What Makes Google The Best Search Engine

google search engine

There is another main important thing which we have to understand that “why Google is the best search engine?” The main reason is Google always shows you results according to your context or need. “Context” means At what time what are you wising can be changed.

For example, if you search “biryani” to sitting your home, then Google thinks rather you have to make biryani or have to eat biryani. Then what will Google show you? Google will decide it to your daily habit if you daily get up and daily search recipe then possible it will show you first recipe and then show you other things.

It can show you video and some steps for recipe, and it tries to provide you result according to your that time need.

So if you are in the market and searching “biryani” then it will show you biryani according to your place. Now Google shows you a restaurant of biryani because most possible you are searching a restaurant for biryani and you can’t cook biryani in the market. You have to go somewhere and have to eat biryani.

So how this content creation and how Google cant understand this context. And why only Google understand it, why other search engines can’t understand it. These all thing will be discussed in this video.

Google Eco System

So for tracking you, Google has launched many products which is known as Google Eco System. Again Google main business is “search” but Google is launching it new businesses. And providing you different new products, but its main purpose to launching new products is to tracking you and your activity. So how Google do this, Google has launched different products for this purpose.
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google products
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Google Chrome Browser

If you use chrome browser, then Google is tracking you. what are you searching in it, what you opened, in which site you remain how much time, which website you leave, and from which website you jump to another website. These all activities Google can track its chrome browser.

Bing also can do this because Bing is Microsoft product. And Bing have its own explorer which is “internet explorer” Now it is converted in new browser Microsoft edge. So Microsoft also can track you.

But Yahoo has not this opportunity because it has not its own web browser. And all other search engines have not this opportunity like this. Because they have not their own browsers.Google and Bing have their own browsers and they can track you and they can use data to make better their search engines.

And which are your habits and activity they collect this information and adding some formulas they make their engine better. so that they can provide you better to better result.

google chrome
google chrome browser

Tracking History

So like this Google tracks your history. When you are not logged in and searching for some thing, so then Google has not knowledge who are you? but it knows that your device is using and you are coming on the device again and again.

If you logged in your device then your history will start to track. And what will be the benefit to you for this history? So the same history will be tracked on your mobile phone and other devices.

So happens this, when you search a device and when you go and search another device you can search for your history. Because history runs with you. And Google also can understands this thing, because Google knows this is the same person who was searching in office and now searching in home.

And how it have to continue, and what information he required and how make it better. Only Google track your history. Bing, Yahoo, AOL and all other search engine have not this opportunity to track your history. Possible Bing have this opportunity but they have not properly promoted it.

Google Analytics

So next Google give a free tool to website owners which name is Google Analytics. What Google analytics do? It gives complete information to the website owner. Who is visiting your website, which page is visiting most, form which country visitors are coming, and who leave your site and jump to another site?

It gives all tracking information about website visitors. Now, this data is most important to each website owner. Because who make pages a website, that wants to know how many visitors are visiting most which page, and which page is not visiting most.
so this all data Google gives to its own website owner so that you can make better your website according to given data.

But at the same time, Google also recording the data. So it is most strong possibility you visit any site Google analytics is installed on that website.

Rather that you logged in or not logged. But Google knows which website is visiting and at which website you go and what can do. Because Google feeds all data in its search engine and at this base Google launch new things.

analytics stats

Google Maps

Google maps is another famous product of Google. Have you ever listened maps of any other search engine rather then Google? or how many products have you listened of Google Maps.

You have not listened any time that Yahoo maps, Bing maps or apple maps. Apple have maps but Apple have not its own search engine. Apple have data but if Apple has not search engine so it can’t use data at this place.

So you will not use maps Apple ‘s. you use Google Maps so Google will use your data to track you. So Google can track you where are you, and what are you doing. Google can track you by your account. So about that against it shows you relevant results.

So if we take an example again of “biryani” if you are searching biryani to sitting in Pakistan and biryani recipe is different in Germany or another country then Google will not show you other country biryani. It shows you only Pakistani biryani. Because Google thinks it is most relevant to you according to your tracking data.

And if you are in a market of Pakistan in a city then it will show you that city market results not other cities results of Pakistan. So these all location data, Google tracks through Google Maps. And Google Maps is one of the famous product of Google Maps.

Other search engines have also maps but they are not so popular. And they are not launched in Pakistan mean these are not launched at every where. And second, they can”t track data like this.

So like this Google can be told you where you go, and from where you come. And this data they feed in their engines and show you a relevant results.
Android. And not least but the last thing is if you have an android mobile. Then Google is tracking you in every aspect. Because which application you installed in your mobile, Google Plays store is of Google.

It has also Chrome browser it has also Google search application. It has Google’s own apps google assistance, google news, etc. These all things are of google in android platform and Google continually is tracking you.

google maps

Now Android has become the biggest platform. It is free and many mobiles use it in their mobile and cal sale it only I phone has its own operation system. So Android is of Google and Android has all authority that it can track your habit your activity, even that they can listen to you they can watch you, where are you going they can track your location through GPS.

These all things Google tracks and that’s why Google is best search engine. So Google has enough data. Only one thing Google has not know that is what you search in search box. Google also know this, what you search in your home, and what you search in your office and what time what you search, at night you listen songs and at morning you search about your works.

This all data Google Feed in its search engine. And this is the biggest reason that with making the better of its Algorithm it also track your pattern. So it thinks if 10 people are doing a work then in the future it should be launch. As it launches this feature people like this. And the reason is that people were already in that problem and Google provide them solution. So that’s why Google is the world most better search engine.


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