What is Google? Google is a Search Engine or A Company

introduction to google

In this topic, we will discuss what is Google? rather Google is a search engine or a company.

Many people think that Google is only a search engine, but Google is not only a search engine it becomes a big company.

Actually, when Google was started it was started as a search engine. But gradually it added many products in its business, which properly became a business itself.

Now Google as a company owns much business. 

Google launched many products in different categories. For example, first of all, Web-based products included many internet-based products in which most prominent were Google search products.

Web-Based Products

  • Search Tools
  • Advertising services
  • Communication and Publishing Tools
internet based products of google

As it launched different products it goes in different categories.

For example, Google launched different development products for development users to facilitate them. That they can integrate their apps, websites or products in Google’s products.

So Google launched many development products.

Development Tools

  • Security Tools
  • Map-related products
  • Statistical Tools
google development tools
Google Development tools

Then Google launched his own operating system and applications. And gradually it created a pool of its applications.

Basically, Google gradually created and increasing all these, to understand the user needs and for problem-solving.

Google Products in categories.

  • Operating Systems
  • Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Mobile standalone Apps
  • Hardware Services

There are some common products, that you have used in your daily life for different purposes.

That shows Google is not only a search engine

Common Google Products

google common products

G mail

G mail is the biggest service of Google after Google search, or with a Google search that many people can use it free on a daily basis.

G mail vanished the concept of E-Mail. There were many programs on E-Mail before G mail introduced.

But those were not so powerful and convenient as Google has made it.

Google Drive

After G mail Google introduced it a new product named Google Drive.

Google Drive Facilitate you that you can save and share your data or files as much you want on Google drive. And then synchronize it with others.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is another most important product of Google.

By which you can manage your schedule and meetings, and can take appointments and can manage your calendar so easily.

So Google calendar is kind of the default calendar for a lot off people in today’s life.

Google Map

Google Map is a big and revolutionary product of this company, by which people life became more easier.

For example, if you want to go someplace, it guides you with all the paths and informs you which path is shorter.

And which is not or on which road traffic is jam and on which road traffic is not jam.

These all facilities Google provide to people all over the world on mobile and desktop and on all other devices.

Google News

Google news is another service of Google on which Google provides the different latest news for users.

Many people use this service regularly and remain up to date.


YouTube is the other product of Google company. It is by default a video sharing website. It has also become the largest video search engine.

When you talk about video or about hosting a video then actually you talk about YouTube. so it is 2nd biggest product after Google search engine.

Google Chrome Browser

You have to use the chrome browser in your daily life. That is another product of Google.

Google launched it to solve the browsing problems and for the advancement of internet technology.

So Google thought why this company relay on other browsers, why not it launched his own browser and solved the user problems.

So Google launched it. Now Chrome has become a big product and has a huge market share.

Google Translate

If you are interested in translation or some times you have translated English to Spanish or Spanish to Germans or Germans to English or any other language of the world.

Then there is nothing any better service then Google Translate.

Google Translate launched by Google so that, it can understand the language barriers.

So, if someone writes his content in English then what will be the meaning of this content in German and vice-versa.

But these are those products of Google, that help users in their daily life work.

But there are many other products of this company which most people are not familiar or have never heard about that. But those products are the biggest products in itself.

So now we discussed some products which it launched for business purposes.

Google Products for Business

google business products

Google Ads

This is the biggest product of Google. Basically, Google generates its total revenue through Google Ads to run different ads on different sites.

At least more than 90% of Google earns its revenue through Google Ads”

Basically, Google Ads provides facilities to businesses, that they can market their business at any website on which Google Adsense (another product of Google ) is installed and they can run their ads on Google also.

Google Adsense

This is an amazing product of Google. Different publishers or newspapers or websites owner who have huge traffic they can use Google Adsense product on their websites to generate a handsome amount.

Different publishers show their ads according to sites relevancy.

Basically, Google rent spaces of these sites and run ads of different companies and gives these site owner a handsome amount.

Because Google earns revenue through its content. So Google Share a part of its revenue to them.

Google My Business

So another product is Google My Business. This is related to Google Maps.

If you have your physical business and it is listing on Google Maps, then you can list it on Google My Business and updates photos, reviews, comments like Facebook.

Its most benefit is when someone searches your business then its information shows on the Google sidebar.

Google Analytics

This is another product. Google provides this tool free of cost to different website owners who want to track their websites.

How many users are on their site and from which countries they are visiting their site. it provides complete analytics of their sites.

Google provides you all data, based on its technology. Google not only provide you this data but Google also uses this data for its own benefits.

Base on this data, Google tracks on which site how much users are visiting? what are they doing? which page they are opening? on which page they exit and on which page they do the entry. So like this it tracks different things.

Google Tag Manager

So this is another product of Google business. As the installation of codes increases on websites. So Google launches the tag manager to solve this problem.

Which is most efficient and fast, If you want to install Google Analytics or Facebook pixel code or any other tracking on your website.

So instead of you install these code one by one on each page but with the help of this product, you can manage these code from only one place.

And you can tell on which page code will be installed and on which page code will be not installed.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another main product of this company. Google penalized some website or not, or there is occurring some problem to access any website or not.

Google Wants to convey these all information to website owners and it does through Google Search Console.

Actually, what does Google Search Console? Basically, you registered your website on Google Search Console, after registration, Google sends you alerts if it detects some issues.

Through Google Search Console you are informed which pages are not accessible for Google and which pages are blocked.

Which pages are ranked higher and by which keyword your searches are increasing?

So there are some other most important products of Google Which you have used.

Possibly in your school life or college or university life and maybe you have used in your office.

Some products are listed below.

Google Office Products

google office products

Docs, Sheets, Slides

There are many Google Office products like that Microsoft office which is available in every system or computer.

So like these, Google launches these products online which are docs, sheets, and slides.

Which are the alternate of the word, excel, and powerpoint so that you can do your business online.

Its benefits are if your system has a breakdown and not working, then you can handle your all data online and it is saved online.

You can access it at any time anywhere and multiple people can edit it at the same time. So it is most beneficial if you work in the office or on the job.


Google Photos has become another big product. Google photos basically derived from Google Plus, which was a Google product.

You can save your all Photos by this product with high resolution. If you want more high-resolution photos then you can buy its space.

Google contact save your contacts, and Allo for an audio chat and Velo for video chat used, these are Google messengers.

So Google doing big work, like Apple, Google also launching hardware products.

For instance, Google Pixel is a Google flap ship phone. Before that Nexus Phones were coming in the market.

Nowadays Google is not only a software company. Google has also become a hardware company.

It introduces many hardware devices which are given below.

Google Hardware Devices

google hardware products

Google Home

Google Home actually will be an assistant, to whom you will give command it will give you the result.

It will talk to you. Google Home will sync to your smartphone and your all information will be stored in it.


If you have used android mobiles, if you have an android mobile in your pocket then the operating system of its is of Google.

Wear OS

If you have used smartwatches then the system in these watches is also of Google which is known as Wear OS.


Google introduces his WiFi services to solve the WiFi problem to call your friends or maintain a modern setup or to call a mechanic to make your WiFi easy.

Whom you can give your access and whom you don’t want to give your WiFi access.

Chrome Book

This is another google product, which is different from chrome.

Chrome is a browser but chrome book is a different book which is basically a complete laptop.

Its most feature is that it has not any CD Room, not any processor and not anything like an ordinary laptop.

It is an online laptop. You can only buy this laptop online and all Google Applications which we discussed above are available in it.

If your laptop damaged or not working you can buy another but your all data is saved.

So Dear visitor gradually Google has become so huge company, so it came out from its own domain.

Now Google is doing many other businesses in which life science and fiber cables was installing and was working on robots.

So Google owners think why not Google can be limited only on the internet, and all other companies should be created and these all companies should be merged into a single company whose name is ALPHABET.

alphabet company products

“Alphabet” basically Google take inspiration from A to Z. Actually, Google has companies with each alphabet. So it launched a new company named Alphabet.

Alphabet is also a parent company. Google is a company, not itself its parent company is Alphabet.

Google also a company of that parent company in which other companies are

These all companies are working on different products and services which are mostly beyond our scope.

Which are actually, Google is launching in different categories.

Now Google is not only a company, but Google also is not only a search engine, but Google is also a big company it has different business.

In future Possible, you will have a driving automatic vehicle made by Google.

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