How to Use Video to Outrank Your Competitor

how to use video to outrank your competitor

As we know Google allows a different place for videos. If we understand it then how bigger is this opportunity. If I am not ranking in the top 10 results in main SEO, or competition is so high, or a keyword takes months for ranking, You make a good video, you can rank it.

So this is a big opportunity for understanding people, that you are focusing a place for SEO, but you can rank it through video.

For example, if I write a keyword in Google ” how to unlock a mobile”
In the top video, results are showing and other results are below. If I have an online mobile store, and to per-mote my mobile store I will also focus on inbound marketing to per-mote my content to help my users.

Video Content

If there is content video, “top mobile of the month”, “top mobile of the week”.”cheap mobile of the week” if we create this type of content. So what do you think there is? then where will be its problems.

If his mobile will be locked, where he will go? He searches on Google ” how to unlock mobile” so there are many issues which users want to solve.

So in this situation, if your website is not proper ranking. You can launch a video on those topics. You can create a video on that separate topic on a separate place to rank a video.

If you do this possible your main SEO means your website SEO will take time to rank. Then youtube gives you extra space to rank your video to rank a keyword in youtube platform.

If You are Ranking NO 1

If you are ranking no 1 on main SEO. Then What’s the problem if you come on rank in 2nd place.
Your website is ranking on number one and your video also ranking no 1.

So by doing this, you will take 2 positions. If you will not put video today. Then your competitor can rank a video to beat you.

video ranking

Then he will become no 1 and you will become no 2. So in Google search results, he will be ranked in 1st position. And searcher or finder first watch his video, not your website. So this is a golden opportunity for those who have to understand if they want to rank it an extra position is to rank your site.

You can understand it a bonus that you have the opportunity to rank on other space.
So there is up to you what you want to show in the video, you can show site, number or do promotion or branding.

What do you want to show? all options are available in video. So I suggest you if you are trying Google SEO then you should have to try Youtube SEO. Because for this you avail another opportunity for better your SEO. Because at the end our purpose is this we are ranking on No.1. Our ranking will be good.


And especially our ranking should be good on that keyword, by which traffic generates. When traffic came then sales and business will come. Who will hire you or if you have to run your business? So the ultimate purpose of SEO is to grow business.

And all other marketing channels like social media channels purpose is to promote marketing. When your things are not linked that how I will increase traffic and how to grow business, yet you will not understand things. You will be wasting your time. so understand it and include video SEO in your main SEO.

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