What is On-Page SEO Optimization in Digital Marketing

on page seo optimization in digital marke

If you are searching what is on-page SEO in digital marketing then you are in the right place. Digital marketing is a trending skill. And without SEO digital marketing is incomplete. And like that, without on-page optimization and off-page optimization, SEO (search engine optimization) is incomplete.

search engine optimization

On-page SEO optimization means the signals which we give to Google’s algorithms about our website. When someone searches any result then according to that signals Google ranks our website.

On-Page SEO Optimization Role in Google Search

When we talked about search then we have discussed Google Algorithms. Google Crawls websites according to his algorithms and index data in his database. And when someone searches for information, then Google provides him results extracting from its database. 

How and which information Google will provide or to which information given 1st ranking or 2nd or on top 10. How Google decided these all things. 

Google told itself that it asked more than 200 questions to a website. And on the basis of these 200 questions (factors), it decided which website it should have to show and which website should not have to show. 

What Google Algorithms Measure?

What is user demanding? And what is the website have? When Google decides all these things then the search engine shows you results in some milliseconds, against that search query which you have to ask to search engine.

So we have to understand what are these 200+ questions which Google asked. Like that we can make better our optimization.

Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to optimize your content on these 200 factors.

If I told you in other words, these 200+ questions are known SEO ranking factors. And in the digital marketing field, it is called Search Engine ranking factors.

When Google asked these 200 questions, basically Google scores on the basis of these 200+ questions.

And according to these scoring bases you have to allot a number. And you win a score. If your score is high as compare to other then your website can get on top position.

If your result is low or someone else score is high, then that site gets the top position.

What is On-page SEO Ranking Factors?

And SEO experts have to do better this scoring mechanism. You can read out all the information in Search Engine Optimization. 

on-page seo ranking factors
on-page SEO factors

What can be more than 200+ questions (factors?)

For example, Google can ask,

Website Content

What is your website’s content? What user has search and what information you have to write? If you write then how you have written it.

Website Hosting

And Google also can ask where your website is hosted.

Website Language and Design

Or In which language you have created your website. Is it has the best design.


Google can also ask what type of domain you have. Rather it is new or old. If old then is it penalized or not. Or its domain is making sense.


Have you inserted images in it? And give alt tag to all images. It means have you completely optimized images or not.

These are the maximum things that Google can ask you. Actually Google is analyzing it. And the method of analyzing is saving in Google algorithms.

We or any digital marketing expert has no knowledge of these algorithms. And on the basis of these algorithms, Google is Google. 

If that algorithm available to people and publically aware. Then what people do, they want to try to crack it and try to make it better.

And for these results will be cheated and that people come to the top which is better technically. Which expert thinks that they can come on top to cheat Google?

Why On-Page SEO is Important in Optimization

We only know that Google checks us on these ranking factors and assign us a score. But this is we not know that on which factors it gives how much scores.

We have to do this that we optimized all these factors. As we will optimize these factors we will start to come on top.

So among the most factors are above the page to which we called on-page SEO optimization factors. And some factors are out of the page or website to which we called off-page SEO optimization factors.


On-page optimization and off-page optimization ore two big categories of SEO Search engine optimization.  When we see SEO then we can divide it into two parts.

You can read all on page Factors and off-page factors by clicking on lin. In this topic, it was necessary to tell you that what is on-page SEO optimization. And what can be done in on-page SEO in digital marketing?


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