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Dear friends, so for we are talking about content, but the content is what, How do we understand it that what is content? So , for ranking Google, content is desperately needed, Google is hungry for content.

Until Google finds the content, your SEO may not improve better. So question is this ?

What is the Content? How Many Types of Content are There?

When we talk about content, then we think content means only text, The text is definitely content, but the content is not only the text.

For example, if you search some thing on Google then you see a list of websites on which somewhere these words are written. so text is very simple.

But often you have watched that in search you also see the images.
When you search some thing or write queries, then against these queries some time you see images, and some videos and also some different format look.

Four Major Types of Content

So What is content. There are four major formats of content.

Text Content

(Text in any language is content) like in English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, in any language you are writing is called text.

And Google does the text index, and understand any type of language. And then maintain it in his database. So text is a big form of content.

Image Content

So content also count as image. So what is comes in images, if you take your’s or other’s picture that is also content, and if you create an image or a logo or any design that is also content.

Any thing which you can see as visual all are different form of image content. And we can categories them in image content. And Google also index image content, and image can be of any type.

Video Content

So like that if you mix image, audio and text it become a video content. In video you can watch, listen and also can read some thing.

So video is a different format of content, Google not only index video rather Google has video platform in YouTube format which hosted by Google itself.

Audio Content

The fourth form of content is audio, So Google has maximum content in audio format. But Google has not a specific platform for this.

But if you watch music or recording or listening any lecture or listening song while you are on the walk.

How Google Show You Content

These are thing are indexing to Google in audio format, and you can search these.
Depending on your search quires. so Google show you result according that.

So this is Google attempt that it index these all things, maintain and optimize them and when any one search it it show it too.

Some Other Formats of Content

But there are many other things which count in content.

For example, have you use Google Maps any time, if you have used Google Maps it is neither video, neither audio and nor image content.

This is completely a different type of content which Google host itself, index it and optimize. When you search it Google also shows it.

GPS Location

So in Google Maps, what content is. Basically it is a GPS location, which under the global positioning system, your mobile device or any GPS device which you have, which location you feed to Google,that where are you going, and from where’s are you coming, and now where are you stand.

Google record all these information, and there is a whole database to Google in Maps format, in which you can map your all information.

So if you login in your Google account, then you can watch your history in Google Maps, If you have turned on your Maps history.

So you can see that’s where Google track you. And so this is also a content type which you can see in Google.

So for example, if you have to go from Lahore to Karachi, and if you search in Google Lahore to Karachi, then Google will show you different results, which will also have a form of Maps.

Google Translate

Google translate is another format of content, in which Google have created different database of different languages. If you write in Urdu then you can know its meaning in English and vise versa.

Google has almost maximum languages, and almost you cant translate in all languages. There results are not perfect, but they are much better. And this is another different type of content which Google have. Google utilize it and also show you.

Google Calendar

Another things which Google store itself. That is personal details. For example, you use calendar to maintain you schedule. Which event is, where have to go, where to come from, whom to meeting, and when is meeting, are you available whole day or not.

This is another content form which Google manage.

Google Assistance

Like these if this all content is to Google at its base Google generates information and based on information it helps you.

Which is known as Google assistance. Which is on your mobile and in your desktop , with the help of which you can ask question to Google assistance, in your own language in Urdu as well as in English.

And Google will also answer you. These all information Google collect from different places.

Content With Different Frequencies

In content one this is most necessary to understand. That content with different frequencies and with different importance some time increase and some time it decrease.

Frequency means, earlier text was more written, and now a days mobile and cameras are very common, so now visual content is more.

People make videos very quickly, make images very quickly. Where you have considered writing the whole article there you can explain it to create only a single video.

Voice Base Content

This is the content which Google shows. Now a days mobile are common so visual content has become very common.

A new content format is now introducing is audio content. Because people are very busy and devices are all there. instead of searching by typing people search to speak.

So voice base content which is also a audio base content is growing very fast. And services against this content are growing.

So Google wishes if some one search by vocal, then Google gave him result. And they bring result. A new Voice SEO Service have created.

since Google is giving you a new utility, a new capacity and at its base business can optimize themselves so that if some one search them in audio then found them.

We will discussed about it next how we can do SEO on audio base.

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