Video on Social Media VS Video on Youtube

video on socila media vs youtube

Search engines and social media are different plate form. The search engine is an open platform which index website. And optimize data in its database that, how much websites are in the world and what is in it.

If you write a keyword then it will search it from its database and will show you results. And Google also accesses these strategies from youtube also.

Google also shows you data to put other video sites also. So video, which is available on “Vimeo” or any other video platform. Then Google will show you result because Google is an open platform.
But some people think Google prefer Youtube videos.

video on social media channel

if we talk about social media channel, then social media are always a close platform. What will you do, you will do to go inside these channels. If it is like Facebook, Instagram or any other platform they put content in its boundaries.

Search By Intent

So any your video is on Youtube that will be shown in Google, but if that video is in social media platform that will be not shown on Google results. So social media channels did not allow Google to crawl their content. Because they want to retain their content in their own platform.

You have to understand by this concept, if you want traffic by search especially by intent, then video to be on youtube is an important part. If you will not provide an open link in youtube then Google will not search that link.

Traffic by Social Media

If you want to get traffic for your Youtube video, then you can share it on all social media channel. So you have preferred to Youtube because search traffic is that traffic which searches with intent. It has some intent that I have to find something. So by these intent conversions can increase.

socila media example

Need Search

So this conversion will be not found any other where. Because there is no concept in social media. You can search for people, group, pages and you can not search need. when you have to search need then you go on Google because Google gives you that problem’s solution.

Which is the difference between a search engine and social media? That also exists in video perspective. So the video will give you a different type of results in Youtube. And it will be different on Facebook.

So as a brand marketing, you will upload a video at that place where it can be searchable. And Youtbe is the most important platform. Some other channels are also populare for some other qualities. But normally Youtube is famous for video ranking.

Making money by Youtbe

You can also make money by Youtube. That is another discussion. But is you use youtube only for your business that will be enough. And it will be benifit for your business, if someone will search about your business that he will also find your video.

He may search from Youtube or Google,Youtube video will also show him in results. But video on Facebook will reach only that persons who only follow you. Or you have to create an Add that people can watch it.

So this is the main difference of youtube among search, video on social. So you have to understand social channels and video channels which are different. Search is not possible on social, and social is not on search. And both have different parameters.

You have to focus on intent because we are focusing on SEO. So I believe search is bigger vs following should be as much. When people will be intented they will search, then they will search they will also convert. So you have no miss your search and you have to put search friendly to your video.

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