An Introduction To SEO Basic-SEO For Beginners

Search engine optimization is a technique in which you can increase your website or blog organic search. Introduction to SEO is a basic guide for SEO beginners.

SEO falls under the digital marketing category, which is most trending in the online marketing field. It is divided into mainly 3 parts.

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

Complete SEO For Beginners Guide

Anywhere around the world, people drive on the internet to search for anything.

Among them, 93% of people attraction starts with a search engine.

You can guess this that how much importance a search engine has in a digital world.

According to Google, every month on Google, more than 100 billion searches occur.  And these searches are increasing day by day.

Introduction to SEO, basic stats of different search engines search

And with this, you have noted that every business in the world is going online.

Its main reason is, to get users are not only much easier, rather cheaper and global.

Imagine if a business requires an audience in a city.  Then it should be opened 8 to 10 branches in that city.  Then it will cover a specific audience.

But the same brand if launching a website on the digital world,  not only it will reach its products global,  rather to its customers.  So, that is why thousands of new websites are launching on a daily basis.

In which old to new business and small to large scale businesses are going towards the online world. So all are busy to make their places in the race of digital presence.

It is understood for you. That in the future, any business will not survive without the presence in the digital world.

Now this question arises

“Google and other search engines which result shown against which search.”

How will they determine that which result shown on 1st Number and which result shown on 2nd Number?  And which result will not be shown on the 1st page.

Behind all of these process,  one of his algorithms is working.

And as SEO, it is necessary for us to understand it. In such a way searches are growing on one side, and on other side business are also growing. So in this situation how it will be determined, that.  Which business can be attached to which users.

In a specific situation, a new position has been created which is called SEO Experts.

Basically, these are those experts people,  who know very well that what google does.  And how Google understand in these businesses or websites, and how to arrive his message to customers.

That is why we launch the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  course that you can become an SEO Expert.  and can help those businesses and websites to rank among those searches that people search to reach a business or website. And ultimately you can help them to grow their leads and sales.

In this SEO course, we will discuss that
  • what is a search engine?
  • How Did Search Engine work?
  • How Search Engine understand business Related?
  • What are Algorithms of a search engine?
  • How websites Designs?
  • How User Search?

In This Course, You will get answers to all the questions.  And not only it will be told you that.

How SEO works?

Rather it will be explained that.

How will you use SEO for your own and client business, and how to rank a website to get targeted audiences.?

In this SEO, course not only is discussed business. Rather we told you the best methods of providing services in freelancing websites. That how you can offer your services on most popular sites or you can do a job with multination companies to earn a handsome living.

Now the question is that:

what is SEO (search engine optimization)?

Basically, this is SEO (search engine optimization) course.  Actually, search engine optimization is a process. Under which we work on some factors.  That Google accepts or other search engines recommended us, to do that.

According to that we ultimately can rank our business.

In this SEO course. A little technical part is also used.  Because when we talk about the algorithm. Then basically algorithm is a technical field so that we can understand and apply it.

“But it is not so much difficult. But to understand it clearly you have to read all the post carefully and understand it one by one.”

And research it by yourself more and more. If you think that some part is difficult for you then you can comment to us.

Each question’s answer will be posted immediately.  And we will help you to understand this Search Engine Optimization  Course.

Hope you will learn it and become an expert in the SEO field. Because today SEO experts are most in demanded and in future it will be more demand so “best of luck”.

So the Course Content Of SEO is given below.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Google SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Getting Started with SEO

Introduction to Google and SEO

Why Google?

SEO in Broader Digital Marketing Sphere

Key Word Research

Basic Creating Content for a Website

Getting Started with On-Page Optimization With SEO

On-Page Optimization

Page-Level Factors

Image SEO

Site-Level Factors

Advanced Content Optimization

Domain Factors

Advanced Factors

Off-Page Optimization or Link Building

Web Site Audit and Analysis


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