Infographic Submission Sites List in 2021

55+ best infographic submission sites list in 2021

Infographic submission sites are very helpful to promote your information in graphic form. Infographics are used for different purposes. People mostly like infographics. These are very attractive and informative.

Digital marketers used these websites to create quality backlinks of their websites. Myseoland also provides you detailed information about the infographic websites list.

What is Infographic

Before knowing the infographic submission sites list first of all you have to understand infographics. What is an infographic?. Infographic is the combination of two words “info” and “graphics”. It is visual information that is described in graphics form and can be completely understood in a single glance.

Nowadays people use infographics to communicate with a message, to short a large amount of data in picture form.

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Infographic is also a type of picture form, but all information is mentioned in a single infographic form. An infographic uses a minimum amount of text to explain a complete topic. Nowadays in every field of life infographics are used.

Infographics are also used as submission sites for creating backlinks and improved SEO. These types of images are used in digital marketing, SEO, social media management, health, and more.

What is InfoGraphic Submission?

We have clearly described what infographics. Now we will discuss infographics submission. Infographic submission is a process of submission of infographics on different websites online. These websites are called infographic submission sites lists

The purpose of submitting these infographics pictures is to generate traffic to your website. And these sites help to improve your search engine optimization.

You have to create attractive infographics and post them on these sites. There are also sponsored and free infographic submission sites also. For getting better results your infographic should be attractive.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating Info-graphics?

All search engines understand the only text they can’t understand what is in the picture. Then why we have to create infographics.

Because when an infographic goes viral then you will get massive backlinks. And it will help to boost your blog. But it takes a lot of time, so it is a time-taking process.

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When you finalize your infographics then share them with the following infographic submission websites. Without sharing it has no value. So share these as much as you can. Myseoland is providing you with the best free infographics submission sites list.

Using of Free Infographics Submission Websites for SEO

Infographic submissions are very important for website SEO. These submission sites provide you with quality backlinks. And helps to improve your website Moz DA and PA.

Let’s discuss it with an example.

When a person finds your blog on your website and wants to read it. He finds a very large amount of text that will be sometimes annoying for him.

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It is a chance he did not completely read it or not share it. He may leave the blog and move to another website blog post. This is a bad UX user experience and harmful to search engine optimization.

But when you add an infographic on your website blog. Then he will find the complete information in picture form, it is likely he will read it completely and interestingly he will also share it.

But only infographics will not impact your websites. You have to create complete content on your blog.

Without backlinks, your SEO will not improve and your blog will not rank. So will create quality backlinks also.

Infographic submission sites list also provides you quality backlinks to improve your website rankings in SERPs.

Best Way to Submit Infographic For Backlinks

  • Create an eye-catching infographic that contains all information
  • Search and find high domain authority infographics submission sites.
  • Fill up Optimized title and description
  • Create and strong relationships with them
  • Posting pictures on these best infographic submission sites will also provide you other referral traffic from image submission websites. This process will increase your Moz DA PA and also Alexa rank.
Best Free Add Posting Sites Without Registration

Here is the list of sponsored and free infographic submission websites created by myseoland for you.

These websites are continuously updated.

Top 10 Best Infographic Submission Sites for 2021

1- Reddit

DA: 91
Alexa Rank: 14

If you have created an awesome infographic then you must have to share it on Reddit. This is a very popular website in Europe and the USA also. Average monthly users are more than 2Billions.

Reddit No 1 from 10 best infographic submission sites list

Each Reddit has its own subreddit. And each subreddit has its own rules to submit any content. The infographic submission subreddit has more than 165K visitors. You will also get no-follow backlinks and a huge amount of traffic also.

2- Mashable Info-graphics

DA: 93
Alexa Rank: 1,471

Mashable is a very famous blog nowadays. It is a technology-related blog. Every blogger and website owner can visit it and submit their website for traffic. infographic submission site

The most popular topics are social media, current affairs, digital marketing, and entertainment. You can submit your infographics related to all the above categories


DA: 80
Alexa Rank: 23,294

visually infographic submission site

This is one of my favorite infographic submission websites. It has 600k plus visitors each month. provides you the facility to create, update, post, and also sell your infographics. It has its own analytics tool which gives you complete information regarding your visitors.

4- Daily Infographic

DA: 79
Alexa Rank: 110,927 best infographic submission site

The daily infographic has a special feature. It allows only one infographic each day. So for submitting your infographics on this you have to contact them. It has 150k+ per month visitors.

5- Slideshare

DA: 95
Alexa Rank: 183 best infographic submission website

Slide share is owned by Linkedin. It is a very popular website to submit different types of content. you can submit your infographic on this website after signing up for your account. It has 139M visitors per month.

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6- Infographic Journal

DA: 54
Alexa Rank: 304,558

infographic journal

The Infographic Journal is one of the most important websites from the infographic submission sites list. It is created especially for picture and infographic submission. It provides you 3 options, basic, express, and features.

  1. Basic submission is a free option to submit your infographics. It may take some weeks to approve and live your picture.
  2. Express submission charges you 25$ for each submission and lives in a single day.
  3. And by feature submission, your infographic will go live on their homepage for a whole week at the cost of 75$ each.

7- Pinterest

DA: 94
Alexa Rank: 78

Pinterest submission site

Pinterest is also the most famous social media website. It has more than 1Bilion monthly visitors. You can create your account on it and submit free of cost your infographics and pictures. It is very popular in image sharing.

8- Cool Infographics

DA: 59
Alexa Rank: 335,185

cool infographic submission website

Cool infographics is also another very famous submission site. It has free and paid features also. It has great visitors per month. Cool infographics do not provide you to submit your images directly. You will have to contact them through their contact us page.

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9- Infographics Archive

DA: 54
Alexa Rank: 88,009

infographic archive site

Infographics archive is a completely paid submission site. This website can’t provide you with a free submission facility. This submission site charges you 19.99$ for each submission.

These are the top 10 best infographic submission sites list.

And now myseoland is sharing with you a list of 10 sponsored infographic submission websites.

Top 10 Paid Infographic Submission Sites List

Paid-1 Visualistan

Ahrefs Rank: 72
Moz Domain Authority: 57

visualistan top 10 apid infographic submission sites in 2021

Visulistan is a paid submission site. It provides both no-follow and do-follow backlinks. It has 3 price variations.

  • For $20, publish your infographic within 3-5 days with a no-follow backlink.
  • At $40 price, publish within 1-2 days with no follow link.
  • And for $99 to publish within 24 hours with a follow backlink.

Paid-2 infographic journal

DA: 54
Alexa Rank: 304,558

infographic journal

Infographic Journal is also another main sponsored submission site. It published your submission within 3 options. Basic is free and approved within 2-3 weeks. Express charges you $25 and is approved within a single day. And feature options charged $75 and show your submission on the home page for a week.

USA Classified Submission Sites List for 2021

Paid-3 Infographics Showcase

Ahrefs Rank: 56
Moz Domain Authority: 50.

infographic showcase

It is also a paid submission site. For registration and submission, your infographic fills out the submission form.


Ahrefs Rank: 56
Moz Domain Authority: 55 infographic site

It is also a paid submission site. For registration and submission, your infographic fills out the submission form.

Paid-5 Submit Infographics

Ahrefs Rank: 51
Moz Domain Authority: 46

submit infographic site

It is also a paid submission site. For registration and submission, your infographic fills out the submission form.

Paid-6 Infographic List

Ahrefs Rank: 49
Moz Domain Authority: 49

infographic list submission site

It is also a paid submission site. For registration and submission, your infographic fills out the submission form.

Paid-7 Infographic Bee

Ahrefs Rank: 33
Moz Domain Authority: 26

infographic bee submission site

It is also a paid submission site. For registration and submission, your infographic fills out the submission form.

Instant Approval High DA Directory Submission Sites List in 2021

Paid-8 Infographic Database

Ahrefs Rank: 32
Moz Domain Authority: 25

infographic database site

It is also a paid submission site. For registration and submission, your infographic fills out the submission form.

Paid-9 Pure Infographics

Ahrefs Rank: 31
Moz Domain Authority: 23

Pure infographic submission site

It is also a paid submission site. For registration and submission, your infographic fills out the submission form.

35+ Best Free Infographic Submission Sites List For 2021


Domain Authority: 54 is no 1 submission site in our free infographic submission sites list. The purpose of this website is to provide you with the latest information in picture or graphic form. Popular niches on this site are traveling, digital marketing, technology, sports, and entertainment. infographic site

It is also a free and paid submission facility. The latest submission of each category is listed on top. To date, it has published 7000 infographics and 350 submissions per month.

How to Submit. Before submission, you have to fill-up the form with an effective title and description. It has a free submission option, but it can take several weeks. If you choose $25/submission then it publishes your infographic submission in 1-2 days.

For more information fill up the submission form.

Price: $25

#2 Infographics Archive

Domain Authority: 54

A group of programmers, publishers, and designers have created this website. The infographics archive purpose was to especially submit different types of infographics in a single place.

infographic archive site

How to submit: It has no free submission facility. It charges $20 for a single submission. The standard listing will live within 5 working days. For social promotion or listing on the homepage, you will pay extra charges.

Price: #20

UK Classified Submission sites List in 2021

#3 Infographics Showcase

Domain Authority: 50

Infographics showcase your submission with an amazing and attractive infographic design.

infographic showcase

Like other best infographic submission sites, it also charges $25 for a single submission. Your submission will live within 7 working days.

Check out their form submission form for more details.

Price: #25

#4 Infographic Bee

Domain Authority: 25

Infographic Bee is also one of the best image and picture submission sites. It shares your submission to all of the visitors.

infographic bee submission site

How to Submit:
It provides you with a free facility to publish your online. But free will take many weeks to go live. Just $9.95 your infographic will be online within 2 days. Click here to submit your infographic.

Price $9.95

#5 Cool Infographics

Domain Authority: 60

Randy Krum owns a cool infographics website. It is one of the best examples of infographics that you have found in magazines, newspapers, and on the web.

cool infographic submission website

It has 70000 visits per month and more than 300,000 impressions each month.

How to Submit: It is a completely free submission from our best infographic submission sites list. You have to fill a contact form and send it on the contact us page. After approving your site will go live. Tons of requests are sent to the cool infographics team, So your title and description should be unique.

Price: Free

#6 Infographics Journal

Domain Authority: 54

Infographics journal is a famous submission website. It is specially designed and created for infographic submission.

infographic journal

How to Submit
First of all, you have to fill a form clearly and write an optimized title and description in it.
It has 3 different choices for submission.

  1. Basic Submission
  2. Express Submission
  3. Featured Infographic

Basic Submission: It is free submission, but when you submit your infographic it will be reviewed by them. And after approval, it will go live within 2-3 weeks. It gives you a no-follow backlink.

Express Submission: It is not free. This type of choice charged you $25 for each submission. It will be approved within 24 hours and go live. It also gives you a no-follow backlink.

Featured infographic: This is the best premium submission option. Its price is $75. It will go live instantly and your submission will display on the home page for 7 days. And This type provides you a do-follow backlink. It will boost your website.

Submit your infographic by clicking here.

Price: Basic Free. Express $25, Featured $75


Domain Authority: 80

Visual ly is the best platform for infographic submission. It is one of the best submission sites on our list. It is totally free. Like other free submission sites that provide you

visually infographic

It is developed by a combination of journalists, programmers, designers, and animators.

How to Submit:
It is completely free and it does not have any premium features. It is very attractive for business people and digital marketers. This website is very helpful in your search engine optimization ranking. It also gives you a quality backlink.

Price: Free

#8 Infographic Reviews

Domain Authority: 23

Infographic reviews are the best submission site. When you submit your picture or photo on this site first it will be reviewed and then published.

infographic review

This infographic divided your submission into rating 0 to 5. 5 rating submission going viral soon.

How to submit: Submit your infographic submission here and then reviewed it. You will receive an email after approval.

Price: Free

#9 Submit Infographics

Domain Authority: 45

Submit infographics is one of the best and very old sites. It is created for professionals. Different professionals, engineers, and companies like to submit their work of art on this site.

submit infographic site

How to Submit: Like other infographics submission sites you have to fill up a form. It is a premium submission website. A regular submission fee is $15 for on submission.

But its approval and published time in one month. If you want to publish your submission too early then you can choose its other price options.

Price: Standard Charges $15

#10 Behance

Domain Authority: 92

Behance is a very popular submission website for hard workers. If you think you created an awesome graphic and you have to be proud of it. Then will submit your creation on Behanc. It will go viral soon.


How to Submit: Create an account on it by filling up a complete form. It is free of cost and it has no premium features.

Price: free

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#12 Infographic Post

Domain Authority: 29

The Infographic post is also the best infographic submission site. To publish your submission on this site your infographic should be attractive and full of information.


How to Submit: It also provides you with a free option. But it does not guarantee your infographic submission will be published or not. It has 2 premium features. One is $10 for each and published within 5 days. And 2nd is $20 each and will be published in 2 days.

Fill up this infographic form for submission.

Price: Free (But no guarantee for published), $10 (published within 5 days), and $20 (published within 2 days).

#13 Infographic Plaza

Domain Authority: 30

The Infographic Plaza is one of my favorites from the list of infographic submission sites. You can get an awesome idea of different graphic designs from it.

infographic plaza

How to Submit: It has an express option. Express option charged you $10 for each submission and went live instantly. But the infographic plaza also has a free published option. But it takes one month to get approval. Explore their submission web page.

Price: free, express option $10

#14 Daily Infographic

Domain Authority: 79

The daily infographic is one of the most attractive and interesting submission sites on the web. best infographic submission site

How to Submit. The best method to submit your infographic is through their “contact us” page. When you submit your infographic, once it is reviewed by its team and then published after approval.

They will send you an email after approval. It is one of the most famous infographic submission sites. Your infographic data should be full of interesting information.

Price: Free

#15 Directory of Infographics

Domain Authority: 14

Directory infographics as mentioned by name. It has different types of directories. And you can submit your infographic according to your relevant directory.

infographic directory

How to Submit: You can submit your infographic free of cost but sometimes it will not be published. So for instant approval and publication, you will choose its $10 fee option. Click here to submit your infographic.

Price: Free

#16 Visulattic

Domain Authority: 18

The purpose of visulattic is to create the best visual and information graphic data.


How to Submit: It provides you with a free submission facility by filling this form completely.

Price: Free

#17 Shit Hot Infographics

Domain Authority: 20

David Eaves is the owner of shit hot infographics. David’s purpose was to collect and share the best infographic from the internet.

Shit hot infographic

How to Submit: To submit your infographic, you have to contact David Eaves. If your infographic meets their criteria then it will be published soon. It is a free option. No premium fee is available on it.

Price: Free

#18 Infographic Database

Domain Authority: 24

The Infographic database has a huge collection of updated infographic submissions

infographic database site

How to Submit: Its submission price is $20. You will have to fill up this form before submission. It has no free options.

Price: $20

#19 Galleryr

Domain Authority: 16

Galleryr is a premium submission site. It accepts only quality infographics and is published on its home page. Your infographic should be valuable and most attractive.

galleyr infographic site

How to Submit: Galleryr accepts free submission. But first, you have to fill up this form completely. With a unique 100 words description and attractive title. If you want to publish your submission instantly then you will pay just $10 for each submission.

Check out Galleyr submission page.

Price: Free, $10

Free Australian Classified Submission Websites list in 2021

#20 Radiinfographics

Domain Authority: 16

Radiinfographics has a collection of cool and attractive infographics for visitors.


How to Submit: This site does not give you a free submission option. Its submission price is $9.99. This site accepts your payment through PayPal. Once your payment will receive then you will fill this form and after that, your infographic will go live soon.

Price: $9.99

#21 The Infographics

Domain Authority: 29

The infographics are started by Tom Cumpsty which contain some fantastic and attractive infographics.

the infographic site

How to Submit: The best method to submit your infographic is to contact Tom Cumpsty on his Twitter account. It is free of cost.

Price: Free

#22 All Infographics

Domain Authority: 31

All infographics save your time by reading long and boring articles by showing you attractive infographics charts.

all infographic website

How to Submit: Its submission is completely free and it takes some weeks to approve your submission. For more information visit their submission page.

Price: Free

#23 Best Infographics

Domain Authority: 30

Best infographics have a collection of the best pictures and graphics. It is well developed for professionals. Print media and electronic media both infographics are also listed on this site.

best infographic

How to Submit: This website submission is free. You will send an email to the editor with complete details of your infographics. After review and approval, it will be published soon. For more information visit this page.

Price: Free

#24 Visual Kiwi

Domain Authority: 20

Visual kiwi is one of the best from the infographic submission sites list.

visual kiwi

This website has its own visual community. When your submission is approved then it is featured in its visual community section.

How to Submit: visual kiwi offers you free submission. For more details about submission visit this link.

Price: Free

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#25 Infographic Portal

Domain Authority: 36
Infographics that contain high-quality data and information are listed on Infographic Portal.

infographic portal

How To Submit: There is $10 for each submission. If your infographic has high-quality information and fulfills the quality guideline. Then it will be published within 24 hours. For more information click this link.

Price: $10

#26 I Love Charts

Domain Authority: 49

I love charts owned by Tumblr and it is a famous Tumblr blog. It is specialized in highlighting information in graphic forms.

 i love charts

How to Submit: It is free. You have to visit this submission page and submit your infographic in .png form.

Price: Free

#27 Infographic Website

Domain Authority: 27

Infographic website specially designed for infographic professionals to promote their work on the web.

infographic website

How to Submit: You can submit your infographic Free. For more information about submission click here.

Price: Free

#28 Reddit

Domain Authority: 91

Reddit is the top-rated website on the internet. It has been divided into subreddits. Reddit has the most popular subreddit for infographic is/r/infographics which has more than 160,000 members. Your infographic goes viral easily by submitting here.

Reddit No 1 from 10 best infographic submission sites list

How to Submit:
First, you have to create your account on Reddit. After that, you have to complete 10 comments and 10 post karma. Then you will be able to post your infographic on its subreddits.
It is free of cost.

Price: Free

#29 Flickr

Domain Authority: 92

Flickr is owned by yahoo. It has billions of visitors each month. It has different types of galleries with millions of followers. Your submission to these galleries will go viral soon.


How to Submit: Create your account and then make your own album and submit your infographic. It is free of cost.

Price: Free

#30 SlideShare

Domain Authority: 95

SlideShare is owned by the most famous professional website Linkedin. It is the world’s best content sharing community. You can share your information here and discover more opportunities. best infographic submission website

How to Submit: Create your account on Linkedin and publish your content or infographic on it. Publishing your work on it is free of cost.

Price: Free

#31 Infographics Zone

Domain Authority: 42

Infographics Zone is a leading submission website. You can submit your infographics and get quality traffic.

infographic zone

How to Submit: First create an account and fill up this form with complete information. Write a detailed description of 200-250 words. You have to email on this contact page for infographic submission. This submission website is also free.

Price: Free

#32 News I Like

Domain Authority: 37

News I like was started in 2010 with the intention to publish visual stories. Now it is also used to submit graphics data also.

News I like

How to Submit: Click on this contact page and follow the instructions. All submissions are free.

Price: Free

#33 Ucollect Infographics

Domain Authority: 20

Ucollect infographics also has a good amount of attractive and quality infographics in its database.

un collect

How to Submit: You can submit your information free. Visit their contact us page and fill the form with a detailed description and title tag.

Price: $19

#34 Infographics Posters

Domain Authority: 30

Infographics posters is a very unique submission website. It allows infographics fans to come here and share their work with one another. This is one of my best submission sites from top-rated infographic submission sites.

infographic posters

How to Submit: This submission site charges you $20 for each submission. Visit its contact us page and submit your work.

Price: $20

#35 Infographic List

Domain Authority: 49

The Infographic list is also another most important submission site. It accepts only high quality and best information related content.

infographic list submission site

How to Submit: Infographic list offers you free submission. First, you have to send them a request, they will review it. When approved they send you an email.

Follow their submission page.

Price: Free.

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I collect all top-rated and important infographic submission websites. You can start posting on these websites.

If Myseoland has missed any of your favorite infographic submission sites then you describe me in the comment section.


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