Main Youtube SEO Ranking Factors in 2019

youtube seo ranking factors 2019

We have talked so for video is how much important is youtube SEO. As in Google SEO or Normal SEO there are also many factors involves to ranking a keyword. so that in youtube SEO, there are also many Youtube SEO ranking factors involves to whom we called youtube SEO ranking factors.

So we can increase our SEO to use these youtube factors as a technique. Need to see it now, how youtube rank a video by following which factors. How a video has to ranked and how a video de-ranked in youtube.

So here I will disclose to you main youtube SEO ranking factors which Youtube algorithm count.

What are the Main Youtube SEO Ranking Factors?

As in Google SEO, google says you that you create content for users, so like that youtube also encourage to create content for users. And youtube also use the same parameters.

Why Search Engine Promote Content?

Because all search engine works on the same parameters. All search engines goals are that they remain successful, and to remain successful. They have to give value to their users. And then they can give value to users when they have good content.

If users came and search something on the search engine, and pathetic video can start ranking on the 1st page. They will not call bad to video, they call bad to youtube, and leave the platform.

So every platform struggle is quality conscious, that anyway it can retain its users, provide the best content, best video, and best results.

Actually these expectations are upon you, and you are responsible for that. You help that platform and it can help its users. Ultimately you are promoting your content.

Importance of Single Quality Video.

Quality video is also the main important factor in ranking your video. Where you have to promote 10 low-quality videos, there you upload only 1 quality video. That video will gain up views of more than 10 videos.

That video will gain millions of views wheres other videos gain less than a thousand views. So you can see an impact, it is better to launch a single quality video, rather than 10 low-quality videos.

List Of Some Main Youtube SEO Ranking Factors

There are also some ranking factors in youtube also which youtube search engine also see. So here I can explain to you some most important ranking factors which rank a video on youtube.

1 – Create Compelling Content

Compelling content means, your content should be so much better than it can market itself. We read it starting that content is king, and the same thing is in the video. If your content has no quality then you optimize it as much as you want it will not rank on youtube, It means users will ultimately down vote it or leave the content.

how to create content
create compelling content

If the content is valuable and you have to do optimization so supper, then the video at where you will be launched it will try to rank up because users are engaging it and watching it.

So its session length will long and its time length also. Make this playable, that content is king. If you will give valuable content then you will also survive in video SEO or Google SEO, Because without useful content you can’t survive on SEO.

2 – Create a Catchy and Informative Video Title

As we write the title of any post, so like that, a catchy title is necessary for a video. Because the video has different format in which you have to catch people in the video.

catchy title example
catchy titles

So you do not remain focus on keyword, you also focus on the punch line. You should have notice punch line by which people will attract and will click on that video to watch.

Because if they will not watch the video they will not stay on video when the first time you pressed the play button on them which will be the main task, after that content will be count.

If content will be good then he will be watching, and if content will be bad he will leave youtube platform.

So you have to understand that title is also a main and important ranking factor in youtube. and to press the play button by them and watch the video you have to a good image and catchy title.

3 – Video Description At Least 200+ Words

The other main important video ranking factor is the description. There is also a video description below the video. As there is meta description on-page, a descriptions comes below video to which people watch detail to read it.

how much add video description
youtube description

That should be also good, content also is watched there. You can put also keyword-rich content there. Try to put tags in the video description which you have added in title and video.

And try to write at least 200 words content because less then 200 words youtube algorithm count it as thin content, and basically youtube can not prefer it.

4 – Youtube Tags

Youtube tags are the most important and main factor in youtube SEO. Tags are an important part and you can put keyword by using tube buddy extension.

youtube tag generator
youtube tag example

Which I explain to you in article keyword research for video. When you will upload your video on youtube then youtube will provide you option to insert tags. It means for which keyword your video co-relate.

Try to add video related keywords, not put all tags, then the problem will be this, irrelevancy will occur, add only relevant keywords.

If you are creating a video “making a recipe” then you put only youtube auto-suggestion keyword or google drop down keywords. Try to add these keywords in title, description, and tags so that Google should have understood about the video.

5 – Say Your Words in Video

A most important factor which people mostly missout. For which keyword you have to optimize your video you have to speed that words also in your video. When you will speak these keywords you have noticed there is auto transcript option in youtube.

auto generated content in youtube
youtube auto translate example

If a video is in English then youtube will generate it auto-translate it. And show you subtitle of the video. If you create transcription yourself then it will be much better and you will be helping youtube that which I have spoken also give you in writing.

As appears in movies, you have to see in some videos, auto-translation is also running. When someone is speaking subtitle is also written. If these subtitles put users itself then it is good, because the user can control it that at what time show what words.

But youtube provide a subtitle option if the subtitle is not written and you think the video is playing very fast. And you can’t write subtitle, then you can on auto subtitle in setting option

So happened this, anyone will be speaking Google engine will try to translate it, and you know Google has a product of Google Translate name.

We have also discussed Google Products, so every language to every language can translate every language. So youtube has also the same technology, when the video is playing youtube is translating. This at the same time so that you look that.

That is not perfect but if your accent is excellent and you speak English well. Then 90% time auto-translation is excellent. 10% times mistakes can happen, depending on your accent and clarity.

If you want to rank your video on a certain keyword then you will speak that keyword in your video.

Because when auto transcription is on or when anyone searches it on youtube. Then engines automatically understand which thing they are searching is present in the video.

Because that word you have to speak, write in the title, in the description and also in tags. So these are main ranking factors on which Youtube SEO relay.

Other than that you will also find many other youtube ranking factors. You search them read them and try to implement them on your youtube video.

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