Keyword Research For YouTube Video

keyword research for youtube videos

As we have started through keyword research on Google, as we know people search on google, and then Google take date from its data base against that query, and show to people.

Other search engines also work like same, and video search engines also work same pattern.
If we talk about YouTube which is largest video search engine, if you will write some thing, then Google or you tube will show you result.

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Keyword Research on YouTube

So, that’s why , it is necessary to understand us, that what people will write?
So keyword research is valid here. Keyword research is different on you tube and different on Google. There is nothing available any you tube keyword toll. So we have to rely on different techniques, by which we have to decide, what people will be searching.

Because till, Google has not launch any toll, which can told you, actually which video people are searching.

We can find keyword on Google. If we want to find what video people are searching on Google then it is very easy. But a huge chunk of audience first go on you tube and then search video. Not that he came first on Google search a video and then move on you tube.

So there are different habits, and different techniques which people have used. So there is not available any toll.

keyword Search Techniques on YouTube

So here I can told you 2 tips, which will be very helpful for you.

By which you will be know, how you have to do your video SEO friendly on you tube perspective, and how you can rank.

You tube Suggestions.

First thing is YouTube suggestion, when you start writing some thing on you tube, as you start writing on Google. So Google start auto suggestion to you possible you have to write these.

It try to complete query, because it thinks, may be you want to write these words.
And Google does it for that, you have to not write complete query, it suggest you some keyword and you only click some of these and will match your query.

So like that in YouTube, as you start writing, in drop down will start to show you suggestion.
Possible, if you are searching some song, tutorial, or movie etc, it will try to auto complete your query.

These auto suggestion are goldmine for our marketers, as you tube perspective.
In auto suggestion, actually Google told this that other people were searching this.

How Suggestion Generate.

Basically how these suggestion are generate. These suggestions are generate for that top queries which people are searching. So if you have not finding any proper tool then you can find proper keyword by these terms, that actually what people are searching.And you have to get idea, how many people are searching, on which keyword.

Use underscore before query

There is another technique, if you put underscore (_) before query, then you tube will suggest you, what people are writing before your query.

underscore technique

Happens like that, if i am writing “how to cookies” then Google have not any idea what I have search next, so it is showing me suggestion in drop down. So I have to select one of them.
So it is not showing me anything, that what people were writing before “how to” what are writing after “how to ” or my query, that result is coming.

This is a small technique, if you write underscore before your query, then you tube will told you, that what are people searching before this query. So it will complete backside, that what people are writing back of that query.

This is an interesting tool is available on you tube, under which at least you can find top 10 or top 20 keywords for your video.

Which you have to know what actually people are searching, and if you write these keyword in your “title” and other optimization methods, then chances of ranking your videos will be increase.

Tube Buddy Extension

And rather that a tool is available. Which name is tube buddy. This is a basically a Google chrome extension. when you will go on you tube, then it started to show you some extra tab. And on these tags it shows up each video information.

tube buddy extension

It is, when you uploading a video, then you tube ask you some topics, that for which topic is this video. so the SEO experts or video marketers they know that which keywords are important to rank their video when some one search, so they put these keywords as “tag”.

When you are doing video SEO then you watch, that against your keyword which top 10 videos are ranking.

You can collect tags of that top 10 videos by this tool. Copy and save these tools and watch which are more important, and shortlisted your important keyword, and you can put these keywords in your video also.

How To Search a Keyword

And tube buddy also show you ranked keywords in green numbers, which shows you that a specific keyword is ranking on this numbers.

For example, if you have create a video on cookies, and you want when some one write “how to create cookies” then your video come on top

So to make ranked it first you search, which videos are ranking on this keyword, and which keywords they have used, by which they are ranking. Then through tube buddy you will copy all these tags and save to yourself.

You catch top keywords which your competitors are using, and you also use these keywords in your tags.

If you are using your video, or your client is using own video, in both scenario you can use tube buddy tool.

There are also some other tools available. But there are not many opportunities in this.

But by these facilities you can make your performance very good.
And by doing video SEO better your over all SEO will be better.


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