How is SEO Profession Different Than Development & Design

seo profession is differ from designing and development myseoland

Dear Friends, SEO not works alone, many people believe that good SEO means, your website should be excellent it means your website designs and development should be very good.

seo factors

If you think so that SEO will work only, then it is not possible. Because we have discussed earlier and you know that there are different factors involves in SEO to whom we called SEO ranking factors.

SEO Factors

There come on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors and also technical ranking factors.
so these are those ranking factors which do better together with your SEO.

So SEO is the name of these different techniques, which you do on your website, so for that, an SEO process is completed.

Resources For Good SEO

To complete this process not only a single person effort requires. One man can do it, but sometimes you can rely on someone for creating a good website or for good development.

This could be a discussion, that a single person is a good SEO expert and with that is a good developer and a good designer, that is probably is impossible if it is then it is better.

Is SEO Difficult?

SEO alone is very difficult to walk alone. Because it is relay on design and development.

So with the help of these two things an SEO expert can do better.

But in this one thing is necessary to understand, when you are doing SEO then your work is long term, you have to work continuously and long-lasting.

When SEO Start?

I believe that SEO should starts when you think to start a business.

The job of the SEO will last as long as the business remains. So SEO should be as long as your business.

It is a never-ending service or process. which still you always have to do, because without marketing you can’t expect that you will get sales or leads.

Digital Marketing Role in SEO

If you will do marketing then your business will be run.

And in digital, marketing does in different methods, but the most powerful and important is to gain traffic through the search engine, and that’s why we do SEO.

How To Start SEO

So let me tell you, where all different in their own rows.

Domain & Hosting Purchase

For example, if you have to start a business, what would you do? you will purchase a domain and hosting and thinks to design a website on it

Designing and Developing Website

So for designing a website, you have required a website designer which will design your website according to your need.

And designer after completed design will give it to the developer.

And then developer converts the design in HTML(HyperText Markup Language) language.

This is the language on which the entire Internet operates. If you watch the code of any website on which that website is created that code is called HTML.

So for converting the design into HTML, the designer gives design and developer write it in coding.

And he writes the coding and then operates it on the internet then anyone can search it on the internet.

What did Developers do?

So what the developers do? they do good coding developing on designing how much design is good.

The designer has to provide the design and developers have to code this design that it should be executed on the internet as it is.

If it is not visible on the internet, then the designer has just finished his work, but the developer has not finished his work.

SEO Works Start Here

But after finishing these both workers, when the website goes live, then your work begins.
As I told earlier your work has already begun, how does? let me explain.

Finding Domain

For example, if you want to create a website on online shopping, and you want to sell clothes or shoes then for finding the domain name you will think what should be the name of the domain.

If the domain name will be that, for example, if you are running an online business and your domain name will be online business the Google thinks you are the best and exact result.

So to thinking of domain name, according to SEO can remain very helpful to you.

Website Design

So, like that many things matters on SEO today before. After that, we know that Google considers many technical factors.

In which design is an important factor if your design will be heavy if the designer will not know it, that if the website will be heavy then SEO will not be better.

So you have to tell designer, that website should be not heavy, make sure, the relay at least on images, and colours should be used in coding not used it in images, because when they loaded they take time, and their size is large.

If you handle this thing through coding, CSS or HTML, then your design remain better and most lightweight.

As your design is lightweight, it becomes Google friendly.

Website Speed

It is the most specific requirement of Google that your website speed should be optimized, and the maximum it depends on website size, which controls designer.

Same goes for the developer, if a developer is coding your website, and if there are problems or errors in his coding, and creating problems for Google to crawl website then Google will punish it or not give him good ranking.

So as a marketer you have to guide to both of them, that how can be created a good design and how can be a good coding, which is Google friendly.

And then you start your work which almost starts parallel with both of them.

Optimized Website

Some people have noticed something that, developers mostly thinks this, that if the website has to speed optimize then SEO has done if he wrote the code well then SEO’s done. It is very important to dispel this misunderstanding.

That some developers think that SEO is limited to their capabilities, that is not so.

SEO is a very long process, and a developer can do good SEO, but SEO is not limited to the developer’s work.

SEO is a Long Term Process

A long term process is involved in SEO. Which the marketer have to handle later.
there are involve

  • keyword research
  • Article writing
  • And some different things.

So some developers have this misunderstanding, and they also object that we have done SEO. To some extent, they do just fine.

They can make SEO friendly website, but for creating an SEO friendly website is not only a complete SEO.

SEO is a complete process which probably they don’t know.


So that’s why we have to understand, that’s where the designer’s job begins, where its job finishes, where developer’s job begins, and where its job finishes, and where SEO professionals job begins.

Which I told you it begins from start to end until business will exist. So all these responsibilities all depends on good SEO’s.

Who has to rank on Google he will trie continuously that his website alway remain Google friendly.


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