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In this topic, you will understand how many search engines are there? or how many types of search engines are ? and how these are used?.

Mostly search engines you watch in your life and many of the search engines you have already used in your daily life. “But there are also some search engines are exist now which you have not used“.

Now in this topic, it will be described in detail, that how many types of categories search engines are? and what role they play in?.

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Three Elements are Most Important.

1 Search (It is already have been discussed that what is search)
2 Engine (we will discuss it in detail)
3 Optimization. (on which we will talk in the whole course )

Now we will discuss how many types of search engines are there and how they are worked?

For instance, if you want to search for any location then you will search it on Google Maps. This is a different type of search engine.

If you want to search video, then you search it on Youtube, it is another different type of search engine.

If you search for different types of information then, it has different types of search engines.

With the passage of time, as the information is increasing, its categories also increasing.

Different search engines of different categories are also increasing and technology growing these things for the benefits and improvement of the human being.

Here is the list of different search engines of different categories are given.

List of Best Web Search Engines and Their Types.

list of search engines

Search Engines Search Engine Type
Google General Search Engine
Bing General Search Engine
Yahoo General Search Engine
ASK General Search Engine
Youtube Video Search Engine
Google Image Image Search Engine
Google eBookstore Book search engine
Audio Burst Audio search Engine
Google Maps Location Search Engine
Google Docs Document Search Engine
Google Jobs Jobs Search Engine
Blog Search Engine Blog Search Engine
Quora Q & A Search Engine
Google Patent Patent Search Engine
Pipl People Search Engine
Yelp Business Search Engine
Baidu Reigional Search Engine
Duck Duck Go Privacy Based Search Engine
Internet Archive Archive BAse Search Engine

It is the list of top best web search engines. It is not mean, that these search engines are on typical Catagory they must have different wings or categories.

For instance, if you search video in Google, then Google will search videos. And as a general search, you can also search for jobs, audio, video and other search also.

“It means different search engines have collaborated with different general search engines

So the point is this, when we talk about search then we should think, what is search and which search engine we should use. Because different search engines have a different parameter.

Each web engine can have different qualities for crawling and indexing content. So it is most necessary to understand these things. So that we can convert our pieces of information to according with.


So when we talk about all web search engines than most important and best search engine is only on Google.

Google is most popular from many times. Google is much better than any other search engines. Google itself merge different product and collect its information like google maps, youtube, google drive and google images, etc.

So no dought there are many reasons for Google to a No 1.

So according to 2018 states. Google has a monthly 100 Billion searches. And 100 Billion searches means there are 100 Billion opportunities to rank your content. So there are massive searches on Google. And that is why it is a large search engine and have a large volume of search.


But it not means, that only Google only search engine. There are many other best search engines are also.

For instance, Bing Which is a search engine of Microsoft the latest shape of MSN search Engine. Microsoft updated MSN technology and convert in new Name as BING.

Bing is Microsoft Search engine and compatibility have 30% search volume in the U.S.

So, Bing, has 30% search share in U.S. Most people have to belive that bing is Microsoft product and it is by default available in Microsoft windows.

So in your internet explorer bing by default open. No dought Bing is 2nd largest search engine in the United State. But Google has 70% search volume in the U.S.


Yahoo is the 3rd largest engine owned by It is launched in 1995. its headquarter is in Sunnyvale California. It is also a general search engine.

It is 3rd largest search engine and has 2.32% of market share. According to July 2018, Yahoo handled 24.2% search queries in the United State.

Google Image

Google Image is a product of Google. it is one of the best and top image search engine.

It is the best product of Google for images save and search. User can search any types of images on Google image search.


So if we talk about search volume then youtube is a bigger search engine then Bing search engine.

Normally people can’t understand it search engine, people think youtube is a video-sharing website. But youtube itself fall in 2nd number in search engine list based on its number of searches.

After Google, Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in term of searches per day.

According to 2018 states On Youtube, more than 75,000 videos are watched per second


Another category of information we have in which people ask questions and search their answers.

So you have to know all the answers to all the questions, which you have and you also don”t know from where you can get these answers.

If you Go on the internet and want to search for answers to your questions.

Then you join Qura, Qura have only questions and their answers of different people. the person who have not knowledge write his question and other community write their answers.

It is not mean, that the question which came in your mind have not already in any other mind, it is possible the same question should be asked many of people on Quora and other sites like this.

Now you can search your question on Google and on Quora. And you will know how many people ask this type of questions and how many people give its answer.


Regional Search Engines are also most important. Google is the world largest search engine but in china, Baidu is the largest search engine.

Chines people do not use Google they use a local search engine like Baidu.

So Baidu is the best and largest search engine in China.

Baidu also runs on all over the world but it is most popular in China.

Internet Archive

It is a website and they are trying to make archives of information all over the world.

Archive means like a library they are maintaining a category. For example, your one website exists on the internet and now it has been deleted and now it has not existed.

If internet archive has to take a snapshot of your website then it provides you all details. When this site takes a snapshot of your site.

If your website has change version then it shows you how it looks before 10 years.

You will go only this website and write your site name and search your site then it will give you a calendar. That when and how many time this search engine index your website.

This web search engine told you all details from 1st time to last time when they take a snapshot.

May be mostly websites which are now changed or deleted, and you want to know how these sites look before 10 years or so. Then you can go and search on the internet archive.

Duck Duck Go

This is another type of search engine. It is basically a privacy focus search engine.

All other search engines track your habits. And for making money they show you relevant add.

But Duckduckgo can’t compromise on privacy. They keep your privacy on 1st, and whatever you do, only you can know about your privacy.

So this was an overview that which types of the web search engine are available and how many search engines are most important?

But we will focus only on Google. Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mostly drive to Google.

So mostly client demands Google SEO. SEO can be done on any search engine, so SEO means “optimizing your content according to any search engine policies“.

It can be done on any type of any search engines.

But mostly client demands Google SEO if you learn complete google SEO then you can do any other search engine Optimizations.

I hope you have to completely understand it.
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