google search page structure

What is Google Search Page Structure?

When you open What you see. A logo a search box and some links top-bottom and complete white page. If you open this Google site to any other browser or any type of device, you will see Google as it is.
Google is a search engine or a company

So Google can take place many changes in its search, but from the last 20 years, it keeps same its home page. And here you can see how Google search looks in 2008, and Now in 2019 how Google search page structure.

How Google can do this and what are these changes. What are the new features which Google has added, and What are called these section? And when and how these sections look.

What is Google Search Page Structure and How Google do it?

So Google has made a significant improvement over the past 10 years. Also in design, and many changes are such as to whom we see but we have no idea and ignore it. Here will be disclosed maximum changes which Google has made, what are these changes? and where we see in our daily life?

1- Direct Answer Box

First comes a direct answer box. When you ask a question to Google, it wants to answer it. Google is an answer engine. This is Google attempt if it understands your question it wants to give the answer directly.
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And to make prominent of this answer it shows its result in different form as compared to other results. It gives a prominent place to its answer. In which is the answer to your question, images related to your answer, and also show with it related searches. So this is the one google search page structure change, which Google has done in the previous 10 years.

2- Featured Snippets

The 2nd main change is featured snippets in its search structure in which it shows you different results in highlight form. These forms are divided into given sections.

Google Paragraph Result

In these changes, the first thing is a paragraph. If your query is asking about information, and Google will show you a paragraph. So that which is your information, you have to know instantly on Google.

If your answer is in the small paragraph which you have found on Google then you have no required to click some other websites. That’s what Google wants, you can get all the information on Google. And if you get satisfied results then ultimately you will remain on Google and not go to other site leaving to Google.

featured snippet paragraph example

Bulleted List

Another list of featured snippets is list in Bullets. Most people find some searches like “recipe” or other information in which list is included. That list Google mostly shows you on Google in bullets form. If you write a question which answer will be in steps like “how to set up a camera” or “how to drive a car“.

If you ask all these things to Google and if steps are involved in your answer and Google have to understand that what is your query. Google tries to give you a direct answer. And it shows you in featured snippets form in a bulleted list. You will find this list from there. And furthermore, provide you reference if you want to read more then you can read from there.

featured snipet bullet example

Numbered List

So like that bulleted list, Google has another feature in its search page structure. If in your query results these are involved in steps in numbers like “1,2,3….” then it shows you results in number list. And if you get your result on Google then you will not go any other site. You will get your information from here.
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numbered list example
numbered list

Table Design

Another interesting thing Google does in its search structure that is table design. Some times table design is necessary to understand a specific type of information. If you get information in colums then you can digest it easily, that what meaning of that information.

For example, if you search investment then your result will be in the table and you can easily understand it. You have to noticed when Google do the conversion or show you the information in table form, then to digest information can be very easy for you. And this also Google do for your convenience. It then, when it thinks that its information will help you and it is that information which is you searching.

3- Rich Snippets

Another interesting thing you have to notice when you are searching for some information in which you have required ratings of a product or price of that product. It is called rich snippets in Google Search page structure. And it is the most important feature of Google.

Google does this, it put data form websites if these websites are public website on which people are giving reviews. For example, if you have to shop form an e-commerce website and a product is added there. Some people buy this product and some leave reviews, someone gives Good review if the product satisfied him.

And some on leave bad review if the product has not satisfied with him. And they all gave star rate from 1 to 5. When the five-star rating then Google wants to show that rating. For example, if you want to buy a product then before buying you can understand that this product price is this and have this star value. And this product is available in stock or not.

This information Google wants to show you on Google. So that you click on that point where you think you have to go. For example, if you are searching for mobile and you find a list of mobile list, then you will be known, which mobile is better and what price is of that mobile on different websites.
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And what are the features of that mobile? If you will see the same mobile on different websites, then you will find the same features but a little bit different in prices. So At that point, what will you do? Ultimately you will click on that website by which you know, that website will help you or you think will give you a cheap price mobile.

So it depends upon you to whom you chose. But it is Google attempt, maximum information will be provided on Google. And that information Google provides you in rich snippets form.

rich snippet example
rich snippet

4- Local Pack

Another feature is the local pack name. Local pack data comes from Google Maps. And this local pack feature is then activated, when you search a query in location base. Then it shows your location base related results. For example, if we take the example of a restaurant, then the restaurant is a physical place where you can go and have dinner.

If Google thinks, which thing you are searching, a location can matter. According to that location, it shows you maps, and that maps show you, how much far are you from any place, or near to that place. And by these results, you can decide, that you can go there and do dinner or can do any work or not.

Its name is the local pack. And mostly Google show you maps in your search results.

local pack example
local pack

5- Knowledge Graph

Another main and interesting feature of Google is the knowledge graph. This knowledge appears on the right side of the search. This knowledge graph then appears on the right side, when you have got information to a particular thing.

When we search for any famous actress, place or person. Then Google shows some information on the right side and mostly this information is coming to form Wikipedia or another encyclopedia. Where Google sees fit, it shows images, maps, and furthermore links. Possible you want to know about them or want to search these.

So it is called the Google knowledge graph, and have remained a successful product from the last 10 years. When Google launches it, users like it very much. For these users mostly research become so easy, because some information which they have to watch to go on other sites now can be visible on Google.

6- Knowledge Panel

knowledge panel is a little bit different from the knowledge graph. The difference is, the knowledge panel takes all the information from Google. But in the knowledge graph, we have discussed that information have come forward from Wikipedia or encyclopedia.

And in knowledge panel information comes from Google Maps or other Google’s properties. This is the difference but it also visible on the right side of search. If you have Google Maps listing, means if you are registered in Google Maps as a business, and you have some feedback on your location, people have reviewed it, your number is added in it and your address is added in it.

Then Google will show you your information in the knowledge panel form to whom, who are searching for you.

knowledge panel example
knowledge panel

7- People May Ask

Some times Google feels if you are searching a thing, then you search some other things also. so in research when you ask a question then after that question, you ask 2nd question, and after that 3rd and so on.

This all data is available to Google. And on this base, Google has launched a new feature which name is people may ask. When you ask a question to Google. Then Google understands it that it is necessary to give you an answer, and also provide you some other relevant answers also.

Maybe you have to ask this next question or this next question. As you continue to click on your question it will show you more questions. So people also like most this feature because once again user search becomes so easy. And people search in their favorite search engine and from there they can know more answers.

This is the most important Google search page structure feature. You have also noticed it when you have to search for some question.

people may ask example
people may ask

8- Image Pack

Another feature is with image pack. In which Google show you images. If you are searching images of something rather then you go on Google Images you have to find all results on Google search results. And Google thinks if it shows you images on it possible you have like any image and click on that image and get your information rather then to go on Google images section.

9- News Box

Another most interesting feature of Google search page structure is news box. Which is related to the news. If you search for any topic, and against that topic, a piece of hot news is going on. Or Google thinks it is a topic on which news has to be shown. It shows you a box with the name of the news box.

In which related news or trending news can show you. If your topic is in which an incident occurs or a newsworthy topic then it shows you in news form. And other results show you in below. So if you find news in this form then you become so easy in your life that you have to get information quickly.

So like that Google can take new innovation in its search page structure and with that, it also deletes some features also. It totally depends on what people are liking and how Google test it. And how decided after evaluate that what feature put and what feature has deleted.

google news box example
news box
google search techniques

Google Approach To Search – My SEO Land

Google is the world best search engine, and how is it the best search engine in the world it will be discussed in details.

But Google does not get money to his organic search. If you want to do something to paying Google then you only can place the ads. We know how much Google is serious about its business.

And it told me that how Google better its search engine and its queries and what is its procedure and what is Google approach to search. We look at its a bit, why Google is better and why it is to be going better to better.

Why Google is Much Better Search Engine in the World

It is a common question, that why Google is much better than other search engines. Because Google has thousand of Ph.D. Engineers, who can frequently make better it’s the engine. And to do better it, they put it in a process and stepwise can do this process and after that shows to the public.

How to do Testing Step Wise

How they do this testing step by step and how they can test it by its users. There are three main steps to test these.

Focus on The User

If you have noticed, the most important for Google is its user. so it not shows you an extra add or other things. When you go on Google, there you saw only a logo and a search bar only.

Unless you search data can’t show to you. So the main important thing for Google is search results for its users. Google makes a search engine for users and it thinks to get an opinion by users is most necessary.

User Test

So when Google enginers give suggestion to Google some changes to make better its search engine then Google hire an external team to check these changes. They are specialist in their field, it shows them to test and provides a guideline.

These guidelines are depended on different parameters, that what you have to test. And by watching results they told Google these things have been tested. This point is we fell well and this point fell not well.

So this test comes in front of all in the form of a checklist. And when Google analyzes its things then it also avails its test results. That these points are favorable for some persons and these points are not acceptable, and what is like it he rollout it. And which are not in favor maybe they stop it at the spot.

A/B Testing

This is another type of testing which Google does. It shows two versions of the same thing. Normally it is called A/B testing.

For example, you have one page in one layout and the same page is another layout. Now Google shows these images to outside people, that we have to show this result in these two types. Chose a result and told what you look better.

So the tester people evaluate that rather they like No A or No B. On this bases Google take forward things which people most like and other things are getting in the review or stop them.

Test with Public

The third thing is Google also test with public. So what is that test? That two things which show to its evaluators as it is, it shows these results to its audience.

Normally people can’t understand it when the experiment is going on with them or not. Happens it sometimes a feature appears on you and then it doesn’t appear on you.

Google put a feature to a separate audience when they open then that some feature make them visible. Some traffic audience how to react to watch this new feature.

All these things Google is monitoring and with that Google monitor graph, if we show them this thing our graph and our activity is growing upward, and on another side, it seeds if we show them other results then our graph is going downward.

Evaluate Results

So after public test, Google gets the data to his enginers. And they evaluate which thing is better and which thing is not better. After all these combinations, when test results come and expert opinion come to.

Then they all decide that which feature will go forward, which will be reject and which will be go in further review, and do it with more testing.

So to take all these things, Google makes better its search engine. so this is the guarantee by Google that it can’t allow it engine effected without these steps.

So this proves that anyone can’t convince Google that which thing you will launch and how will launch.

Because Google says, we sell advertising not search results. So when Google will sell search results on that day, Google would not be Google anymore.

Website Owner Suggestion

So Google does another work which is, Google guide website owner or gives them suggestions. That how you can make your website better and how Google is watching your website and how is perceiving.

Google provides them search engine guideline through Google search console oldest name is google webmaster tool that which issue Google is finding in your website.

And Google also told to website owners that you have not done some things. These are the guidelines which Google launch time to time. You can read all the Google guidelines.

Google Does not Host Content

And at the last Google do this, Google told to website owners that you have the right to share your information. So some website exists on Google which looking not legitimate or creating for fraud purpose, or their results will be not beneficial.

Google understand this thing and watch this, but Google says this that we can’t decide how your content is. Because Google does not host content anymore.

Host means that content is not to Google that content is on your website. What you have written on your website you are the owner of that content or some other one what writes on his website and how he is creating content he is the owner of that content.

Google will not tell him to remove their content or you can’t put your content. Rather it is good content or bad content both have the right to come in search engine.

Google only put search results in its database, and it told only where your information exists.


Nor Google put information in its database nor shows it. Google only told you the location of that information.

But in some extreme cases where Google thinks some people are trying to cheat Google and trying to come on top. To whom we called black hat and white hat SEO. When they try to come on top with that techniques Google can block them, and also can delete them.

Google all these things do like that, Google thinks as it does its engine better its user will come to it. When its user will come to it then its company will grow and he will also generate money. Which is the ultimate purpose of every business?

answer engine and search engine difference

Difference Between Search Engine & an Answer Machine

When you name Google, a question arises in mind “is Google a search engine?” but now our discussion “is Google only a search engine?” You can read this Google is a search engine.

Our main purpose to understand the difference between a search engine and an answer machine.

What is a search engine? And what is the answering machine? A search engine is a different concept in internet terms and answer machine is a different term also.

Difference between Search Engine and an Answer Machine?

But our focus is to explain what is Google?. Google is also the largest company on the internet, and not search engine only, or say it like that, Google does not want to remain as a search engine.

Many experts have noticed on different occasions that Google has crossed over as a search engine.

What is a Search Engine?

If we take an example of a search engine, that what is a search engine and what is the purpose of a search engine.

If you search something on search engine it will provide you search results, which is the job of search engine.

For example, if you are searching “movie” then it will show you a “movie” result. And if you will search “a restaurant” then it will execute your restaurant result. So that way what you search for will give you results.

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What is the Answer Engine?

And now what answer engine do? Answer engine has to give an answer which is his job of providing different answers against different questions. And it wants to become an answer engine too.

So what answer engine will do? When you will ask some question to answer machine it does not give you all the answer which are on the internet, rather it will try to give you the best answer also.

So we understand the difference of search engine and answer machine with an example.

google answer machine results 2+2=4

For example, if you will write a quire “2+2=4” in the search engine, then it will give you all results where “2+2=4” is have written on the web.

But if you write “2+2=4” in answer machine then it will give you an answer which is “4”

Google Assistant

This is Google’s attempt that it can become an answering machine, and to the extent, Google also has become an answering machine. And its better example is “Google Assistant”

When you talk to Google Assistant then it gives you answers, and when you ask to search something then it gives you search result.

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How Google Assistant Works?

So how it has happened? You have noticed that against different queries, different results come.

So now we will try to understand that is Google a search engine or an answering machine? Google was the originator as a search engine, but now it is possible that Google wants to become a good answer machine.

And Google some extent Google has become a good answer machine.

And Google wants, which time will come when you will not ask the question to Google, and it will also give you an answer, which will you required at that time.

This is Google best effort that it go at that side. But now Google is also a search engine and when you ask the question then it also gives you an answer.

When Google gives you answers then it means now Google is not only a search engine it also becomes an answer engine.

If you called Google only a search engine, then it will be wrong but if you called Google a search engine and answer machine then both names are true for Google.

How Google Show us Results as an Answer Machine

Let’s watch, how Google shows us different results against different queries?

You will go on and then search a query “2+2” Google will show you the answer of “2+2=4” Rather than Google search it as search engine results, it gives it answer as an answer engine.

Google not only give me result rather it gives me an opened calculator if I want to change my query, then I can change it on a calculator easily.

So why Google opened a calculator for me? The answer is because Google thinks I am trying to do calculation so it provides me the facility of the calculator so that, Google does not want that I move some other to leave it.

Google wants that I find my answer staying at its site. “2+2” this was a simple question, if you write complex mathematically equation then Google will also answer it. Because Google supports many mathematically equations.

How Google Show Results as an Answer Machine and Search Engine

So let’s try to change our query, and then see what results it provides.

usd to pkr currency change my seoland
USD to Pkr

So For example, if I want to change the currency from US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee then I will search it on Google “USD to pkr” and “USD” which is US Dollars currency sign and “pkr” is Pakistani Rupee currency sign.

Rather than Google gives me search result that how many sites have the word “usd to pkr” rather it is giving me an answer. And the answer is that 1 US Dollar is equal to 156.00 Pakistani Rupee.

Google as an answering machine not only giving me the result, rather it also showing me a graph that. How much fluctuation is occurring in currency from time to time? And also providing me an option that if I want to see trend a “month” a” year” “5 years” or “maximum” trend which Google has.

This is another example in which not only Google give me answer rather show me results. If you scroll down this page you will see the search results of “usd to pkr” it means how many websites have a word “usd to pkr” in their content.

But the most important thing is that Google not only searches it rather answer it too.

How Google Show Results as a Search Engine?

When I change my query then Google results also will be changed. And Google working will be changed.

fawd khan search result
Fawad Khan search

For example, if I search on Google “Fawad khan” which is a Pakistani actor then Google not only me its Wikipedia results rather on the right side it shows me this actor’s pictures and complete biodata.

And if I scroll down then it is showing me its wife name, his movies name, last movie name each and everything showing me about “Fawad khan”

As my query has changed so Google is giving me results according to my search, it thinks if I search Fawad khan possible I want to search some other actors.

So it gives me some other actor’s details also, and you can watch on the screen that in suggestion, it is showing other actors also.

Search Places

If I search a place then its result will be different from other search results.

k2 mountain place search

For example, if I search “K2” then Google not only showing me Wikipedia result rather it is showing me videos, which it has not shown in any other result.

And if see in right side Google is telling me about “k2” height who “the first ascent” it what is its “range” where is it available? Its map and its pictures, and it also show some other relevant mountains also.

Google Collects Facts and Figures

Dear readers as we are changing our queries so that Google is changing its results also.

There is another interesting thing that, Google not only shows results rather, it collects “facts and figures” also.

eiffel tower height mysoeland
Eiffel Tower

For example, an Eiffel Tower, which is in Parris and you want to know its height. If I write “Eifel Tower height” then Google will be told me height at the same place.

Rather then it will show me results of Wikipedia or any other websites where I can read its height. Google is showing me the height result.

Google thinks my question is simple, so rather than it sends me some other websites, It wants to answer it by itself.

As I searched “Eifel Tower” Google told me its height which is “300 meter” and also told me if you calculated it on it tip then its height is “324 meter”.

And with that, it gives me some suggestion of “Burge Khalifa” which is in Dubai, “Empire State Building” which is in New York, so that you have to want to know different building heights.

On the right side, it is showing me its picture and map location. If I click on the map then it will take me on Google Map where I can see its location.


So there are different methods, by which Google not only shows you different results against different queries, rather it gives you answers also. So it proof, that Google is not only a search engine Google also an answer engine.

Google is trying more to do better its answer machine. And to understanding you he provides you maximum answers. This proves Google is not only a search engine but it is a search machine and wants to make it better. And day by day, Google does it better.

Google vision

What is Google’s Mission and Vision

Dear friends, as you have any purpose of your life, just like that when companies stand their business they also have any purpose.

Now Google has become the world largest company on the internet. Besides the largest company of the world, its mission’s purpose covers only on one line.

What is Google’s Mission, Google says.

"our mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"

Above this one line, above this one statement, Google’s whole mission stands, Google’s structure stands.

google's mission and vision statement
Google’s Mission Statement

It’s been twenty years since Google. And within twenty-year Google is running only by focusing on this single mission.

While achieving the same mission, Now Google has become the world’s largest company on the internet.

Let’s understand this statement in details, that what is this mission and what want to do Google, and how we can make this mission our mission.

Google’s Missions Parts

Because if Google followed this mission have gained so much successful, if we have to rank on Google, if we have to take on top our website or bring traffic then we have to understand What Google Want and how we give it?

We will divide this mission statement into four different parts and will understand, that’s how Google wants to do it.


So the first thing of Google is only to organize, So organize means, Google wants it will become your best organizer. So how is it possible? and what else may need to be organized?


For example, if you have used Gmail, this is a product of Google, and that was Google’s attempt, that there was not any good email service in the market so Google gives a concept of G-Mail.

And it was different from other e-mail services, and by presenting it in a different way, now G-Mail has become the largest service of e-mail.

you can create a free G-Mail account. But if you want to use your G-mail on your domain, then by Google Apps paying the amount to Google you can use same G-Mail account on your domain.

This is the one example, that what’s Google do, Google started to organized your e-mail services.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another product of Google. In this service, Google can drive all of your files in Google drive.

So this drive gives you an opportunity that you can store your data as you can save on your hard drive in your personal computer.

This is an online digital hard drive in which Google gives you 15GB free space. In which you can upload your all files and can save all your information and you can manage it.

And there is no risk to you, that it will be deleted or will vanish by crashing a computer.


Search in another method of organization. By collecting all information of the world is organizing on Where you can find your information by the search.

This is the first step of google that how it wants to organize the information of the whole world.

And how is it an organization? we understand it. But if we see again google’s statement,

Google’s Search Mission

“Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

In statement it is organizing but to whom?

The world’s information, these two words rather are very small but have a deep meaning.

“World’s Information” in “world’s” and “information” two things are clear.

In a word, “World’s” means every type of people, religions, culture, language, etc these all things defined in “world”

That Google wants to information fo Whole world. so if we understand the word ” world” then there is not any discrimination any language, religion, caste, and people, etc. so Google wants to organize everything.

But what is information? What can information mean?

So the information is very subjective, subjective means, the information should be different for me and different for you.

A movie sounds to informative to you, but not informative for me.

So the information is a very subjective thing because it varies from person to person.

So information can be this, what we talk about what content, that can be information.

Which is the content of the world, in which text, audio, video, and images which we have discussed, so according to information Google wants to organize it?

Google Translate

And he is talking about Whole world’s information. Ther are languages also come.

And in Google Translate, all languages Google have in it, if you write something in any language then it is most possible it will be available in all form of language.

So this is another method of Google, which is language that is also another type of information, your language what is its grammar, what is its pronunciation and what is its vocabulary all these things Google is organizing to itself and is saving it too, and also helping people to understand from one language to another language that how can be translate.

Google Location

So the third information is, in the whole world, where people live, where they go and from where they come, that is location data.

Location base means, where you are they are collecting your location information through mobile base GPs system.

Where you go and where you come from all this information is saving through Google location. And also around the world.

Google Calendar

And so on another information is, what you have to do today, and how will you spend your day so this can be scheduled by Google calendar. So this all information is organizing by Google through Google calendar.


Another information is e-mail, if you have to search for something then you can also search for you G-mail too.

So in this statement, a third big aspect is to make information universally accessible.

Now “universally accessible” again is a big word. It has a very big meaning. So universally means in every way, from every aspect it wants to make it accessible.

“Accessible” means to access for everyone.
so “Universally accessible” means it comes accessible to everyone because the information which Google collected, and then organized but now Google wants the information or data which it has should be universally accessible for people.


Now how will we be defined “Universally”.
For example, Google runs on every device, You take mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop or any other device, you will get Google. Google will look up and working.

So it is not possible if there is any device on which the internet runs but Google does not run. Never seen that happen, and never will happen. Why? Because Google wants, The information should be universally accessible.
so on which device internet runs, on that device you can use Google.

So beyond the internet, in which language you speak, in which language you use the internet, so in this language Google want should be available for you.

So in very large languages Google version now is available. You can use Google on that language and also can search for information on that language.

And almost Google is accessible in every location in the world. As we discussed earlier, where the internet can run, Google also can run there.
The only problem is there where Google should be ban, otherwise, Google is accessible anywhere.


The last thing which is in this is, Google not only wants to show information, it has not only to collect and organized it, then became it universally accessible for people, people got information, but it wants to provide them in useful ways.

Now useful is again another deepest word, which you understand it. usefulness also use vary.

Something is beneficial for me but the same thing is not beneficial for you. So this usefulness also varies from situation to situation or condition to condition.

So for example, if I want to watch the movie “Karachi Say Lahore” as I search Google show me the result of Karachi to Lahore location. That have you get a plane or vehicle for traveling.

This was information to me but was not useful for me.

Because I was searching “Karachi Say Lahore” movie but it was showing me Karachi say Lahore traveling data.

So these are the examples in which usefulness is a big element.

Google will understand then what I am searching, if Google will understand this then it will become a good search engine because he provides me with relevant information.

Right Information

Usefulness means the right information on the right place to right people will provide then it will become a good search engine.

So if we followup it again, What is Google’s Mission.

Then Google wants that it organized the whole world organization, collect it, save it in its database, then universally without any discrimination make it accessible and useful.

So under this one mission, a whole company is running for 20 years. so possible in next days Google mission remain the same. so under this mission so far Google is the largest company.

The question arises, why it is so important for us. If Google has become the biggest company under this information and we have to rank on Google to our website and information and get traffic.

We should be done to make Google’s Mission our’s mission. So what is Google’s Mission, he makes it accessible to universally and makes its usefulness.

We will organize our information and provide him in a useful way, that it remains useful and showing it in usefulness way.

So like that we according to Google guidelines and white hat techniques can do a good SEO. And we also can get a good ranking.

types of content

What is Content in SEO – Myseoland

Dear friends, so for we are talking about content, but the content is what, How do we understand it that what is content? So , for ranking Google, content is desperately needed, Google is hungry for content.

Until Google finds the content, your SEO may not improve better. So question is this ?

What is the Content? How Many Types of Content are There?

When we talk about content, then we think content means only text, The text is definitely content, but the content is not only the text.

For example, if you search some thing on Google then you see a list of websites on which somewhere these words are written. so text is very simple.

But often you have watched that in search you also see the images.
When you search some thing or write queries, then against these queries some time you see images, and some videos and also some different format look.

Four Major Types of Content

So What is content. There are four major formats of content.

Text Content

(Text in any language is content) like in English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, in any language you are writing is called text.

And Google does the text index, and understand any type of language. And then maintain it in his database. So text is a big form of content.

Image Content

So content also count as image. So what is comes in images, if you take your’s or other’s picture that is also content, and if you create an image or a logo or any design that is also content.

Any thing which you can see as visual all are different form of image content. And we can categories them in image content. And Google also index image content, and image can be of any type.

Video Content

So like that if you mix image, audio and text it become a video content. In video you can watch, listen and also can read some thing.

So video is a different format of content, Google not only index video rather Google has video platform in YouTube format which hosted by Google itself.

Audio Content

The fourth form of content is audio, So Google has maximum content in audio format. But Google has not a specific platform for this.

But if you watch music or recording or listening any lecture or listening song while you are on the walk.

How Google Show You Content

These are thing are indexing to Google in audio format, and you can search these.
Depending on your search quires. so Google show you result according that.

So this is Google attempt that it index these all things, maintain and optimize them and when any one search it it show it too.

Some Other Formats of Content

But there are many other things which count in content.

For example, have you use Google Maps any time, if you have used Google Maps it is neither video, neither audio and nor image content.

This is completely a different type of content which Google host itself, index it and optimize. When you search it Google also shows it.

GPS Location

So in Google Maps, what content is. Basically it is a GPS location, which under the global positioning system, your mobile device or any GPS device which you have, which location you feed to Google,that where are you going, and from where’s are you coming, and now where are you stand.

Google record all these information, and there is a whole database to Google in Maps format, in which you can map your all information.

So if you login in your Google account, then you can watch your history in Google Maps, If you have turned on your Maps history.

So you can see that’s where Google track you. And so this is also a content type which you can see in Google.

So for example, if you have to go from Lahore to Karachi, and if you search in Google Lahore to Karachi, then Google will show you different results, which will also have a form of Maps.

Google Translate

Google translate is another format of content, in which Google have created different database of different languages. If you write in Urdu then you can know its meaning in English and vise versa.

Google has almost maximum languages, and almost you cant translate in all languages. There results are not perfect, but they are much better. And this is another different type of content which Google have. Google utilize it and also show you.

Google Calendar

Another things which Google store itself. That is personal details. For example, you use calendar to maintain you schedule. Which event is, where have to go, where to come from, whom to meeting, and when is meeting, are you available whole day or not.

This is another content form which Google manage.

Google Assistance

Like these if this all content is to Google at its base Google generates information and based on information it helps you.

Which is known as Google assistance. Which is on your mobile and in your desktop , with the help of which you can ask question to Google assistance, in your own language in Urdu as well as in English.

And Google will also answer you. These all information Google collect from different places.

Content With Different Frequencies

In content one this is most necessary to understand. That content with different frequencies and with different importance some time increase and some time it decrease.

Frequency means, earlier text was more written, and now a days mobile and cameras are very common, so now visual content is more.

People make videos very quickly, make images very quickly. Where you have considered writing the whole article there you can explain it to create only a single video.

Voice Base Content

This is the content which Google shows. Now a days mobile are common so visual content has become very common.

A new content format is now introducing is audio content. Because people are very busy and devices are all there. instead of searching by typing people search to speak.

So voice base content which is also a audio base content is growing very fast. And services against this content are growing.

So Google wishes if some one search by vocal, then Google gave him result. And they bring result. A new Voice SEO Service have created.

since Google is giving you a new utility, a new capacity and at its base business can optimize themselves so that if some one search them in audio then found them.

We will discussed about it next how we can do SEO on audio base.

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