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If you read the newspaper or watch TV. You have to note that on TV or newspaper or other traditional media, upon them adds are showing. And under these adds, these channels or newspapers make their revenue. These adds are not bad things but the problem is this, these adds are not according to your choice.

You have noticed. Often some time if you are watching drama, news or other things, different adds are showing to you in the middle of context. You see the adds once for repeating views, but these are showing you again and again. This method is called outbound marketing. Outbound marketing means, marketing which does by force. You put your message by force in front of people.

And all marketing which is going on thought traditional media is an example of outbound marketing.

Outbound Marketing Examples

outbound marketing example

So taking an example. If you are watching the news then taking a break in the middle of news an add is showing to you. And for this, your user experience is disturbed.
so what outbound marketing does. By disturbing your traditional behavior and interrupt you show an add to you and after that you have to continue.

Take an example of a newspaper, there is limited space on paper so to give you a headline and ask you for going some other page. Because on the front page they show their adds for generating revenue that is their business So like this on TV they have only 24 hours in a day. So in 24 hours, they show you their content and also adds.
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So it is compulsory for both channels. And this thing can create a problem for them. Now problem is coming this. That people are started disturbing to showing an add again and again. So you have noted, that’s why when an ad comes on screen you change the channel immediately. And when add plays you start to do you some little work. Or at the added base, you switch off your television and start using your mobile. Or any type of work which you have stopped, you have to start doing these tasks in the middle of drama or news when adds are playing.

So the business role is this you have a product or a service to which the user is ready to buy it. And to convey your message to that user you can put your adds on newspapers, TV or use any other traditional channel. Imagine what will happen to that business whose adds have not watched and that business is paying for its millions of rupees. So that’s why brands are taking out their money from traditional marketing and are investing their money in digital.

And basically on digital, they gain much value. So this outbound marketing concept is going to phase out because effective element has been finished in it. This is not the case, because you show a single add to all types of people. In which the child is also sitting, father and mother are also sitting, young and old also. this add is showing the same to all types of people.

so you have no opportunity that you can show a special addition to a special group of people. So that’s why this outbound technique now remains for only a limited set of groups. These are those adds which generally looks better to all type of people. And they can’t be made for a special region or special group of people.

Outbound Marketing has Vanishing

So we have to understand outbound marketing, because we have to know that by which phase we are coming out and people are entering which business model to coming out from which model. So outbound marketing is also now effective specially like Pakistan’s countries. Wher digital penetration or internet penetration is not so high, it does not reach everyone.

But gradually the internet is growing. And now it becomes so easy for people to buy internet devices or mobile. It will be spread outbound marketing will decrease and decrease. Currently, the outbound marketing concept is in Pakistan but in another world, outbound marketing has almost finished.
Because they know to invest in it, benefits are less and losses are high.


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