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what is peso model in seo

We have discussed in our earlier topic how paid and organic traffic are different and how we get traffic. But we have to understand how media works on digital? and how we have to create media? “Media” means that content or space which you own. Media which is available on Digital.

Now we can divide media into 4 categories. This group is called the PESO model.

Owned Media
Paid Media
Earned Media
Shared Media
Now we discuss these all media types in details

peso model explain

Owned Media

The most important media from all of them is owned media. That is the media which you own only. So what comes in owned media? It is the name of all these things which you own, means which is your property. For example, your domain, content, article which you create, video, infographics, ebook, and image, etc.

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This all type of content you create so this is your property and you are the owner of this content.
And most important is this content. When you want to promote content you have to required owned media. On this content, you have to bring traffic because you have owned it.

Paid Media

When you have to promote owned content then you can promote it by paying money. So as much traffic you have to getting by paid content is called paid media. For example, you have to create a website and now you want to get traffic by paying to get on top. This type of traffic is called paid media traffic. And on paid media, it depends upon you, how much budget you have spent and so much traffic will get you.

You can promote owned media by paying and then another authority will be built.

Earned Media

If you create quality owned media, if you create quality articles, video, infographic or any type of content then that traffic can be earned for which you were paying. So how it can be earned. So it can be earned through viral content.

Basically viral content is the shape of earned media. In which you can earn that media from those channels which can help you to grow. For example, if you have done good work then the media will cover you. Articles will be written upon you. You will have interviews. These are those things for which you can’t spend the amount, even then people promote you. It is your earned.

This traffic is your earned. Which you earned by your quality. So you have to understand it as much quality will be your content and it is helping people, giving benefits to people then people will help to virality it. They will promote it and share it.

Shared Media

Forth media is shared media and it is mostly similar to earned media. In earned media mostly people discussed PR (public relationship) or publicity. What publicity means? If you have done good work, then media coverage you, publicity to you. Newspapers will promote you, that you have earned.

Social media is also this thing’s name. But in social media, social channel dependency is coming. Social channel dependency means if you have creat content on social media and it is viral on social media. That content should be an image, video or any other type of thing of your website.

Facebook Page

So these all 3 medium depend on 4the medium which is owned medium. If you will not have owned media them you will be a flop in paid media, earned media and shared media. Most people think if they only create their Facebook page then they can run their business.

That is only a share media example. But the problem is this if you will create a Facebook page, creating a Facebook page is a good thing, but only to creating a Facebook page is not a good thing. You relay only on the Facebook page. If in future your Facebook page banned then your all media will be dead.

You have to do if you have created a page on Facebook or any other social media channel then you can get traffic on your website. So that you can tract this traffic by your website. And subscribe to them in your email list. So that your asset can build. You can create millions of millions of followers on Facebook or any other social channel.

If any day your page will be blocked or Facebook or any other social channel will be blocked your all media will be dead. And all of your investment in this will be dead. So like this, it is advised in paid media that you promote your owned media by paying. And don’t rely only on paid media. So in paid media as long you will pay money until then traffic will continue to get you.

But as you stop paying, your traffic will be stopped. So if you want to rank early then you use paid media it is also a good thing but you have to convert all traffic on your owned media. So that people will remember you. Next time they will come free to you. They will come directly on your site so your traffic will be direct.

Owned Media For SEO

So the most important thing is How have we done SEO. SEO is only is done on owned media. When owned media will be present. When you will do SEO you will do on your own media. so other things will support you. If you will not do owned media by SEO then other things will not support you.

A good digital marketing strategy that is outside SEO, but a good digital marketing strategy is you use all these things equally. You get expertise in all things then you will see in a central authority will built. So to built authority you have owned media, you will get organic traffic, and by paying traffic, you will earn traffic and also get traffic by share media.

So you will build authority. When you will become an authority website then people will know you. And it will be very easy for you to promote your business or your client business. And it will be also easy for you that you can do good marketing and become a good brand.


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