Understanding Google Keyword Planner Tool

understand google keyword planner tool

As you know Google keyword planner tool is a part of Google Ads. Now we will understand that magic tool which told us about its magic that which business you can start and in which business you will get the benefit. Let’s come and understand the Google ads keyword planner tool step by step with complete detail.

Step by Step Guide to Understand Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool

Now we will understand all steps about this magic tool.

Sign in Google Ads.

First of all, you have to sing in Google ads. when you have to sign in then the following screen will appear in front of you.

Open Keyword Planner Tool

When you sign in Google ads then you see a “tools” option on the top right side. Click on the Tools tab and then a drop-down list will appear. Here you will find different columns. First, the column is “Planning” and under its first option is keyword planning. You have to click on it and remember other options are not related to SEO. so you have to ignore all these things. As you click on the keyword planner tool Google will show you two options.

  • Get Search Volume and Forecast
  • Find New keywords

Get Search Volume and Forecast

This option is used if you want to run a campaign then you will search for different search volumes or forecast of specific keywords. Because we are not running ads campaign so we ignore it. This area is used mostly for running ads on Google.

Find New keywords

Find new keywords means if you have to find a new keyword about your business or adds then you can click on it and then write a keyword. you have only written a single keyword in this section to write its possibilities. If you will write more than one keyword then you will not clearly understand a specific keyword and its group.

As you click on it you will find new keywords it means it will ask you what you want to search. so basically this is a search that is related to your business. What is your business? you will write about that to know that what people search about your business.
For example, if a person has a mobile shop or mobile accessories shop then it is very important for him to know that what people search for mobiles. So let us come and know what people search in Pakistan against mobiles.

So you have to write the word “mobile phones” and then press enter it put this word in suggestion. It means you can type more words in it. But a good and easy technique is this you use only a single keyword in a single time. This will benefit to you that it will be easy for you to understand which keywords are coming against which keyword. For better results try to search only a single word in a single time. So that your data will remain filtered and you get very focused data. When you search “mobile phones” then what results you will get against these words and if you will search another word then what result you will get against that keyword.

If you will search two combine keywords then possible it will not clear to you which keywords comes against which keyword. When you click on search then you will find a window. Now we will try to understand all the components available in this window.


The first thing is the location. You see location is Pakistan selected. You will see on the top right side by default he selected location Pakistan. Because we are in Pakistan so Google thinks that we might search for data from Pakistan. So if you are in another country then by default location will be for your country. But if you are doing marketing for your client or you want to rank another country then you will select for that country.

So then you will find searches for that country. It is not possible that “mobile phone” searches in Pakistan and in the United States become the same. So people who search for mobile phones in the USA are different data and people who search mobile phone data in Pakistan are different data. And this data can’t be merged. If you have made your website in Pakistan then you will search your keywords in Pakistan.

And if you make a website for any other country then you will find keywords for that country. so that you have to know the exact results of that country, how much people are searching for those keywords.

Now I select it Pakistan and it shows the reach of 19.5 million people. It means possible it reach me about 19.5 million people.


In languages by default, it selects English. If you are making a website in other languages then you can change the language. There are many languages available.

eep in mind which language you will be select searches will be found on those languages. So it can’t be done that you are writing a mobile phone in English and language is chosen in Urdu. So if you will select the Urdu language then you will type in Urdu. Currently, we will let him stay in English.

eep in mind which language you will be select searches will be found on those languages. So it can’t be done that you are writing a mobile phone in English and language is chosen in Urdu. So if you will select the Urdu language then you will type in Urdu. Currently, we will let him stay in English.

Search Networks

3rd option is the search network. When you click on the search network then by default Google is selected. It means Google will provide you data from its own database. There are many other Google search partners who put Google’s search engine on their own website. If you want to increase your reach then you can select Google and search partners.

Normally Google data is enough. Because Many websites use Google data in which they can get good results. so currently we select it Google.

Understanding Google Keyword Planner Tool All Columns

Now we will discuss all columns of this too one by one.

Keywords (by relevance)

These are those keywords that people search for in Google. You can say it search queries or keywords. It means there are those words that people type in Google to search for anything. These are those keywords that you have to understand that what people write to search. This is the treasure that Google told you before how much demand for your keywords. This data is most valuable for you rather you are running a business or doing marketing for any client.

Avg. monthly searches

First, Colum is the keyword and 2nd column is average monthly searches. It shows how much average searches are for those keywords. And to know average searches first we have to select a timeline. On the top right side you will find the Google timeline that data which you have search is how much old.

So currently it is selected 12 months. It means “mobile phones” which is our primary keyword is searching from 10000 to 100000 since last year. So if you see below then “cell phone” is searching 1000 to 10000 average since last year. These are those searches that how much time people search these queries. This data comes from the Google database and Google doesn’t tell you exact searches. Google provides you only range.

This is the range by which Google wants to secure its data. So that anyone can’t theft its data. But we marketer can understand it that “mobile phones” word search from 10000 to 100000 time is better to “cell phone” which is searching 1000 to 10000. So if we are thinking about the name of our company on a cell phone. so it is better we put our company name “mobile phones” rather than “cell phone”

If you are giving your shop name “Usman mobile phone” or “Usman cell phone” then “Usman mobile phone” is better among them. Because people search for more mobile phones as compared to cell phones. So this is an example which helps you that how you can make better your marketing.

And after that is competition columns so this and next for this column all are related to Google ads. So we are not running a campaign so these are not important for us. For SEO purposes “keywords” and “avg, monthly searches” are most important.
so we can understand it for our knowledge and whenever we might have to run add campaign.


So the competition column told you on that particular keyword how many people are running an ad. If sometimes you require to run add on Google ad campaign then you will be understood that how much people are running add on this particular keyword.

And you can know that if more people are running add on this keyword then you have to pay more amount to run add or you can’t get space on top. If you want to take a position on top then your add will be better so that you can come on top. So another information is gathered from this that you have to know that people know that users can’t do a sale on this keyword so ultimately people can’t like to run add on this keyword. So for this, you have to the idea that you can run add on this or not.

Ad impression Share

So next is add impression share. This is another Google matrics that told you on which keyword how many impressions you can get on this add. It is now showing blank because we have not yet designed any campaign so it is showing blank data. You have to ignore it. But you have to know what it does.

Bid (columns)

So the next columns are bids. Google also told you maximum and minimum bids. If you want to run add on that keyword then how much amount you should have to pay the minimum to maximum. So in this bidding process, Google knows who is running a good add and who is agree to give more money.

So this is a complex biding. But at least it educates users that if you have to run add then how much minimum add you have to pay and how much maximum amount you have to pay for this. So this Google educates you if you have to run add then how much amount you have to pay. But these are things are not relevant to us. Because our concern is to search engine optimization.

So for SEO, we required only two columns in which the first column is keyword and the second column is avg. monthly searches.


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