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As you know SEO is not only a technical course. It also has an important impact on digital marketing. And now where marketing is going, basically it is going to grow towards inbound marketing. So basically what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a new methodology that basically is growing fast after introducing digital marketing. So what happens in this methodology.

Inbound Marketing With Examples

People think rather they push messages to people or forcibly show them a message like on TV and newspapers. These marketers think the user myself searching his need and want to come to your site and then you address him his need and want and provide him value. If his hearts will then he will be buying.

So basically it is talking to winning trust. If you talk to win trust in digital marketing then there are different methods in it. Under which you can track them and can watch how much people show their trust, how much people are interested, and how much people are going forward or not.

So that when this data is available to you then your sales team can reach them. And according to their stage which they can talk to them. That which issue you are facing or which help you required. So in inbound marketing rather then you force them, you solve their problem and they ready to buy the product for you. Its opposite is outbound marketing.

Four Stages in Inbound Marketing

To understanding it SEO has a big role in inbound marketing. There are four basic processes or stages in inbound marketing. There is another stage in inbound marketing which is not including in the search category. So for these four stages, planning can be done. So what are these four stages in inbound marketing?

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Attract Inbound Marketing

What is attract? In this stage, it is considered that people who are searching for you or your product. They will have some problems or some want. And you attract them. When they search on Google then you must have the answer to their search. If they are writing a question, you should have the answer of that and if they are inquiring something then information about that should be have to you. So content is most important to attract people.

Convert Inbound Sale

The second mains step is to convert. First, you have to create content for users when they will come and attract your content then they will be converted in the inbound sales. Because people who didn’t know before. Now to those people you have to convert. You will take their e-mail address, and you will convince them anyhow that they will go to leave out their number or email or contact number.

And when you put this data in tool then that tool starts tracking and starts to give you information. Which person has come to your site and what he searches or browse and how much time he spends on it etc. When this data can be available through inbound marketing then on this behalf, your marketing has become very good.

Close Customer

The next stage is close. When you have to inform this, that a person is visiting your site, your blog or pages and exploring different information and spending time on your site. Then this data is very useful for you because, you go and talk to them before and then try to close them, means as a sale convert them.

Delight Inbound Services

As they convert in sales. Then the delight phase comes next. Now, normally what happened. Generally when we convert sale then we stop marketing for a short period of time. Though it doesn’t have to do. Inbound marketing told this you should not stop content. You create content for those who are your regular customers.

And help them more in their product. That help can be your tutorial or different type of content. But you also make them your brand ambassador. Brand ambassador means they will be so much happy to you, that they take out your brand to other people.

When they talk about your product then they told them your brand name. They become your promoters and sele your product by themselves. So referral marketing concept drives form here.

Basically it will be done, when the inbound marketing process will be completed. So to reach that point understanding about inbound marketing is very necessary.


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