High DA Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List 2021

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Online visibility is very crucial and important to get high ranks and sales in the modern era. Instant approval directory sites are also known as instant approval directory submission sites where sites get approved instantly when you submit your site details accordingly. Myseoland published a detailed blog for you.

Most of the advertisers are not well aware of directory submission sites that are free of cost and generate free backlinks. These are high DA sites as well and you can get valued backlinks from these sites. Most of the instant approval directory sites give do-follow links to your website as well.

What is Directory Submission

Directory submission is also a very important part of off-page SEO. Directory submission sites are those which provide you phone directory of your local area of different businesses.

You can also find different websites of different categories. Huge but relevant traffic is always available on these websites.

You can also show your presence online by filling the form on it. You have to write your name, address, phone numbers, and other given information and you will be live on the internet.

Directory submission sites are very attractive for digital marketers, These sites provide you quality signal and increase MOZ DA and PA. Which helps to improve Search Engine Optimization.

For better result you have to use it a very professional ways. 

What is Instant Approval Directory in SEO

Directory submission sites also check your verification criteria. Sometimes these websites reject your submission. So that is a time-wasting process.

Instant approval directory submission sites provide you instant approval of your submission. That’s mean your site will be live instantly (quickly). It is very helpful for new site owners to increase their domain ratings. So instant approval sites are using to improve SEO quickly.

Backlinks and Domain Authority (DA)

Backlinks and DA are the backbones of any website. Link building is a very crucial activity of SEO and to increase the authority of your site ultimately. A blogger or advertiser who wants to get high authority on the search engine should use these sites.

High-quality backlinks are generated from high PR directories, so your aim must be to reach such directories. Many of the Instant approval directory submission sites are free which is very helpful for off-page SEO techniques.

These directory sites also provide feature links with a low cost of approx $1 and lower. These instant approval directory sites have various categories like art & humanities, entertainment, science and technology, education, health, shopping, business, news, media, sports, internet, and many more.

You can submit your sites accordingly. So, you can start instant link building from these high-quality instant approval directory authority sites. If you grapple to get a free directory submission site, you can increase the fortune of diverting traffic to your website without paying even a single penny.

Other Submission Sites List For Quality Backlinks

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Important Points to Consider while Submitting Your Website to an Instant Approval Directory Websites

Here are few guidelines you should follow when you are going to submit your website to these directories:

  • Manual submission to the sites is considered the best way to submit your entry. You may take the help of a service provider that is skilled in SEO and directory submissions. 
  • Do your submission to a number of directories of your area taking into the notice of region, industry, niche, etc.
  • Avoid the use of automated submission tools that automatically make thousands of submissions within no time.
  • Make sure that your desired directory is not just indexed, but also cached by popular search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Business name, exact domain name, long-tail keywords, target keywords, related keywords, and focused keywords can help your online presence effectively. 
  • Depending entirely on free directory submission sites is a bad idea. You should use various link building techniques like infographics, guest blogging, and/or social bookmarking along with submission to these directories.

100+ Free Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites List

Ser Instant approval directory submission sites Domain Authority
1 www.alivelinks.org 38
2 www.asklink.org 40
3 www.businessfreedirectory.biz 36
4 www.411freedirectory.com 46
5 www.a2place.com 38
6 www.abstractdirectory.net 45
7 www.acedirectory.org 44
8 www.activdirectory.net 41
9 www.adbritedirectory.com 40
10 www.addgoodsites.com 40
11 www.addirectory.org 40
12 www.ad-links.org 35
13 www.advancedseodirectory.com 37
14 www.afunnydir.com 42
15 www.alive-directory.com 47
16 www.alivelink.org 36
17 www.angelsdirectory.com 38
18 www.apeopledirectory.com 37
19 www.aquarius-dir.com 41
20 www.ask-dir.org 34
21 www.ask-directory.com 39
22 www.aweblist.org 39
23 www.backpagedir.com 41
24 www.bedirectory.com 40
25 www.beegdirectory.com 39
26 www.bestbuydir.com 41
27 www.bestdirectory4you.com 39
28 www.bing-directory.com 40
29 www.busybits.com 43
30 www.businessfreedirectory.com 33
31 www.classdirectory.org 40
32 www.clicksordirectory.com 38
33 www.craigslistdir.org 44
34 www.craigslistdirectory.net 40
35 www.directdirectory.org 40
36 www.directory10.biz 36
37 www.directory10.org 37
38 www.directory3.org 42
39 www.directory4.org 35
40 www.directory5.org 37
41 www.directory6.org 36
42 www.directory8.org 40
43 www.directory9.biz 38
44 www.directoryanalytic.com 40
45 www.directorydirect.net 36
46 www.domainnamesseo.com 41
47 www.ebay-dir.com 40
48 www.ecodir.net 43
49 www.efdir.com 36
50 www.exampledir.com 43
51 www.facebook-list.com 41
52 www.familydir.com 41
53 www.freeseolink.org 34
54 www.free-weblink.com 39
55 www.freeweblink.org 35
56 www.globaldir.org 38
57 www.harddirectory.net 36
58 www.homedirectory.biz 36
59 www.hotdirectory.net 39
60 www.hotlinks.biz 36
61 www.huludirectory.com 39
62 www.ifidir.com 35
63 www.interesting-dir.com 44
64 www.jet-links.com 37
65 www.justdirectory.org 44
66 www.justlink.org 41
67 www.lemon-directory.com 42
68 www.link-boy.org 36
69 www.linkedin-directory.com 42
70 www.link-man.org 37
71 www.mediafiredirectlink.com 39
72 www.nicedir.net 37
73 www.one-sublime-directory.com 40
74 www.piratedirectory.org 37
75 www.poordirectory.com 41
76 www.populardirectory.biz 37
77 www.populardirectory.org 37
78 www.prolink-directory.com 36
79 www.reddit-directory.com 39
80 www.relateddirectory.org 35
81 www.relevantdirectories.com 41
82 www.relevantdirectory.biz 41
83 www.royaldirectory.biz 38
84 www.searchdomainhere.com 41
85 www.seooptimizationdirectory.com 41
86 www.smartdir.org 35
87 www.smartseolink.org 36
88 www.steeldirectory.net 36
89 www.sublimedir.net 42
90 www.sublimelink.org 38
91 www.target-directory.com 40
92 www.targetlink.biz 38
93 www.toptendir.net 36
94 www.trafficdirectory.org 39
95 www.unique-listing.com 42
96 www.upsdirectory.com 40
97 www.freewebsitedirectories.com 38
98 www.freedirectory.bl.ee 60
99 www.247webdirectory.com 40
100 www.botid.org 54
101 www.thedirectorylistings.org 37
102 web-directory-sites.org 38
Instant approval Directory Submission Sites List

Things to Consider Before Fast Approval Submission Sites

You have to know some important points before submitting your websites on these instant approval directory submission sites. If you do these techniques in a good way then you will get a very good result.

No Compromise Quality and Quantity

there is no compromise on quality and quantity for creating backlinks. Quality is the most important point. You have to post all your important details along with your link. Please avoid unnecessary words for submitting your sites on these instant approval sites.

Faster Response Website

You have to design your website faster response and responsive design. Search engines like these types of websites. Different people access these directory submission sites on different devices. So responsive and fast website will open in all types of websites and create and good impact.


Submitting your website to an instant approval directory submission sites list 2021 is indeed the wisest way to generate higher leads and increase conversions along with getting a high rank.

Instant approval directory sites are practically doing fine. If you like this article, you can share your views and the comments by readers will be appreciated.


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