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what is inbound and outbound

We have to understand what is inbound marketing and we have to understand what is outbound marketing. Now we will compare both inbound and outbound marketing and explain their main difference.

Difference Between Inbound Marketing And Outbound Marketing

Outbound is a push marketing and inbound is a pull marketing. So we will understand what basically is its purpose?

difference of outbound and inbound

What Marketer Do?

In inbound marketing marketers educate people. In inbound marketing not to showing people. Rather people have to explain. And told them what are its benefits. And when he will be ready to buy then he will buy the product.

But in outbound marketing, a marketer sells the product to users. If you have a product you should continue to watch people, someone else will buy it.


There is two-way communication in inbound marketing. In inbound, you listen to people and understand their comments and feedback. That what people are understanding and what they have a wish or not. And then you again help them and again win the trust and sell a product.

There is one-way communication in outbound marketing. It has only a one-way message. You only have to place banners or install billboards or play add on tv, radio, and newspaper. You place an add on facebook or twitter this is also one-way communication, it is not two-way communication. People can’t explain to you what problem they are facing.


It is another main difference. In inbound marketing, your content wins. As much better will be your content so much user will be converted to you. sometimes you have not to sell. If you create the quality content of your product or make a good video or write a quality article or blog. People will come automatically to you and become converts. If your content will be good then your product will be sold too much.

But in outbound marketing, it is not focused on content rather it is focused on the budget. As much high will be your budget the more you sell the product. Because it will happen in people’s minds and sometime he will buy.


In the last inbound marketing, a marketer can talk to people after getting permission. If you are a marketer then first you will request your user. If you have to require this e-book then download it. And for download, you sign up them e-mail. Ask them their name and other details.

But outbound marketing only interrupts the customer. They can’t get permission from you. If you are watching TV, they will not ask you to show add on your screen. Just show you the add and go. If you are reading a newspaper then on given space add has shown to you and remaining news you read on the next pages.

If we talk facebook, youtube or other any channel where adds display like Google. You also don’t get permission there. So this is basically a major difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. And the time to come is so much more in inbound.

Because people have become more mature. And they have become more conscious and they don’t like that you disturb their experience. So that is why inbound is winning more. Because they talk to them only after their permission and win only a quality content base. So now in the world digital is going on in inbound marketing. So if you want to become a good marketer so you desperately need inbound marketing.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing With Example

So now we can explain inbound and outbound marketing with example. Because you can understand it better. And you will be understood better where inbound and outbound differentiate.

Outbound Marketing Example

For example, you are an insurance company or your client is an insurance company, to whom you have to market. Now, what will you do? One method is you will go to the people and told them that this is insurance and purchase it. You can also call them or message them or each and everything you can do by the running adds.

You will do it all. But the problem is in it, you don’t know it that user was ready or not, or he has required you something or not. You just call them and start to sell your product. This is outbound marketing or pushes marketing. You are conveying their message to people by force. Rather they are willing or not.

Inbound Marketing Example

Inbound can’t sell their product by force. In inbound marketing basically, if anyone is writing in Google “what is insurance” or”How t buy insurance” or “which insurance to buy” These are all the questions which first people have to understand.

Because insurance is not just like a product that you should go and buy. You talk to people, understand them, and see their budget. Which package you should have to purchase and what are its benefits. So there is a long process involving showing interest in becoming a customer.

This journey can’t cover outbound, it can cover only inbound marketing. And in this journey whatever the questions people may have about insurance purchasing. for example “What is insurance” you can write an article on it and can make a video. Or “how insurance is necessary” on this an article and video can be created and “who required insurance” or “which insurance is better” or have you do insurance to your children or your life.

So when you educate people about all these question then he will be ready to buy insurance. And he will buy from you. Because only you take time and effort to educate them which they don’t know. So it creates a trust which another marketing channel can’t create. So this is the difference between outbound and inbound marketing. That is not sold to the people rather educate to the people. When they are ready by themselves then they can buy it.

Hybrid Model of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

There is running Pakistan and another world a hybrid inbound and outbound model. The hybrid model means it is a mixture of inbound and outbound marketing. It means they also run add and with that they also create content. Means, when someone searches your content, will found by them.

So I will suggest you not rely on a single method but I will not recommend you outbound marketing for a long time. But there is no living without it. Because for some products it is also important as inbound. But you should try to focus on inbound marketing. You can take long term strategy to inbound marketing and outbound marketing as a short term strategy.

And ultimately make them a mixer and make a hybrid marketing strategy. So by showing add you get a sale for those who can purchase your product immediately. And then also create content.

Possible which people are reading it today they will buy it after six months. You create content for them, what they will read in six months. If you will not do then your competitor will do. So this traffic you have won this trust you have a win. So you can make a good strategy by mixing inbound and outbound marketing.


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