What is Loyalty Loop in SEO

loyalty loop in seo

Have you thought if you buy something then how you buy it? and if you buy it, why you buy it? The purpose of anything which you purchase should be your demand or your wish. So we have discussed it what is intended. So in this topic, we will discuss, how can we understand users buying behaviour. And how a user buy it like it and interact it? And we also discussed in this whole process where our SEO will play a role.

Because this is a digital era. And people who purchase online that search also online. And as people physically go to a shop and buy any product so like that people have behaviour in purchasing online. So for that, we have to understand a loyalty loop.

What is Loyalty Loop and Where It Stands in SEO

Does loyalty mean how much someone is loyal to you? How much is your favorite customer? Some user like you and want to purchasing again and again. Because they like quality or price, there are a different purpose to like you. So if we want to show you this loyalty loop that what is loyalty loop and how it works. so you can see and understant it how a loyalte loop works.

loyalty loop structure
Loyalty loop

How Loyalty Loop Works

Let me explain what happens in it. For example, you don’t know a brand or you want to purchase a thing the first time which you have never ever purchase. So your behaviour will be working in some stages.

Active Evaluation

Physical Evaluation

So your first stage will be actively evaluation. If you have required this thing then from where you will get it? Normally you will go market, or ask friends, as relatives from where it will be available and how it will be purchased. Which is better and from where the better thing will be available. So when you ask all these questions these are called active evaluation.

Acitve Evaluation in Digital

In digital, you go on Google and research. You will write a question and search for the answer, and write more questions and also find more answers. Do do you have to come at such a point where you will be understood, a thing which you required from where will it purchased. How much price will get? Who are selling it? and how should you do that?

This can vary from product to product but generally, this active evaluation is important for you to understand what is loyalty loop. If you are business. Because in this active evaluation a user has defined from where he should have purchased a product.

Moment of Purchase

Our purpose is we see how is it done in SEO. So after completing this active evaluation there comes a point, where the user thinks that he should have to buy this. This moment when a thing is decided in your mind that you have to purchase this because before this you are thinking so in a single moment you decide now it has to purchase.

And after that, you talk about payment and put it in your shopping cart for buying. There are different experiences, that where you are standing and from where you are buying.

Post Purchase Behaviour

When you purchase and use this product then this process is called post-purchase behaviour. What is post-purchase behaviour in the loyalty loop? Basically when each brand sale you some thing. So with that rather they give you warranty or support or are many other methods by which you can connect to them. For example, if you purchase a product and you use it, but possible it is not working or having some defects or any other issues product have.

Then you go to them and talk about the product. And after talking you understand rather they are litning your problem or not. It is called post-purchase behaviour. Because it is the most important behavour. Because if any brand wants to increase their customer then many brands can win customer at this moment. And who wins customer at this moment he wins them forever.

But here if you lose them, you do not provide them proper support. Then what will they do? They will not come to you again. And start the process again. Basically loyalty loop explain this that. Because in purchasing post-experience experience user will define, if he required that product again then should he go to that brand or not. If the customer is satisfied with your product and happy with your customer support then obviously he will come to you again, rather he again searches a product.

So this loop will be created. Because in this loop user will not search again if he required shoes again and he again searches on the internet. Rather he is satisfied with your product. So he will again come to you. If he likes to show off brand then if again he required shoes then he straight goes to that brand and will purchase shoes. So for each business, it is valid that it should understand this loyalty loop. And he should be aware of what is loyalty loop.

How Loyalty Loop Effective in SEO

We have to understand how this loop is effective in SEO or digital marketing. Or how can we put our input in this loop? It may also be a matter of digital marketing or also a matter of search only. So we have to focus on stage number one which is active evaluation. The stage when user activity is an evaluation of your brand. Because in digital, evaluating means he is searching for you.

What is he searching this is necessary to understand for you. For example, if he requires shoes then he can write “best shoes in Lahore” or “best shoes in Pakistan” which shoes are best to buy. If you are selling shoes then this customer is relevant for you. And you should rank against this query. Because if you will not give him an answer to this question, then who will give him an answer that will be win customer. So like this, if you talk about clothes, restaurant, jewelry or any type of business, so people ask a question which actively falls in that which brand have to discuss.

So this active evaluation can play a very important role under search evaluation. Because we have to understand that what is search and Google is largest search engine. And these searches occur in Google again and again. So if you make your strategy like this for Google and Bing Which are the largest search engine in search engine types. And you can rank your content on these queries or products.

And after ranking, you can become a part of that active evaluation. When you will become the part of that active evaluation and they will come on your site then they will decide rather your product is so much value that they purchase it. And after using refer it to other customers. so a moment of purchase will be then activated when you will talk about user behaviour.

So if we want to complete this loop and want to come customer again and again. so, first of all, we must do to attract customers. So in the first stage active evaluation. In which search engine play a very important role. And which brands have understood this they use it and by using it they can increase their traffic. More traffic means more customer and more customer means more sales and business.


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