Most Popular Types of Search Queries That Show Videos as a Search Result

search queries that shows results in videos

If you go on Youtube and search for anything, then you will find any type of search in video content.

But if you search on Google then, some time result shown in the video and some time videos are not shown.

When does it happen? When Google decides when the video has shown to you and when the video has not shown to you.

Most Popular Triggers That Shows Videos as a Search Results

There are some triggers (some specific hints) on which base Google decide, yes against this query, the result shown in the video is better rather then it shows another result.

So some reasons are given below

Educational Content

A huge amount of educational content is available on youtube. If you decide to learn something then all types of content are available on youtube.

google triggers about education search results

When you enter any learn queries on Google like that

“How to learn SEO”
What is SEO
“How to learn the English language”
What are SEO ranking factors

So video content takes priority rather than other content.

Google thinks, tutorial or educational content in the video, you will feel good.

Because some people feel difficulties to understand written content.

If you will get content in your local language or at least a speaker will look ahead to you, and also show you some slides, so it will be very easy to digest you.

Entertainment Content

entertainment search results

Another type is entertainment content. If you are searching for any naat, song or drama, film or movie then in entertainment queries when you will search on Google the result will be shown in video content.

Tutorials Content

In the tutorial, there should be technical tutorials. For example “how to fix a problem”, or “how to clean a system” or “how to clean a virus”.

So in these queries, Google thinks, to showing video result will be better for you.


If you have to go to a restaurant and have used your mobile, then hands-on review has become an important category.

mobile reviews search results

Because when media available to every one reach, when the camera reaches to every one pocket, then people started to share their opinions.

As you share your opinions on Facebook, like that people share their opinion by youtube channel.
so it has a great benefits.

for example. If I want to purchase a mobile, and if I search for a review on Google and a person who purchase this mobile before and used it.

He fells this mobile better or bad he make his review in video formate and uploads a video on youtube.

so this video can be trigger against my search query because Google Thinks if you are going to purchasing a mobile then it is possible with the reading of mobile review, you are trying to watch review in video formate.

In this situation video content trigger to you in the search query. And mostly it remains better.

Rather then you read a long review, you listen to a 2-minute talk of anyone. possible these 2 minutes talk will be understood for you.

And which question you are searching you found in those videos.


And the last thing is the feedback. This is also a review category. The Catagory is like this, for example, you have bought something, and you fell it good or bad, or you eat a meal in a restaurant and want to share its taste or for example, you have any opinion against Govt policy.

feedback search results

So against these feedback queries are some triggers, which show you results in video content.

Rather then, there are also many scenarios, where Google thinks video content will be better as compared to other content.
So in Google video content rank on the 1st page.


The purposes to explain all these things is that, if you are writing your website or writing your ebook, then if you started to upload your content in video formate.

For example, where you are making a guide How to purchase a mobile

We have discussed in our cased study, So at that, if you create a video of “how to buy a mobile”, in which you explain yourself, that “how can purchase a mobile”, “how to see prices” and where you have to negotiate.

Imagine what a different, if a person goes and read an ebook, and a person just watch a video.

So it is not necessary you have to watch the video, you can listen to it by using a hand free in your car. And you can listen it on the go.

So there are huge content options. If you will utilize it, then your SEO will improve automatically better.
Because your website must be ranking, then your video also will be ranking.


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