What is Keyword Research in SEO

what is keyword research

In this topic, we will discuss what is keyword research and how can research a keyword.

What is Keyword Research with Example

I will take the example of clothes. If you want to open a cloth shop then where will you open the shop? You guess where the customer can get us more. You can go to a mall where people go for visiting and the possibility is they will visit you. And you can go to the market where the crowd is and people wandering can come to you.

This example if I take a mobile shop. Then how we can know where the shop can be opened then will be better. Some people will suggest that for the mobile shop Hafeez Centre is the best place. Because Hafeez Centre is a strong place of mobile accessories. But some people will suggest you Hall road.

But some people will guide you, that you should open a shop at that place from people can’t feel easy to go to Hafeez center or Hall road.

hafeez center
Hafeez Center

Their problem can be solved if you can give them that product on their areas to getting these from Hafeez center of Mall road. They can easily come to you. But in all, it is not clear where will the shop go higher and where it will not. People can guess and in business, a calculated approach can be taken.

What is Keyword Research in Digital Marketing

But in digital this uncertainty is not. In digital, you can find it clear which business you should start with which people visited most. And which product demand is high.

Yes, this is possible, So Google maintains a database of search queries. And Google gives the facility to the marketer to analyze this data.

We can do it by going Google Tool and research which are the keywords that our audience will be searching for completing their own needs. And these products are listed in our business. This is because of its possible that’s why SEO is more successful.

Because when you know this how many people are searching from Pakistan? If you have that type of business then you can create a website of that search. You can launch a new site on that search. And even if your business is in running you can calculate which product is more in demand.

types of keyword

This all is possible from a Google Tool which name is Google keyword planner tool. Google provides this tool for its Ads product. Google add is a different product through which PPC or SEM ads can be run. But this keyword tool in SEO we use for our keyword identification.

So by using this tool we can get results from Pakistan or Lahore how many searches are done by people. If I know it that one million or one lakh people are searching “mobile phone” from Pakistan. Then I will try to launch my business so that to reach up to that huge amount of people who are searching specific business.

But if you have not this opportunity to store things which are on-demand to grow your business. So that’s why in digital we have more control. We can know what are people searching. We can understand that demand that at what time people what search and what they have to need.


When this demand summary is taken. Then it is easy for a business to complete this demand. they put more products to themselves. Or can you started ranked on this product or started a marketing campaign on that product. So that they can fulfill demand and by this, they will get profit. Which is necessary for their business growth.

We will learn this how google keyword planner tool works. Ans how keyword research can do. Which will give us a benefit after that.


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