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What is YouTube SEO – Video SEO – Complete Guide

Search engines are not only “Google” and “Bing”. There are many other search engines also. Search engines are many types.

largest search engines
Google and Bing

In which Videos search engine also exists. So people trying to rank on these search engines so that’s why this is called video SEO.

And SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be done on any type of search engine. So the basic meaning of SEO is the optimization of the search engine.

So when you talk about the search engine, then it can be anyone. It could be Google, Bing, and YouTube also.

list of search engines types
Top Search Engines

So to rank on any search engine you have to completely known about SEO. And to rank on youtube then you have to completely knowledge that “what is youtube SEO“?

First, you have to understand clearly what is SEO. SEO is different among different search engines.

In this article, we will clearly describe what is YouTube? And what is YouTube SEO?

What is YouTube SEO or Video SEO?

The difference between YouTube SEO and video SEO is only that, in video SEO you trying to rank up your videos.

So in Video search engines on YouTube is only plate form. And people want to rank on YouTube. It is called YouTube SEO or also video SEO.

You have to understand that search engine optimization can happen with any search engine. Weather It is video, content or anything.

So in the next article, I will describe to you, that if you create your video content or make videos for YouTube then what is actually YouTube SEO? and how you can rank your videos on YouTube doing simple steps of YouTube SEO?

What is YouTube SEO and Normal SEO

There is major difference between YouTube and modern SEO is content.  Most people confuse about content that what is content and how many types a content have?

youtube home page myseoland
youtube home page search results

When people go on YouTube, they search for videos on different types, when they search on YouTube they have different mindset and mentality.

google home page
Google search results

When they go on Google they have a different mindset.

Why You search on YouTube

For which reasons you go on YouTube that is a difference.  For example, you are going on YouTube for watching any song, movie or any education tutorial, which is a different thing.

But on Google, you search for different products, different information, etc this is a different perspective.

So due to perspective difference then its approach becomes different and due to approach difference it parameters also become different. And without that technology is also different.

yourube is different to google

So Google is a different technology and YouTube is a different technology.

YouTube is creating only for videos, to rank for videos. But on the other hand, Google is creating to rank up each type of content.

So as we move forward most things become interesting in the next topics.


So you have to understand it clearly that there is much difference in YouTube SEO and Regular SEO.

In this complete topic (what is YouTube SEO) I will clearly describe you, which how have you done YouTube SEO? and how you have done other things?.

There are complete and step by step articles are given about YouTube SEO.

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