Search By Social Media and SEO

In this topic, we will understand how search engine marketing have a relation to digital marketing. And how we can use it in a big strategy that we can use it on our website for ranking purposes.
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Role of Social Media and SEO

So here we can discuss what is the role of SEO and where other things will play their role. And how is it different from other things.
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There is four main channel to avail traffic on any website.

  1. Search
  2. Social
  3. Direct
  4. Referral

These are four big mediums by which a website get traffic.

Search Traffic

Search means when anyone find you or search you through any search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc. This traffic will be called search traffic.

Social Traffic

If on the other side you will see social media, then it means if someone is searching for you in different social media channels like facebook, twitter, and linkedin, etc. Or he visited your profile or page or he has watched you any post or video then the traffic. Which will be come form these channels on your website will be called social traffic.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic means people rather know you or familiar with your website. They will search you by writing your name or your business or direct your URL will write and search you.

This traffic is called direct traffic on your website. And they will directly access to you. So it is direct traffic which not comes from any channels. They directly open your domain and we called them direct traffic.

Referral Traffic

4th type of traffic is that traffic which comes from other websites links. For example, if any website has given an internal link to your website, if the visitor of that website will come on your website by clicking on that link, this traffic is called referral traffic.

If someone refers to you and or give a link to you.
So these all types are so necessary to understand that we have to categorize that which medium is most strong for traffic which channel is weak for traffic. If we promote our strong channels and also make better of our week channels then our overall strategy will be going on better.

So now we explain these categories in detail

Search Categories

If we explain search in detail then it can convert in more two categories.
What is search and why is it important?

  1. Organic Medium
  2. Paid Medium

Traffic in search comes from organic medium as well as paid medium too.
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Organic Medium

Organic medium traffic means if someone has a search and finds your domain. And without clicking on Adds they click on your domain then this traffic is called organic traffic.

This is free traffic in this type of traffic website owner have to pay any amount to get traffic. It also means when someone has clicked on your domain then it has clicked on your organic listing.

And organic listing is that listing which Google understand by its algorithm and rank you that you are a better one against this query. So when you do SEO then this organic traffic help you to solve your SEO. And we enhance this traffic through SEO.

Paid Medium

We also know that Google allows us to paid traffic. If we can’t rank early in our keyword and can’t get any traffic then Google five us paid traffic opportunity. We have to place add to get traffic meanwhile we are working on SEO.

This traffic will be called paid search traffic. Because it will come from the paid channel so that search is known as PPC campaign or sem marketing. These are services which we get through search. As on organic and paid medium are available so like that on social organic and paid medium also are available.

Social Organic

If we talk about organic in social then it means that anyone have not to click on your adds come through your viral content or post. They can also come through your page, post, groups or other any type of content which you have shared on social media channels.

This traffic comes on your website free of cost. You have not paid to anyone to show your site. In digital language, you have listened to viral content. That thing which sometimes does viral. Some time some video, status or content publicly become viral. Viral means that become trending.

Trending means maximum people watch it and click on it. This is that traffic which can’t buy by giving money. This is that traffic which is gained by quality content. So it is called viral content and social media manager can manage it through social media management. And can take maximum traffic for you.

Social Paid Traffic

As you know in each country of world everyone is attached to social media and everyone has a presence to social media. And which is present to whom you can show ads. In social media adds are placed as adds are placed in Google.

In social media, you select a campaign and paid the amount and against this, they can visible your add to the social audience. If someone will click on that add then this will be count in social media advertisement.

In which you will know that who is coming to clicking through social media by adds but these are not organic traffic these are paid traffic. Paid traffic means you have to give money. And paid traffic rather in the social or indirect medium you have to paid money.

Difference Between Social Paid and Direct Traffic

But in organic, you have not to give money rather you have to provide quality so, that content should be good enough rather give money people themselves like it and share it to others.
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So this is the main difference in organic and paid rather it is on social or on Google. If it will be on Google then it will rank that content. And if it will be on social then social will be sharing that content. so both have different elements but both are called organic traffic.

In Google people can run Adds through Google Adds product, and in social people can run adds through demographic. Demographic means where you live, male or female, what you like most, which pages you like what is your age etc maximum factors are involved in it. so on that basis, you can run ads.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic means people know you or know your site. They come to search directly your URL or search your business name. This traffic is called direct traffic. This is also another important medium but the organic medium is most supper in SEO than any other medium.

Referral Traffic

And referral traffic means which come to other sites. It means your site is linked in anyone’s site and when traffic will came on that site then that traffic will also move to your site through referring that site. It is called referral traffic.

Importance of Content

In all these one thing is most important that is content. If you have not content then you can’t activate any channel. Your content is heavy on anything. Rather you have to get organic traffic through Google or by paid your content is necessary.

Because when people will click they will land on any page. If there was not any Good eventhoug you get traffic by giving add money people will leave your site. You can get users on your site by running adds but you can’t stop these users on your site. So to stop on your site you have to create quality content.

So like that on social media, you will move users to your website by paying adds. But when they will land on your site and they will not find any quality content then they will go and leave your website.

So like this, if anyone will come by visiting your site and you have to required content. If you have not any content then people will not retain on your site. And if someone links your referral then you also required content. So content is king.


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