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Google vision

Dear friends, as you have any purpose of your life, just like that when companies stand their business they also have any purpose.

Now Google has become the world largest company on the internet. Besides the largest company of the world, its mission’s purpose covers only on one line.

What is Google’s Mission, Google says.

"our mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"

Above this one line, above this one statement, Google’s whole mission stands, Google’s structure stands.

google's mission and vision statement
Google’s Mission Statement

It’s been twenty years since Google. And within twenty-year Google is running only by focusing on this single mission.

While achieving the same mission, Now Google has become the world’s largest company on the internet.

Let’s understand this statement in details, that what is this mission and what want to do Google, and how we can make this mission our mission.

Google’s Missions Parts

Because if Google followed this mission have gained so much successful, if we have to rank on Google, if we have to take on top our website or bring traffic then we have to understand What Google Want and how we give it?

We will divide this mission statement into four different parts and will understand, that’s how Google wants to do it.


So the first thing of Google is only to organize, So organize means, Google wants it will become your best organizer. So how is it possible? and what else may need to be organized?


For example, if you have used Gmail, this is a product of Google, and that was Google’s attempt, that there was not any good email service in the market so Google gives a concept of G-Mail.

And it was different from other e-mail services, and by presenting it in a different way, now G-Mail has become the largest service of e-mail.

you can create a free G-Mail account. But if you want to use your G-mail on your domain, then by Google Apps paying the amount to Google you can use same G-Mail account on your domain.

This is the one example, that what’s Google do, Google started to organized your e-mail services.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another product of Google. In this service, Google can drive all of your files in Google drive.

So this drive gives you an opportunity that you can store your data as you can save on your hard drive in your personal computer.

This is an online digital hard drive in which Google gives you 15GB free space. In which you can upload your all files and can save all your information and you can manage it.

And there is no risk to you, that it will be deleted or will vanish by crashing a computer.


Search in another method of organization. By collecting all information of the world is organizing on Google.com. Where you can find your information by the search.

This is the first step of google that how it wants to organize the information of the whole world.

And how is it an organization? we understand it. But if we see again google’s statement,

Google’s Search Mission

“Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

In statement it is organizing but to whom?

The world’s information, these two words rather are very small but have a deep meaning.

“World’s Information” in “world’s” and “information” two things are clear.

In a word, “World’s” means every type of people, religions, culture, language, etc these all things defined in “world”

That Google wants to information fo Whole world. so if we understand the word ” world” then there is not any discrimination any language, religion, caste, and people, etc. so Google wants to organize everything.

But what is information? What can information mean?

So the information is very subjective, subjective means, the information should be different for me and different for you.

A movie sounds to informative to you, but not informative for me.

So the information is a very subjective thing because it varies from person to person.

So information can be this, what we talk about what content, that can be information.

Which is the content of the world, in which text, audio, video, and images which we have discussed, so according to information Google wants to organize it?

Google Translate

And he is talking about Whole world’s information. Ther are languages also come.

And in Google Translate, all languages Google have in it, if you write something in any language then it is most possible it will be available in all form of language.

So this is another method of Google, which is language that is also another type of information, your language what is its grammar, what is its pronunciation and what is its vocabulary all these things Google is organizing to itself and is saving it too, and also helping people to understand from one language to another language that how can be translate.

Google Location

So the third information is, in the whole world, where people live, where they go and from where they come, that is location data.

Location base means, where you are they are collecting your location information through mobile base GPs system.

Where you go and where you come from all this information is saving through Google location. And also around the world.

Google Calendar

And so on another information is, what you have to do today, and how will you spend your day so this can be scheduled by Google calendar. So this all information is organizing by Google through Google calendar.


Another information is e-mail, if you have to search for something then you can also search for you G-mail too.

So in this statement, a third big aspect is to make information universally accessible.

Now “universally accessible” again is a big word. It has a very big meaning. So universally means in every way, from every aspect it wants to make it accessible.

“Accessible” means to access for everyone.
so “Universally accessible” means it comes accessible to everyone because the information which Google collected, and then organized but now Google wants the information or data which it has should be universally accessible for people.


Now how will we be defined “Universally”.
For example, Google runs on every device, You take mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop or any other device, you will get Google. Google will look up and working.

So it is not possible if there is any device on which the internet runs but Google does not run. Never seen that happen, and never will happen. Why? Because Google wants, The information should be universally accessible.
so on which device internet runs, on that device you can use Google.

So beyond the internet, in which language you speak, in which language you use the internet, so in this language Google want should be available for you.

So in very large languages Google version now is available. You can use Google on that language and also can search for information on that language.

And almost Google is accessible in every location in the world. As we discussed earlier, where the internet can run, Google also can run there.
The only problem is there where Google should be ban, otherwise, Google is accessible anywhere.


The last thing which is in this is, Google not only wants to show information, it has not only to collect and organized it, then became it universally accessible for people, people got information, but it wants to provide them in useful ways.

Now useful is again another deepest word, which you understand it. usefulness also use vary.

Something is beneficial for me but the same thing is not beneficial for you. So this usefulness also varies from situation to situation or condition to condition.

So for example, if I want to watch the movie “Karachi Say Lahore” as I search Google show me the result of Karachi to Lahore location. That have you get a plane or vehicle for traveling.

This was information to me but was not useful for me.

Because I was searching “Karachi Say Lahore” movie but it was showing me Karachi say Lahore traveling data.

So these are the examples in which usefulness is a big element.

Google will understand then what I am searching, if Google will understand this then it will become a good search engine because he provides me with relevant information.

Right Information

Usefulness means the right information on the right place to right people will provide then it will become a good search engine.

So if we followup it again, What is Google’s Mission.

Then Google wants that it organized the whole world organization, collect it, save it in its database, then universally without any discrimination make it accessible and useful.

So under this one mission, a whole company is running for 20 years. so possible in next days Google mission remain the same. so under this mission so far Google is the largest company.

The question arises, why it is so important for us. If Google has become the biggest company under this information and we have to rank on Google to our website and information and get traffic.

We should be done to make Google’s Mission our’s mission. So what is Google’s Mission, he makes it accessible to universally and makes its usefulness.

We will organize our information and provide him in a useful way, that it remains useful and showing it in usefulness way.

So like that we according to Google guidelines and white hat techniques can do a good SEO. And we also can get a good ranking.


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