format in which you have to catch people in the video.

catchy title example
catchy titles

So you do not remain focus on keyword, you also focus on the punch line. You should have notice punch line by which people will attract and will click on that video to watch.

Because if they will not watch the video they will not stay on video when the first time you pressed the play button on them which will be the main task, after that content will be count.

If content will be good then he will be watching, and if content will be bad he will leave youtube platform.

So you have to understand that title is also a main and important ranking factor in youtube. and to press the play button by them and watch the video you have to a good image and catchy title.

3 – Video Description At Least 200+ Words

The other main important video ranking factor is the description. There is also a video description below the video. As there is meta description on-page, a descriptions comes below video to which people watch detail to read it.

how much add video description
youtube description

That should be also good, content also is watched there. You can put also keyword-rich content there. Try to put tags in the video description which you have added in title and video.

And try to write at least 200 words content because less then 200 words youtube algorithm count it as thin content, and basically youtube can not prefer it.

4 – Youtube Tags

Youtube tags are the most important and main factor in youtube SEO. Tags are an important part and you can put keyword by using tube buddy extension.

youtube tag generator
youtube tag example

Which I explain to you in article keyword research for video. When you will upload your video on youtube then youtube will provide you option to insert tags. It means for which keyword your video co-relate.

Try to add video related keywords, not put all tags, then the problem will be this, irrelevancy will occur, add only relevant keywords.

If you are creating a video “making a recipe” then you put only youtube auto-suggestion keyword or google drop down keywords. Try to add these keywords in title, description, and tags so that Google should have understood about the video.

5 – Say Your Words in Video

A most important factor which people mostly missout. For which keyword you have to optimize your video you have to speed that words also in your video. When you will speak these keywords you have noticed there is auto transcript option in youtube.

auto generated content in youtube
youtube auto translate example

If a video is in English then youtube will generate it auto-translate it. And show you subtitle of the video. If you create transcription yourself then it will be much better and you will be helping youtube that which I have spoken also give you in writing.

As appears in movies, you have to see in some videos, auto-translation is also running. When someone is speaking subtitle is also written. If these subtitles put users itself then it is good, because the user can control it that at what time show what words.

But youtube provide a subtitle option if the subtitle is not written and you think the video is playing very fast. And you can’t write subtitle, then you can on auto subtitle in setting option

So happened this, anyone will be speaking Google engine will try to translate it, and you know Google has a product of Google Translate name.

We have also discussed Google Products, so every language to every language can translate every language. So youtube has also the same technology, when the video is playing youtube is translating. This at the same time so that you look that.

That is not perfect but if your accent is excellent and you speak English well. Then 90% time auto-translation is excellent. 10% times mistakes can happen, depending on your accent and clarity.

If you want to rank your video on a certain keyword then you will speak that keyword in your video.

Because when auto transcription is on or when anyone searches it on youtube. Then engines automatically understand which thing they are searching is present in the video.

Because that word you have to speak, write in the title, in the description and also in tags. So these are main ranking factors on which Youtube SEO relay.

Other than that you will also find many other youtube ranking factors. You search them read them and try to implement them on your youtube video.

keyword research for youtube videos

Keyword Research For YouTube Video

As we have started through keyword research on Google, as we know people search on google, and then Google take date from its data base against that query, and show to people.

Other search engines also work like same, and video search engines also work same pattern.
If we talk about YouTube which is largest video search engine, if you will write some thing, then Google or you tube will show you result.

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Keyword Research on YouTube

So, that’s why , it is necessary to understand us, that what people will write?
So keyword research is valid here. Keyword research is different on you tube and different on Google. There is nothing available any you tube keyword toll. So we have to rely on different techniques, by which we have to decide, what people will be searching.

Because till, Google has not launch any toll, which can told you, actually which video people are searching.

We can find keyword on Google. If we want to find what video people are searching on Google then it is very easy. But a huge chunk of audience first go on you tube and then search video. Not that he came first on Google search a video and then move on you tube.

So there are different habits, and different techniques which people have used. So there is not available any toll.

keyword Search Techniques on YouTube

So here I can told you 2 tips, which will be very helpful for you.

By which you will be know, how you have to do your video SEO friendly on you tube perspective, and how you can rank.

You tube Suggestions.

First thing is YouTube suggestion, when you start writing some thing on you tube, as you start writing on Google. So Google start auto suggestion to you possible you have to write these.

It try to complete query, because it thinks, may be you want to write these words.
And Google does it for that, you have to not write complete query, it suggest you some keyword and you only click some of these and will match your query.

So like that in YouTube, as you start writing, in drop down will start to show you suggestion.
Possible, if you are searching some song, tutorial, or movie etc, it will try to auto complete your query.

These auto suggestion are goldmine for our marketers, as you tube perspective.
In auto suggestion, actually Google told this that other people were searching this.

How Suggestion Generate.

Basically how these suggestion are generate. These suggestions are generate for that top queries which people are searching. So if you have not finding any proper tool then you can find proper keyword by these terms, that actually what people are searching.And you have to get idea, how many people are searching, on which keyword.

Use underscore before query

There is another technique, if you put underscore (_) before query, then you tube will suggest you, what people are writing before your query.

underscore technique

Happens like that, if i am writing “how to cookies” then Google have not any idea what I have search next, so it is showing me suggestion in drop down. So I have to select one of them.
So it is not showing me anything, that what people were writing before “how to” what are writing after “how to ” or my query, that result is coming.

This is a small technique, if you write underscore before your query, then you tube will told you, that what are people searching before this query. So it will complete backside, that what people are writing back of that query.

This is an interesting tool is available on you tube, under which at least you can find top 10 or top 20 keywords for your video.

Which you have to know what actually people are searching, and if you write these keyword in your “title” and other optimization methods, then chances of ranking your videos will be increase.

Tube Buddy Extension

And rather that a tool is available. Which name is tube buddy. This is a basically a Google chrome extension. when you will go on you tube, then it started to show you some extra tab. And on these tags it shows up each video information.

tube buddy extension

It is, when you uploading a video, then you tube ask you some topics, that for which topic is this video. so the SEO experts or video marketers they know that which keywords are important to rank their video when some one search, so they put these keywords as “tag”.

When you are doing video SEO then you watch, that against your keyword which top 10 videos are ranking.

You can collect tags of that top 10 videos by this tool. Copy and save these tools and watch which are more important, and shortlisted your important keyword, and you can put these keywords in your video also.

How To Search a Keyword

And tube buddy also show you ranked keywords in green numbers, which shows you that a specific keyword is ranking on this numbers.

For example, if you have create a video on cookies, and you want when some one write “how to create cookies” then your video come on top

So to make ranked it first you search, which videos are ranking on this keyword, and which keywords they have used, by which they are ranking. Then through tube buddy you will copy all these tags and save to yourself.

You catch top keywords which your competitors are using, and you also use these keywords in your tags.

If you are using your video, or your client is using own video, in both scenario you can use tube buddy tool.

There are also some other tools available. But there are not many opportunities in this.

But by these facilities you can make your performance very good.
And by doing video SEO better your over all SEO will be better.

how to create video for youtube

Different Methods To Creating Video

First of all, if you convert your content in video format. For example, if you have written an eBook or textbook guide, you started it to convert it in the video.

Not only your SEO will be started better, rather Google will provide you extra space.

How Much Google Shows Organic Results

Because Google gives you tube space an extra space.
So we have discussed earlier if you have ranked on 1st page than you have to compete top pages. Because of organic results or not more than 10.

But you have noticed, some time it happened, Google show you maps, videos or its own suggestion site, knowledge panel. Or trying to show you some different information. Which comes from rich snippets. These are extra results.

If you are watching 10 organic results, then the video is an extra result. So if you want to improve your SEO, then you have to ranking your content through SEO and through video also. Which will be coming from you tube.

How We Can Create Video Content

Now the question is arise how we create video content because we are not Fawad Khan.

Google does not notice what is in the video.
As Google has not known that what is in pictures, it requests you for “alt tag“. So we told Google through “alt tag” what type of this image, and what is going on in this image.
So the same thing is in the video.

Different Methods To Create a Video

If you want to rank, you only make a video by a simple camera. You can rank on it, you have not required to hire a production house.
You have not required to pay millions of rupees like to Fawad Khan acter.

A company which expends millions of rupees to create an ad, and then they launch it, and after that, they expend more millions of rupees to show on TV.

But on YouTube, if you create a simple video and do rank it on a keyword, on that keyword which people are searching. The keyword by which someone gets benefits or get knowledge.

If your video will fulfill that query, then your video is better, rather then you expend millions of rupees to create an add.

When we talk about video, then we imagine that we have a fully decorated set, different actors will perform, cameras were installed means a complete production team will be there, but in you tube, it is not necessary.

Youtube Equal To Everyone

YouTube is almost equal to everyone. This is facts, those videos also ranked and become viral because they do maximum expenditure on it. They also promote it. That is right in his place.

If you will create a video, which is related to your business, which will help your client or audience, This is not necessary, that video should be so costly and have created by a production team.

By Using Mobiel Camera

You can take a selfie by a simple camera or by your small phone can put it in your video and as long as it is answering someone question, Google will like to show it.

Google does not make sense, that which person you have hired or which production team you have hired.
If that video is good, people getting answers by it, then this video will be ranked on top.

I will show you some important tips how you have to create a simple video. For example,

you purchase a tripod, and fixed your mobile on it, and record your video by yourself. And you can go outside in sharp lighting, or installed 2 or three bulb in your room.

tripod for video

This can be done a fantastic set at a cheap rate. If you want to show your face in your video content.

Products Photoshoot.

If you are running an eCommerce business, then most people want to take a photo of different products. So product photography has become an important factor.

Because until product photography will be not effective people will not purchase that product.
so before buying people like it and watch it.

A box is available in the market for product photo shot, you put your product inbox and from the side, you take a photo. If you can not do this,

Screen Casting Software.

You go on your screen and buy a screen casting software. some are available on free and some are paid. It depends, how intensively you want to work or how much features you have required.

You can create a screen casting on your laptop or mobile screen and can launch this video.

For example, if you have to told someone software installing methods, or any other tutorial want to create. It depends on what is your business.
You can do screen casting, this is also a video type and you can live it.

World Economic Forum Videos.

So if you have watched world economic forum video. world economic is the world largest forum on which world most in which world great people to whom we follow, they discuss world economic issues to go there. so which policies are created their viral in the world.

If you go on Facebook and watch world economic forum page, if you watch their videos at there, there are nothing special in that video, only sliding are scrolling and a music is playing in background, which is enough. And every video of them take millions of views.

So the purpose of telling this all is if your video have power, then you have not required to speech. show good facts, show slide, and provide information to people which they are demanding.

And if you upload this video on you tube then this video will also be ranked.

Power Point Method

If you think you have do not know anything. I hope you must know about power point.
If you want to create a video by power point, it is also possible. I will not told you in details but I will give you some hints.

When you make some slides on power point and then you can export it on windows not on a mac, when you will export it in windows, then you can export it as video. That would be the slide which you have created will convert in video format.

power point method of video

So you can launch a video on you tube by creating on PowerPoint. It is so simple it has not any science.
If you have not knowledge about it, simple you go on you tube and search “how to create a video by power point” so you will be learn completely, that how you can make a video.


So the purpose of all these information was some people say, how we can create a video, we can’t do video SEO, because we have not any production house not any money not any cameras and any actress.

There is nothing like it if you have to create video like any method you create video.

YouTube is a big platform, and if you want to start getting traffic through you tube then your SEO will be improve and your client will be happy. And you tube will go forward, means, video marketing is growing day by day.

Because as much internet penetration is happening, 3 G,4 G have introduced now the time is 5 G internet. When 5 G will be introduced then internet will so much cheaper and fast, that you will be streaming at any place.

So culture is changing, people are not typing, people are speaking. So these all thing all taking you in different direction. So your content should be ready for that change that’s coming.

search queries that shows results in videos

Most Popular Types of Search Queries That Show Videos as a Search Result

If you go on Youtube and search for anything, then you will find any type of search in video content.

But if you search on Google then, some time result shown in the video and some time videos are not shown.

When does it happen? When Google decides when the video has shown to you and when the video has not shown to you.

Most Popular Triggers That Shows Videos as a Search Results

There are some triggers (some specific hints) on which base Google decide, yes against this query, the result shown in the video is better rather then it shows another result.

So some reasons are given below

Educational Content

A huge amount of educational content is available on youtube. If you decide to learn something then all types of content are available on youtube.

google triggers about education search results

When you enter any learn queries on Google like that

“How to learn SEO”
What is SEO
“How to learn the English language”
What are SEO ranking factors

So video content takes priority rather than other content.

Google thinks, tutorial or educational content in the video, you will feel good.

Because some people feel difficulties to understand written content.

If you will get content in your local language or at least a speaker will look ahead to you, and also show you some slides, so it will be very easy to digest you.

Entertainment Content

entertainment search results

Another type is entertainment content. If you are searching for any naat, song or drama, film or movie then in entertainment queries when you will search on Google the result will be shown in video content.

Tutorials Content

In the tutorial, there should be technical tutorials. For example “how to fix a problem”, or “how to clean a system” or “how to clean a virus”.

So in these queries, Google thinks, to showing video result will be better for you.


If you have to go to a restaurant and have used your mobile, then hands-on review has become an important category.

mobile reviews search results

Because when media available to every one reach, when the camera reaches to every one pocket, then people started to share their opinions.

As you share your opinions on Facebook, like that people share their opinion by youtube channel.
so it has a great benefits.

for example. If I want to purchase a mobile, and if I search for a review on Google and a person who purchase this mobile before and used it.

He fells this mobile better or bad he make his review in video formate and uploads a video on youtube.

so this video can be trigger against my search query because Google Thinks if you are going to purchasing a mobile then it is possible with the reading of mobile review, you are trying to watch review in video formate.

In this situation video content trigger to you in the search query. And mostly it remains better.

Rather then you read a long review, you listen to a 2-minute talk of anyone. possible these 2 minutes talk will be understood for you.

And which question you are searching you found in those videos.


And the last thing is the feedback. This is also a review category. The Catagory is like this, for example, you have bought something, and you fell it good or bad, or you eat a meal in a restaurant and want to share its taste or for example, you have any opinion against Govt policy.

feedback search results

So against these feedback queries are some triggers, which show you results in video content.

Rather then, there are also many scenarios, where Google thinks video content will be better as compared to other content.
So in Google video content rank on the 1st page.


The purposes to explain all these things is that, if you are writing your website or writing your ebook, then if you started to upload your content in video formate.

For example, where you are making a guide How to purchase a mobile

We have discussed in our cased study, So at that, if you create a video of “how to buy a mobile”, in which you explain yourself, that “how can purchase a mobile”, “how to see prices” and where you have to negotiate.

Imagine what a different, if a person goes and read an ebook, and a person just watch a video.

So it is not necessary you have to watch the video, you can listen to it by using a hand free in your car. And you can listen it on the go.

So there are huge content options. If you will utilize it, then your SEO will improve automatically better.
Because your website must be ranking, then your video also will be ranking.

what makes youtube 2nd largest search engine

What Makes The Youtube 2nd Largest Search Engine

When we talk about video SEO then why we talk about only Youtube SEO?

Because Youtube is the world largest video platform. And if we see as search engine perspective then Youtube is world 2nd largest search engine.

Youtube is a 2nd Largest Search Engine

one of the largest search engine
youtube 2nd largest search engine

Some people debate on it that, youtube is not a search engine it is a social site or a video sharing site.

But the truth is this Youtube is everything. Youtube is so much big, that Yahoo, Bing, and AOL all combination is smaller then youtube.

Youtube Statistics

You can estimate the worth of youtube by these statistics.

  • 3 billion searches on youtube every month.
  • 1 billion monthly unique visitors on Youtube.
  • 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on Youtube.
And 100 billion monthly searches on Google.

So it exposure is so vast that every type of content is available on youtube.

each minute 100 hours of videos are uploading on youtube globally.

Youtube Speed

Youtube processing is so strong that, it has never heard that youtube have down some time.

A huge content is uploading on youtube every time if on a website so huge content is uploading then, it is not possible to search that content a search engine does not exist.

If youtube was not a search engine, then how anyone can search content among a huge content which is uploading on a daily basis.

If the search engine will not work then how trending videos or top video will play.

Youtube as a Social Media Platform

you tube as a social media platform
social function on youtube

Youtube is so complex platform which is purchased by Google when Google was launched.

So with the passage of time Youtube has changed its many interphases. And now by changing many interphases youtube has become also a social media platform.

Google has not its own social media platform. It launches Orkut and some other social platform like Google+. Now Google plus is also sunset by Google.

So the problem is this, Google has not a social media platform like Facebook. So we have discussed earlier that

Why Google wants to step forward on Social Media.
What is the difference between search and social media?
Basically Google is creating to youtube a social media platform.

Youtube Features Like Social Media

So you can do following social media features on Youtube.

  • You are doing Live Streaming on youtube
  • Entertaining a party with your friend on youtube.
  • You can do live watch party on youtube.
  • We can comment on youtube like Facebook.
  • You can update your status on Youtube etc.

So there are many functions like Facebook are launching on youtube.

1 most interesting fact about youtube is

Nearly 1 out of every 2 internet users are on youtube.

So it’s not possible to miss so huge platform.

It is not only important for your marketing it is also important for your SEO.

Because video on youtube also searches on Google.