What is Search? Why Google Search is So Important ?

what is google search

Human always keeps in search in google of new things to new things. it needs answers to his questions.

He wants to explore and discover new things, so these habits are included in human nature, and search is also included in human nature.

The famous scientist so for Albert Einstein says

“I am neither clever nor especially gifted I am only very, very curious.”

So according to Einstein,  he was not so intelligent or so clever.  And he was not god gifted but he was only curious to search for new things to new things. So for that reason, whatever they invented. All his inventions benefit us, so for, and mankind is thankful to him.

But our main topic is, “search” and “search” depends on information.  As science is adopting innovation.  With time,  all over information is moving on digital.

Transfer information on digital means, your mobiles, computers, laptops, and all other devices on which you remain connected, its all produce data.

It means when you use email or update status or do search these all things are called data points, and these data are storing at any database.

An estimated, all people in the world have not yet connected to the internet. According to the 2014 stat, 46.8% of the global population accessed the internet and in 2021 this figure reaches out at 53.7%.

It is a big figure, a huge population. So possibly we can’t comprehend it. But if we talk it in digital, then it is approximately data will be produced, will be huge, and humans can producing nowadays 10 times more data so a new data science theory is producing. That how to crawl and extract so huge data.

For this purpose in a few years, many search engines being in existence and do many creative inventions. But ultimately some fails and some success, some changed their name and some remain unchanged.

Some are merged and some changed technology, but in all these search engines now mostly search engines can’t exist.

But as you know, the best of all search engines is now  “Google” and according to its performance and its algorithms, Google now considers the world’s biggest and most popular search engine.

Our main topic is basically on the search, and now we discuss on the search thatWhat is search?” and “Why search is so important?”

What is Search in Google?

We have to understand,  What is the role of SEO in digital marketing? and why Search Engine Optimization is so important in the digital marketing field?

When we talk about SEO then we talk about 3 major things.

So, first of all, we have to understand about search. That what is the role of search in search engine optimization?  and what is the role of search engines? and finally about optimizations.

So the main important thing is “search”  we have to first understand

what is Google search?

Basically, search help in two or three things. Why anyone search?  when someone searches it should be two or three requirements. He should be some desire or some want so he searches something.

So people search for things in an emergency or non-emergency situation, but these all things called intents.

What is the intent?

Intent means aim or intentions. For example, if you require a doctor then you will go on Google and search doctor, clinic, or hospital.

If you are running a hospital and someone searches hospital, then you can understand that this person can be our client and he requires treatment.

So you can understand if he searches you on Google and then he will find you on it. Then he will come to you.

If you are hungry, then you will go on “Google” or any other search engine and search for some restaurants, some continental or other recipes to fulfill your needs.

How many Search Engines are There? Which Search Engine is important?


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