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social and search in digital marketing my seoland

As we know, search engine optimization is a service in Digital Marketing, or consider a catagory.

That is very important to see that in broader prospects where it falls or what is its difference with other catagories.

social media marketing

Normally search competed with social. That what is the difference between search and social.

Social Vs Search in SEO

Both catagories fall in digital marketing, so I believe, it is very important to clear it that where search falls in SEO and where social falls in SEO.

Why are both used, and how are both linked to digital marketing?
One mistake that people make, that’s it, they think to do a single factor or service they become better. While it does not happen.

social media role in seo

Search in SEO

Your user comes with a different journey and searches you on Google. They search their information on Google found you on Google and move to on your website.

By visiting your website, your website wins his heart and he wants to subscribe your website to read your all content.

So rather he wants to search you again and again on Google. He searches you on which platform you are existing, and on which platform he uses.

For example, I am in pain, and I search a doctor on Google, I have got a sit, so after visiting multiple websites, I like a website and I satisfied its all things.

Now I want to save it and also want to subscribe to it. So apart from doctor website I will see his channels where it can exist.

Social in SEO

For example, they can be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and any other social channels. As many channels as I like I will go on them and like or subscribe to them.

And it will, next time when they will start uploaded content it will started to gain it.

Now, these both things fall in digital marketing. But their difference is most important.

Why People Fail in SEO

That a mistake which people can do, they think only by doing SEO or sharing content on social or doing any other things or doing some most important factors we will be succeeded.

Follow the Audience

It is wrong. You have to do everything. But according to the search marketing perspective that where is the audience.

so follow the audience is a golden rule.

Follow the audience means, you see where is your audience, so how many people feel pain, is a big audience. Anyone can suffer pain, and anyone can search doctor.

What doctor do they like now, a fan following become of that doctor and they started following it on social media?

Normally search is a huge medium because it targets many people and is a most broader catagory.

So if someone feel hungry he will search for a restaurant and if you have a restaurant then you will start ranking in restaurant catagory.

If anyone feels pain, or become ill he will search for a doctor or search a clinic, he does not know that Dr.Usman exist or not. He only knows that he is feeling pain and he requires a good doctor.

when he sees you, then he will be familiar with you trying to follow you, then your social media is active.

So then we have to see, we don’t miss the big audience. Who knows us by the name they will follow us or directly visit our site by searching our name.

But who don’t know us by name, those who need us, those who have intent, intent means have a want to search a particular thing, so we want that they may find us.

Following on Social Media

If anyone searching something and he is my targeting customer then we have to reach them under which SEO.

So that We may find them. And after that, we can activate other marketing aspects.

For example, once he comes on my website, then I can also to subscribe to his E-Mail. I can ask him to follow me on Facebook or Instagram or watch our videos on Youtube, but this is possible then, what a user will find me.

Who knows me he will search me directly and also follow me, But who don’t know me that is a big audience.

So search gives us opportunities when anyone search then we understand its intent. That what is he searching.

If it is our targeting audience then we have to refine ourself for themselves according to SEO. And then we have to available for them.


All these things work in a parallel. But, because search is a big catagory so we need to do much focus on search.

The audience will come form search then we activate another channel. If the audience will not come from search then we will reach only a limited audience.

But when we focus on intent, then anyone who needs us will be able to find us.

When relationship will be build up according to need then they will follow us, and then we send them another thing with the following, e-mail campaign, and do e-mail marketing.

If any event or promotion is coming then there are many possibilities to campaign them.

So the search is a big medium while under-standing it, we will move it forward.

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