What Makes The Youtube 2nd Largest Search Engine

what makes youtube 2nd largest search engine

When we talk about video SEO then why we talk about only Youtube SEO?

Because Youtube is the world largest video platform. And if we see as search engine perspective then Youtube is world 2nd largest search engine.

Youtube is a 2nd Largest Search Engine

one of the largest search engine
youtube 2nd largest search engine

Some people debate on it that, youtube is not a search engine it is a social site or a video sharing site.

But the truth is this Youtube is everything. Youtube is so much big, that Yahoo, Bing, and AOL all combination is smaller then youtube.

Youtube Statistics

You can estimate the worth of youtube by these statistics.

  • 3 billion searches on youtube every month.
  • 1 billion monthly unique visitors on Youtube.
  • 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on Youtube.
And 100 billion monthly searches on Google.

So it exposure is so vast that every type of content is available on youtube.

each minute 100 hours of videos are uploading on youtube globally.

Youtube Speed

Youtube processing is so strong that, it has never heard that youtube have down some time.

A huge content is uploading on youtube every time if on a website so huge content is uploading then, it is not possible to search that content a search engine does not exist.

If youtube was not a search engine, then how anyone can search content among a huge content which is uploading on a daily basis.

If the search engine will not work then how trending videos or top video will play.

Youtube as a Social Media Platform

you tube as a social media platform
social function on youtube

Youtube is so complex platform which is purchased by Google when Google was launched.

So with the passage of time Youtube has changed its many interphases. And now by changing many interphases youtube has become also a social media platform.

Google has not its own social media platform. It launches Orkut and some other social platform like Google+. Now Google plus is also sunset by Google.

So the problem is this, Google has not a social media platform like Facebook. So we have discussed earlier that

Why Google wants to step forward on Social Media.
What is the difference between search and social media?
Basically Google is creating to youtube a social media platform.

Youtube Features Like Social Media

So you can do following social media features on Youtube.

  • You are doing Live Streaming on youtube
  • Entertaining a party with your friend on youtube.
  • You can do live watch party on youtube.
  • We can comment on youtube like Facebook.
  • You can update your status on Youtube etc.

So there are many functions like Facebook are launching on youtube.

1 most interesting fact about youtube is

Nearly 1 out of every 2 internet users are on youtube.

So it’s not possible to miss so huge platform.

It is not only important for your marketing it is also important for your SEO.

Because video on youtube also searches on Google.


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