Organic Search VS SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

search engine marketing vs organic search

Dear friends, the most important thing for Google is its algorithm, and he will never compromise on it.

People think about Google, that they can convince to Google by money or reference to rank their website.
But it is not possible.

Nor Google will allow to doing it, nor Google can survive by doing it. so you can’t buy top rankings in Google.

It is impossible for Google to compromise. Let me tell you the reasons.

For example: if Google can be convinced, that he should take a specific link on top, it is very easy for Google, that he may rank anyone by getting money.

But what would be the loss for this, and the harm will be this, the user which he was searching, will not find that, for which he was gone, because he will find that which will come on top by two numbers or reference.

Ultimately a bad experience will be started by this, and it will be thinking, Now Google did not remain a search engine like previous that.

How Google Understand

So the real success of Google is that when someone searches some things then real information can be provided to him.

How it can be provided? because Google tries that it only understand user’s demand and understanding this, told him, this is the information which you search and this is the real information which you want.

But if someone can get ranking by any other methods, will not rank by quality, then it is a problem for Google and also a problem for the user.

Because ultimately he will leave it. But some people do commitment and promise that we can give you a ranking on Google.

Google can do this by taking money, or we have a relation with Google. It dose not possible.

Methods for Ranking in Google

There are two ways to rank in Google.

Organic Search

One is the Organic ranking.
Organic ranking means, which free of cost, Google works as a search engine that he rank your website or information free of cost.

That can be ranked by SEO ( search engine optimization.

In this pic, you will find two different results,
In number 1 are those ranking which come through SEO and secondly are those ranking which come by SEM search engine marketing, means paying methods.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

So Google can provide you with this opportunity if you are newbie are newly launched or your brand is new, you will be not able to rank to early.

But your information is valid and your information is that information which user is searching.

So you can do it, that temporarily or forever or whatever budget you have selected for your marketing or advertising.

Google Ads
sem results adds

You can rank on top to pay them, but Google will differentiate it like this, that he will tell you a difference which is a little different, like in fig. the first 2 results are mentioned with symbol “Ad”.

This is the result which is coming from Google paid medium, to whom called Google Ads also.

So Google Ads is another product of Google on which business can run their ads, so that if someone searches their information and he is not coming top by SEO, so they can come top by Ads.

This is the only place where you can give payments to Google.
And Google tells you by default, that you will run the Add.

But SEO result is free of cost, so to take this result neither can you give money, neither can you come by any other methods.

So white hat SEO, black hat SEO and grey hat SEO, as many techniques we have discussed early, they ranking on lower results(SEO results) not effected on top results (Ads result).

So in organic ranking, you have to come top only on by One method, which is long term and give you long-lasting results, that is only on white hat SEO ( search engine optimization ) techniques.

Types of Google Results

If you will adopt it as black hat SEO or you think you will come on top by paying money, so that is not possible.

So it is important to understand, that two types of results are shown in Google.

One those which are organic, that can do only on SEO, and secondly, are those which are paid to whom called search engine marketing or SEM.

Ultimately Google mention them in Add shape, but other results are the same, but Google writes only ‘Ads’ word, which becomes clear to you.

Google Campaigns

That these are those results which are paid campaigns, or PPC Campaigns or Google Ads campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in which you may rank to paying money.

Some people adopt a Good strategy like that they can run a combined campaign of SEO + SEM.

In SEO they tri to rank their websites in Google free of cost, so that if anyone searches thier information that gradually starts come on top.

But now they had started a business they should result now. Now customers are not coming, then they want this, why not we run paid advertisement, until our organic ranking does not come up with white hat SEO techniques, until then we run the paid campaign, we may get results.

Pay Per Click PPC Campaign

Because these paid campaigns are much cheaper and right then your payment deduct when someone clicks on your link.

So PPC ( Pay Per Click ) means you paid when someone clicks. so that is why it has been named Pay Per Click.

PPC campaign, then you pay it when someone clicks on your Ads. And only then will he click on the Ad when he is searching for information, so your result may appear on him.

For instance: if you are searching a restaurant, and have to found an Ad for a restaurant, and you will click on that “ad” because you are searching this information because you have to eat a meal or take rest so you click on this add.

So you will go to that restaurant and ordered food, rather you order or not, but when you click on the link business will give the payment to Google. why? Because due to Google he got traffic.

So if he was ranking in organic traffic then he will not do the payment to Google. Google also shows it free of cost, why? because Google knows, which people are searching restaurant, for those, this is the best website, which should come on top organically.

So by this Google create a big difference between SEO and SEM, that organic medium is different and paid medium is different.

In organic, you can’t come on top by giving any payment to Google, or by giving any reference or doing any black hat SEO or grey hat SEO.


But in Search engine marketing, ore SEM you can come on top by giving payment to Google, but the day you stoped to giving payment to Google, Google will stop showing your ads.

So they are not long-lasting rankings, they are only on temporarily rankings.

But organic rankings or long-lasting rankings, if once you have ranked and you are not doing two numbers work or black hat SEO, to ranking your website on top.

Then it is possible Google may rank your website on top for a long period.

And if you will do it better then anyone can not de-ranked it.


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