What are Keywords – Introduction to Keywords

introduction to keywords

A keyword is the first step which makes the base of SEO. If these steps become wrong after that your all SEO can be wrong.In this topic, we will understand the introduction of keywords and how we search the best keyword.

When you write something on Google for searching, and which words you write on the search bar, these words are called search keywords. Keywords are not a different term this term is used only for SEO. In simple words, keywords are those word which can search to write in Google.

Introduction to Keyword

Originally created as keywords by going Google’s database some come up with the search. So these words are named “key” which means this word is the key that opens the lock by going in your database and comes with that information. Instead of being it complicated we can also be called them “words”. But generally “keywords” used in Search engine optimization.

what are keywords introduction to keywords

People also knew this keyword with another name which is search queries. “Queries” mean questions, that questions which you put on Google and search these are called search queries or in a simple form you can call it jus queries.

So keywords, search queries and words these all are the same names as different things. And you can recognize them anyway. But in our topic “introduction to keywords” and in SEO we will call them keywords. So that you become easy to understand.

How Google retains these Keywords

Google runs a different version in each country. For example, in the USA Google version is “Google.com.us”. When you do search from any country then Google redirects you to that country TLD domain. And when you do search queries on that country domain, that search queries database is maintained to Google.

This database Google can supply to people that you should research it and by doing research improve your research. This is that data that help to do SEO better and to help SEO professionals that what they will insert on their website and how to insert it. And how they can come on top of Google.

Importance of Keywords

In the introduction of keywords, you should also understand what is the importance of keywords. These are most important in the basic structure of SEO. If this basic step becomes wrong then your all SEO will become wrong.

Its importance is this when you search something you search it according to some want or need. These “need” and “want” are called intent. When the customer searches something he comes with a need or wants and he wish that thing he gets. And we have to identify that want and need.

If we found out that intent then by link this intent with our business we can properly optimize our content. That’s why SEO is so successful because by this we can get more benefits because getting what people want. It is an ideal scenario possible which they are searching if they get it they can sale it.

Keywords with Example

We understand it with an example. For example, if you require a mobile phone, then what will you search on Google? You will go on Google and write “mobile phones” so this word “mobile phone” saved as a keyword in Google database. And Google knows that in the USA Mr.John or you once search mobile phone.

We know that Google is accessing from everywhere. And many people are searching for many things on it. So this Google’s database keeps counted which word has search how many times from which country. so it is called keyword which can research alter.

One word was “mobile phones” and with that, you write and another word “mobile phone in Washington” or “cheap mobile phone” or “lates mobile phones with cheap prices” or “best mobile phones under $100” these are those words or queries which you will search in Google. And you want to get your result. So these all words are called keywords for SEO professionals


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