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As we know Google and other search engines work on the algorithms, Algorithms are the calculation on some base. In this topic, we will discuss, on which base calculation are taking place.

SEO Factors or Ranking Factors

Algorithms are working on which specific formulas these are called SEO factors, which are also known as ranking factors.

Because these factors help you in ranking your website so that these are called ranking factors, or SEO ranking factors or just factors.

Under which you have to understand that, these algorithms index and extracts information and then show in the useful form under certain criteria or a pattern.

How Many SEO Ranking Factors are?

We have to do the same thing, But how many factors do they have? How many factors are they to whom Google sees.

So this is the point no one can know about that but Google told himself that it can see more than 200 ranking factors.

And Google considers more than 200 factors to rank your website on 1st-page 2nd page or any other page.

But in most place, they also get a reference. Google Sees more than 10,000 factors, while indexing, extracting or executing any information.

How SEO Ranking Factors Works?

As SEO professionals or digital marketer, we have to judge these factors that how these factors works.

Let me tell you this, Any search engine will not provide this information publically.

Because this is a secret recipe, and this is the formula under which they are making money and by which Google is Google.

If Google told someone how to it present information, then Google will not exist. Why? Because when I know this, that in which ways Google rank any website then I Will follow these factors and will do rank my site.

So others will do in the same way and they will also do the rank.
When this thing will be public, and this thing will be normal.

So when this will be normal, so the uniqueness and the factors on which Google rank any website will die, and so Google as a company will not exist.

That is why Google is much serious about its information and Algorithms. And Google tries a lot to not leak out.

Actually, this is a big industry and many people do experiments on a daily basis, so many experts understand some factors on which Google rank a website. They are sure about that factor, so they called these are more than 200 ranking factor on which Google ranks a site.

So we have to keep track of these factors as an SEO have to develop our website, and have to optimize our site.

And on these factors bases, we are analysing which things Google is catching and which thing is not catching.

How are the factors?

Again we will discuss it. I will tell you a little bit. for example, factors should be these,

  • What is going on in your title,
  • the information which people are searching can do exist it or not, if exist then how many time it exists.
  • How many links are on your page
  • How many sites give you backlinks.

Besides these, there are some other factors also.

  • Your website load or not, if load then how much time it takes?
  • Is it shows on mobile?
  • Is it secure?

There are more ranking factors, to whom Google and other search engines consider.

And after that, they decide which website to do ranks and which website or information to do drank.

Ultimately what is there a goal? ? There Goal is to provide right information under usefulness. which they are searching they get it.
So to do the things right Google and other search engines critically analyze these things and they also stay updated.

Today’s Google

And one thing you have to understand that Today’s Google is not 20 year before Google. Today’s Google is much different.

Before 20 years, Google only shows you links, when you search some things on Google it shows you only links.

And Now today’s Google Shows you maps, flight data, social media status, websites and also video.

So these are the factors that are changed. If you want to learn thoroughly SEO, one you have to understand these ranking factors, but secondly Google and other search engines can make changes you have to adopt them on time.

Information Obsolete

SEO is the only field in which information obsolete very quickly. Obsolete means, today which you have read, possible after year it did not valid.

Why? Because Google launch one thing before a year and then he thinks it was not good, or he thinks it should be launch some other better method. When he launched it in a better method than old information will be obsolete.

So you can’t say it, that two years before it happens, but does not happen. Why,? Because now Google thinks it should not happen like that.

So which way Google do advanced, we also do advanced.
so we understand how are search engines working, what new introducing, how changing is coming and how they are affecting?

And then we apply these things to our website, and a list is going to be made.

That something is in the title or not, speeded or not, secured or not secured, so these all factors can become an SEO process for us. Under which we rank own website or client’s website. And the entire industry runs the same way.

As this new information keeps coming, as Google and other search engine keep changing their SEO ranking factors.

And with that this happens, we have to adopt it with them.
With the coming of the new thing, old things become obsolete means their importance is to do down.

And practise which will be valid before one year now it is not valid in nowadays. So we just updated with Google, that what are they launching and how we have to utilize it on our website.

And these things can make a change with the passing of time. Because this is the evolution process, As much it becomes fast, so much we have to become fast.

If we miss this thing then ultimately we will not remain a good SEO.

Why? Because now our information will not be effective. So what we will do, Google will keep ignoring it. So if we not working according to the Googe so ultimately our performance of SEO will fall down.

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