White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO

seo techniques black hat vs white hat vs grey hat seo

Dear Friends, as you will know, where it is good, there is ill also. SEO is also not free for this.

There are also good things in SEO and also bad things too. And Google said good for those things to who you can optimize your website to understand and follow the guidelines of Google.

They say better things, they have been named white hat SEO.

Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

So white hat SEO means all those things or activities that you adopt for optimize your website or creating links or for links building then they are allowed that you can do it.

Black Hat SEO

But there are many such things which are forbidden by Google.

So these activities are known as black hat SEOs.

Black hat SEO is called for those activities to the Google and another search engine forbids, that you will not do these things, then you can not do this work.
so let me tell you in detail.

What is White Hat SEO

Basically White hat SEO are those work or activities to whom Google and other search engines follow because of search engines or not humans.

Search engines are machines or algorithms or programs to who is designed with a specific formula, and they follow things with a specific formula.

Some people think, that they can rank by cheat Google and other search engines.

So they try to break that program or code, let’s do it with two numbers. so they can rank up as soon as possible, when they will rank up they will get big traffic, when they will get traffics they can generate leads or sales.

Now the problem is, Googe just has an only business, the primary business of Google is only “search“.

How Google Add New Features

Google hired thousand of Phd Doctors Engineers.

That can understand these things and run these programs and optimized them, means let them do better day by day and add new different features.

Such as Google added new features likewise people try to break them.

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Actually this is continually running a race between good and evil.

As Google launch a new thing by the way people think that they will break it and come on top. while this is not possible.

If that is even possible then it is a limited range. So white hat SEO is the name of that thing which Google said you have to do.

How White SEO Works

For example. Google said You make a good website or Google said you do speed optimized to your website.

Because if someone opens it on mobile or on desktop then it should be loaded within mili second.

So that is a good thing.

Google wants, that user gets a good value because as Google provides user good value so you should be provided good value to Google.

These all activities are counted in white hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO

Some people think if they will do black hat SEO then they can do better as compared to white hat SEO.
Often this happens too.

Because runs on algorithms and they set some perameters. Some people can get the expertise to break them. And what they do? they try to rank up to by break these rules.

Websites are often ranked, but this is a very dangerous process.

How Google DRank A Website

Because as soon as Google knows about that stuff, that many people are ranking a website to apply a specific technique.

Those are the people who really deserve it or the websites who should have to rank. they are no longer ranked. So Google will not allow to plying his algorithm.

Because which day, Google’s algorithms are cracked, so that day Google as a company will not sell his algorithm as a company.

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This is the only thing which makes GoOgle “Google”.

Why Google Not Allow Black Hat SEO

Because if people will rank up by doing two numbers then good websites will remain drank.
So white hat SEO and black hat SEO both run in a parallel.

Because some people believe on black hat SEO, and they try with shortcuts and to take small steps or of jumping or by two numberings they will be doing SEO.

But in reality that is as early they go up as early they go down.

What is Grey Hat SEO

Beside these Two SEO techniques, a third technique also exists. which name is grey hat SEO.

Grey hat SEO is that SEO in which people thinks they will not only do white hat SEO rather they mix in it black hat SEO and will rank up easily.

Grey hat SEO techniques are those techniques which contain both SEO’s Techniques mixture.

Services are providing by combining both SEOs Techniques.

Is Grey Hat SEO Works

People also do that work which Google allows to do and they also believe to do that work which Google forbade.

So Google says, you don’t force to Google for rank your website, you allow to Google to ranks your site, you should wait to rank your site, write valuable content when you provide value then people provide you links when they give you links then ultimately you will come up.

How Black Hat SEO Works

Some people for getting links, because of creating content or writing content is a hardworking job, sometimes a lot of investment also seems to take place.

But some people instead of doing it, they think to take a shortcut, or buying links someone, instead of creating links.

They take links, and with that, they follow the Google instructions also. That’s the technique, that’s called grey hat SEO.

Means not you completely fall on white hat SEO and neither you fall completely on black hat SEO.

This is most important to understand the difference, which activity you are doing.


All our efforts will be this that we follow all white hat SEO techniques. Because the white hat SEO technique is long term technique. And Google will also like this.

Because if you will do black hat SEO techniques, first of all, you will not be able to rank, even if you rank, then you will not remain long on top.

Do our this course will be around completely white hat SEO techniques.

And we will try to do all these things which Google search engine and other search engine allow to do.


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