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no 1 search engine history

In this topic, we will discuss the History of Google and Bing search engine. Although the history of these search engines is very long . Google history is 2 decades old.

Now I will tell you little about its history and some main and important key points in this topic.

So that you have got some idea that how this google company started and how it became a big company.

So Google idea started, when two friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet one another in a university.

google founders
Google founders

There they became a good friend and then they launch a company.

When these two friends analyze their university website then they realize that where links go from Stanford University Website to other websites it is known, but how many websites are providing links to Stanford University it is unknowable.

so there should be a search engine who can be told how many websites are giving the link to a Stanford University.


So that we can find it and watch it. So they started work by this idea and in 1996 developed a search engine whose name was Backrub!

And later they changed its name from Backrub to Google.

Google basically is derived from Googol which is a mathematical word, which means it presents a number after putting 1 you have to put 100 or zeros which it googol to whole numbers.

So to play that name they find google name.

In 1997 first time Google.com domain registered. Then after one year, they registered it as a company. And then approximately in September 1998, they launch Google as a Search engine.

When the website launched then its owners Larry Page and Sergey Brin tried to sell it.

But not only they went to Yahoo.com they also went to Alta Vista and Excite which were very popular search engines.

Although they were ready to sell it out on $7.50 lac.

But for any reason CEO of Excite cancel the deal. When they failed to sold it so they decided to run it as a company and they open their office in a small storeroom and started working on it.

google officials pic
google early team

This is a splendid pic of google early team.

Now some of them are a member or world No 1 company and some left it for any reason.

As we discussed in our earlier topic which was Google as a search engine. That google has been lunched its different products from time to time.

So in 2005 Google launch Android operating system, Google Maps and Google analytics.

Then in 2006 Youtube has been launched, and in 2008 Google Chrome launched and in 2011 this company launched Google+

So gradually and continuously they launched different products. And at least at the end of 2017 Google company total, one-year revenue was $109 Billion.

Now it has become world No.1 internet company. It is not only an internet company but it is working on different domains on different products.


history of bing search engine
bing search engine revolution

Bing is the 2nd world largest engine. As we know that all search engine index and rank websites on the same ranking factors.

But we mainly focus on Google because Google is a well known and largest search engine. And when clients give us works then they expect to rank on Google.

But if you rank their sites on Bing possible they can’t accept your result. But Bing also has its own importance and also have a market share.

When Bing search engine was launched before that it existed as MSN name and after that, it was changed in windows Live name and finally in 2009, it changed with Bing name.

So they launched Bing as a new product.

In 2012 they merged it with yahoo and owned all yahoo searches. Now, yahoo can’t exist as a search engine.

Now Bing-powered all yahoo search. Now Bing market share can be calculated approximately 29.9% in the USA.

But we don’t know its figures in other regions, but it is also a second world largest search engine.

If you watched with SEO perspective then Google is No.1 and Bing is No.2.

And so both search engines are better because ultimately we want traffic.

So when we discussed Search engine optimization then we talk about Google and if it is necessary then we talk about Bing also.


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