How Does Search Play a Role in Successful Inbound Marketing?

indound marketing in seo

As we have discussed and understood in our earlier topic that what is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Basically here the question is this. What is the relation of inbound marketing to SEO? When we talk it that it is a pull marketing, people pull information, how will they do?

Normally a person will go to people and ask them which insurance is best and which insurance should he buy. They will consult with their friends or some senior person. so these channels were valid when the internet was not available. With the advent of internet search goes to digital. Now people search on Google and ask which insurance is best and which insurance should he buy or “how to buy insurance” or “where to buy insurance” they compare which insurance is better.

Why this possibility becomes. Because of Google and different types of search engines. Because now people pull information. If you are an insurance company or you are doing the marketing of an insurance company. And your customer is demanding information from you which he is not getting from anywhere. So he is asking “what is insurance” what a simple question.

If you think he is just asking what is insurance and he will not buy insurance. He will not buy it now to buy anytime. so if you will not give him an answer to that question then another company will give an answer. And when that company will give an answer and when he will ready to buy then he will buy to that company. So your 100% audience is not ready to buy.

You have to observe which one is ready to buy and which one is not. ‘ But the most important thing is, people will search and when they will search it on Google and then how will they find you on the search engine. Basically when people will search you and you want to rank on Google then you have to do SEO. so the first phase of “attract” calls this that you attract to people.

If you want to attract outbound then you will show them add. But which people are searching for and are ready for this mindset, I have to purchase it or I have required it to show me this product. And for that people’s you do SEO. And in next this SEO becomes the base of outbound marketing. If you have to do inbound marketing then you should understand completely search engine optimization.

So this was the link which I though explain to you. So don’t see SEO as an SEO. If you have to grow when you will learn SEO then you will grow next.
So you have to this knowledge when you will work with any company or firm then what will be the approach of that. Basically he will watch a complete funnel and this funnel is most important for the business.

You will do only SEO but he wants to do each and everything. If you have not the knowledge of how SEO link to that funnel or market then you will not understand SEO. So it was very necessary to understand.


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