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How Does Search Play a Role in Successful Inbound Marketing?

As we have discussed and understood in our earlier topic that what is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Basically here the question is this. What is the relation of inbound marketing to SEO? When we talk it that it is a pull marketing, people pull information, how will they do?

Normally a person will go to people and ask them which insurance is best and which insurance should he buy. They will consult with their friends or some senior person. so these channels were valid when the internet was not available. With the advent of internet search goes to digital. Now people search on Google and ask which insurance is best and which insurance should he buy or “how to buy insurance” or “where to buy insurance” they compare which insurance is better.

Why this possibility becomes. Because of Google and different types of search engines. Because now people pull information. If you are an insurance company or you are doing the marketing of an insurance company. And your customer is demanding information from you which he is not getting from anywhere. So he is asking “what is insurance” what a simple question.

If you think he is just asking what is insurance and he will not buy insurance. He will not buy it now to buy anytime. so if you will not give him an answer to that question then another company will give an answer. And when that company will give an answer and when he will ready to buy then he will buy to that company. So your 100% audience is not ready to buy.

You have to observe which one is ready to buy and which one is not. ‘ But the most important thing is, people will search and when they will search it on Google and then how will they find you on the search engine. Basically when people will search you and you want to rank on Google then you have to do SEO. so the first phase of “attract” calls this that you attract to people.

If you want to attract outbound then you will show them add. But which people are searching for and are ready for this mindset, I have to purchase it or I have required it to show me this product. And for that people’s you do SEO. And in next this SEO becomes the base of outbound marketing. If you have to do inbound marketing then you should understand completely search engine optimization.

So this was the link which I though explain to you. So don’t see SEO as an SEO. If you have to grow when you will learn SEO then you will grow next.
So you have to this knowledge when you will work with any company or firm then what will be the approach of that. Basically he will watch a complete funnel and this funnel is most important for the business.

You will do only SEO but he wants to do each and everything. If you have not the knowledge of how SEO link to that funnel or market then you will not understand SEO. So it was very necessary to understand.

what is inbound and outbound

Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing – Myseoland

We have to understand what is inbound marketing and we have to understand what is outbound marketing. Now we will compare both inbound and outbound marketing and explain their main difference.

Difference Between Inbound Marketing And Outbound Marketing

Outbound is a push marketing and inbound is a pull marketing. So we will understand what basically is its purpose?

difference of outbound and inbound

What Marketer Do?

In inbound marketing marketers educate people. In inbound marketing not to showing people. Rather people have to explain. And told them what are its benefits. And when he will be ready to buy then he will buy the product.

But in outbound marketing, a marketer sells the product to users. If you have a product you should continue to watch people, someone else will buy it.


There is two-way communication in inbound marketing. In inbound, you listen to people and understand their comments and feedback. That what people are understanding and what they have a wish or not. And then you again help them and again win the trust and sell a product.

There is one-way communication in outbound marketing. It has only a one-way message. You only have to place banners or install billboards or play add on tv, radio, and newspaper. You place an add on facebook or twitter this is also one-way communication, it is not two-way communication. People can’t explain to you what problem they are facing.


It is another main difference. In inbound marketing, your content wins. As much better will be your content so much user will be converted to you. sometimes you have not to sell. If you create the quality content of your product or make a good video or write a quality article or blog. People will come automatically to you and become converts. If your content will be good then your product will be sold too much.

But in outbound marketing, it is not focused on content rather it is focused on the budget. As much high will be your budget the more you sell the product. Because it will happen in people’s minds and sometime he will buy.


In the last inbound marketing, a marketer can talk to people after getting permission. If you are a marketer then first you will request your user. If you have to require this e-book then download it. And for download, you sign up them e-mail. Ask them their name and other details.

But outbound marketing only interrupts the customer. They can’t get permission from you. If you are watching TV, they will not ask you to show add on your screen. Just show you the add and go. If you are reading a newspaper then on given space add has shown to you and remaining news you read on the next pages.

If we talk facebook, youtube or other any channel where adds display like Google. You also don’t get permission there. So this is basically a major difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. And the time to come is so much more in inbound.

Because people have become more mature. And they have become more conscious and they don’t like that you disturb their experience. So that is why inbound is winning more. Because they talk to them only after their permission and win only a quality content base. So now in the world digital is going on in inbound marketing. So if you want to become a good marketer so you desperately need inbound marketing.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing With Example

So now we can explain inbound and outbound marketing with example. Because you can understand it better. And you will be understood better where inbound and outbound differentiate.

Outbound Marketing Example

For example, you are an insurance company or your client is an insurance company, to whom you have to market. Now, what will you do? One method is you will go to the people and told them that this is insurance and purchase it. You can also call them or message them or each and everything you can do by the running adds.

You will do it all. But the problem is in it, you don’t know it that user was ready or not, or he has required you something or not. You just call them and start to sell your product. This is outbound marketing or pushes marketing. You are conveying their message to people by force. Rather they are willing or not.

Inbound Marketing Example

Inbound can’t sell their product by force. In inbound marketing basically, if anyone is writing in Google “what is insurance” or”How t buy insurance” or “which insurance to buy” These are all the questions which first people have to understand.

Because insurance is not just like a product that you should go and buy. You talk to people, understand them, and see their budget. Which package you should have to purchase and what are its benefits. So there is a long process involving showing interest in becoming a customer.

This journey can’t cover outbound, it can cover only inbound marketing. And in this journey whatever the questions people may have about insurance purchasing. for example “What is insurance” you can write an article on it and can make a video. Or “how insurance is necessary” on this an article and video can be created and “who required insurance” or “which insurance is better” or have you do insurance to your children or your life.

So when you educate people about all these question then he will be ready to buy insurance. And he will buy from you. Because only you take time and effort to educate them which they don’t know. So it creates a trust which another marketing channel can’t create. So this is the difference between outbound and inbound marketing. That is not sold to the people rather educate to the people. When they are ready by themselves then they can buy it.

Hybrid Model of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

There is running Pakistan and another world a hybrid inbound and outbound model. The hybrid model means it is a mixture of inbound and outbound marketing. It means they also run add and with that they also create content. Means, when someone searches your content, will found by them.

So I will suggest you not rely on a single method but I will not recommend you outbound marketing for a long time. But there is no living without it. Because for some products it is also important as inbound. But you should try to focus on inbound marketing. You can take long term strategy to inbound marketing and outbound marketing as a short term strategy.

And ultimately make them a mixer and make a hybrid marketing strategy. So by showing add you get a sale for those who can purchase your product immediately. And then also create content.

Possible which people are reading it today they will buy it after six months. You create content for them, what they will read in six months. If you will not do then your competitor will do. So this traffic you have won this trust you have a win. So you can make a good strategy by mixing inbound and outbound marketing.

inbound marketing example

What is Inbound Marketing – My SEO Land

As you know SEO is not only a technical course. It also has an important impact on digital marketing. And now where marketing is going, basically it is going to grow towards inbound marketing. So basically what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is a new methodology that basically is growing fast after introducing digital marketing. So what happens in this methodology.

Inbound Marketing With Examples

People think rather they push messages to people or forcibly show them a message like on TV and newspapers. These marketers think the user myself searching his need and want to come to your site and then you address him his need and want and provide him value. If his hearts will then he will be buying.

So basically it is talking to winning trust. If you talk to win trust in digital marketing then there are different methods in it. Under which you can track them and can watch how much people show their trust, how much people are interested, and how much people are going forward or not.

So that when this data is available to you then your sales team can reach them. And according to their stage which they can talk to them. That which issue you are facing or which help you required. So in inbound marketing rather then you force them, you solve their problem and they ready to buy the product for you. Its opposite is outbound marketing.

Four Stages in Inbound Marketing

To understanding it SEO has a big role in inbound marketing. There are four basic processes or stages in inbound marketing. There is another stage in inbound marketing which is not including in the search category. So for these four stages, planning can be done. So what are these four stages in inbound marketing?

phase of inbound marketint

Attract Inbound Marketing

What is attract? In this stage, it is considered that people who are searching for you or your product. They will have some problems or some want. And you attract them. When they search on Google then you must have the answer to their search. If they are writing a question, you should have the answer of that and if they are inquiring something then information about that should be have to you. So content is most important to attract people.

Convert Inbound Sale

The second mains step is to convert. First, you have to create content for users when they will come and attract your content then they will be converted in the inbound sales. Because people who didn’t know before. Now to those people you have to convert. You will take their e-mail address, and you will convince them anyhow that they will go to leave out their number or email or contact number.

And when you put this data in tool then that tool starts tracking and starts to give you information. Which person has come to your site and what he searches or browse and how much time he spends on it etc. When this data can be available through inbound marketing then on this behalf, your marketing has become very good.

Close Customer

The next stage is close. When you have to inform this, that a person is visiting your site, your blog or pages and exploring different information and spending time on your site. Then this data is very useful for you because, you go and talk to them before and then try to close them, means as a sale convert them.

Delight Inbound Services

As they convert in sales. Then the delight phase comes next. Now, normally what happened. Generally when we convert sale then we stop marketing for a short period of time. Though it doesn’t have to do. Inbound marketing told this you should not stop content. You create content for those who are your regular customers.

And help them more in their product. That help can be your tutorial or different type of content. But you also make them your brand ambassador. Brand ambassador means they will be so much happy to you, that they take out your brand to other people.

When they talk about your product then they told them your brand name. They become your promoters and sele your product by themselves. So referral marketing concept drives form here.

Basically it will be done, when the inbound marketing process will be completed. So to reach that point understanding about inbound marketing is very necessary.

inbound marketing techniques

What is Outbound Marketing – Myseoland

If you read the newspaper or watch TV. You have to note that on TV or newspaper or other traditional media, upon them adds are showing. And under these adds, these channels or newspapers make their revenue. These adds are not bad things but the problem is this, these adds are not according to your choice.

You have noticed. Often some time if you are watching drama, news or other things, different adds are showing to you in the middle of context. You see the adds once for repeating views, but these are showing you again and again. This method is called outbound marketing. Outbound marketing means, marketing which does by force. You put your message by force in front of people.

And all marketing which is going on thought traditional media is an example of outbound marketing.

Outbound Marketing Examples

outbound marketing example

So taking an example. If you are watching the news then taking a break in the middle of news an add is showing to you. And for this, your user experience is disturbed.
so what outbound marketing does. By disturbing your traditional behavior and interrupt you show an add to you and after that you have to continue.

Take an example of a newspaper, there is limited space on paper so to give you a headline and ask you for going some other page. Because on the front page they show their adds for generating revenue that is their business So like this on TV they have only 24 hours in a day. So in 24 hours, they show you their content and also adds.
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So it is compulsory for both channels. And this thing can create a problem for them. Now problem is coming this. That people are started disturbing to showing an add again and again. So you have noted, that’s why when an ad comes on screen you change the channel immediately. And when add plays you start to do you some little work. Or at the added base, you switch off your television and start using your mobile. Or any type of work which you have stopped, you have to start doing these tasks in the middle of drama or news when adds are playing.

So the business role is this you have a product or a service to which the user is ready to buy it. And to convey your message to that user you can put your adds on newspapers, TV or use any other traditional channel. Imagine what will happen to that business whose adds have not watched and that business is paying for its millions of rupees. So that’s why brands are taking out their money from traditional marketing and are investing their money in digital.

And basically on digital, they gain much value. So this outbound marketing concept is going to phase out because effective element has been finished in it. This is not the case, because you show a single add to all types of people. In which the child is also sitting, father and mother are also sitting, young and old also. this add is showing the same to all types of people.

so you have no opportunity that you can show a special addition to a special group of people. So that’s why this outbound technique now remains for only a limited set of groups. These are those adds which generally looks better to all type of people. And they can’t be made for a special region or special group of people.

Outbound Marketing has Vanishing

So we have to understand outbound marketing, because we have to know that by which phase we are coming out and people are entering which business model to coming out from which model. So outbound marketing is also now effective specially like Pakistan’s countries. Wher digital penetration or internet penetration is not so high, it does not reach everyone.

But gradually the internet is growing. And now it becomes so easy for people to buy internet devices or mobile. It will be spread outbound marketing will decrease and decrease. Currently, the outbound marketing concept is in Pakistan but in another world, outbound marketing has almost finished.
Because they know to invest in it, benefits are less and losses are high.

what is peso model in seo

What is PESO Model in SEO – Myseoland

We have discussed in our earlier topic how paid and organic traffic are different and how we get traffic. But we have to understand how media works on digital? and how we have to create media? “Media” means that content or space which you own. Media which is available on Digital.

Now we can divide media into 4 categories. This group is called the PESO model.

Owned Media
Paid Media
Earned Media
Shared Media
Now we discuss these all media types in details

peso model explain

Owned Media

The most important media from all of them is owned media. That is the media which you own only. So what comes in owned media? It is the name of all these things which you own, means which is your property. For example, your domain, content, article which you create, video, infographics, ebook, and image, etc.

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This all type of content you create so this is your property and you are the owner of this content.
And most important is this content. When you want to promote content you have to required owned media. On this content, you have to bring traffic because you have owned it.

Paid Media

When you have to promote owned content then you can promote it by paying money. So as much traffic you have to getting by paid content is called paid media. For example, you have to create a website and now you want to get traffic by paying to get on top. This type of traffic is called paid media traffic. And on paid media, it depends upon you, how much budget you have spent and so much traffic will get you.

You can promote owned media by paying and then another authority will be built.

Earned Media

If you create quality owned media, if you create quality articles, video, infographic or any type of content then that traffic can be earned for which you were paying. So how it can be earned. So it can be earned through viral content.

Basically viral content is the shape of earned media. In which you can earn that media from those channels which can help you to grow. For example, if you have done good work then the media will cover you. Articles will be written upon you. You will have interviews. These are those things for which you can’t spend the amount, even then people promote you. It is your earned.

This traffic is your earned. Which you earned by your quality. So you have to understand it as much quality will be your content and it is helping people, giving benefits to people then people will help to virality it. They will promote it and share it.

Shared Media

Forth media is shared media and it is mostly similar to earned media. In earned media mostly people discussed PR (public relationship) or publicity. What publicity means? If you have done good work, then media coverage you, publicity to you. Newspapers will promote you, that you have earned.

Social media is also this thing’s name. But in social media, social channel dependency is coming. Social channel dependency means if you have creat content on social media and it is viral on social media. That content should be an image, video or any other type of thing of your website.

Facebook Page

So these all 3 medium depend on 4the medium which is owned medium. If you will not have owned media them you will be a flop in paid media, earned media and shared media. Most people think if they only create their Facebook page then they can run their business.

That is only a share media example. But the problem is this if you will create a Facebook page, creating a Facebook page is a good thing, but only to creating a Facebook page is not a good thing. You relay only on the Facebook page. If in future your Facebook page banned then your all media will be dead.

You have to do if you have created a page on Facebook or any other social media channel then you can get traffic on your website. So that you can tract this traffic by your website. And subscribe to them in your email list. So that your asset can build. You can create millions of millions of followers on Facebook or any other social channel.

If any day your page will be blocked or Facebook or any other social channel will be blocked your all media will be dead. And all of your investment in this will be dead. So like this, it is advised in paid media that you promote your owned media by paying. And don’t rely only on paid media. So in paid media as long you will pay money until then traffic will continue to get you.

But as you stop paying, your traffic will be stopped. So if you want to rank early then you use paid media it is also a good thing but you have to convert all traffic on your owned media. So that people will remember you. Next time they will come free to you. They will come directly on your site so your traffic will be direct.

Owned Media For SEO

So the most important thing is How have we done SEO. SEO is only is done on owned media. When owned media will be present. When you will do SEO you will do on your own media. so other things will support you. If you will not do owned media by SEO then other things will not support you.

A good digital marketing strategy that is outside SEO, but a good digital marketing strategy is you use all these things equally. You get expertise in all things then you will see in a central authority will built. So to built authority you have owned media, you will get organic traffic, and by paying traffic, you will earn traffic and also get traffic by share media.

So you will build authority. When you will become an authority website then people will know you. And it will be very easy for you to promote your business or your client business. And it will be also easy for you that you can do good marketing and become a good brand.

loyalty loop in seo

What is Loyalty Loop in SEO

Have you thought if you buy something then how you buy it? and if you buy it, why you buy it? The purpose of anything which you purchase should be your demand or your wish. So we have discussed it what is intended. So in this topic, we will discuss, how can we understand users buying behaviour. And how a user buy it like it and interact it? And we also discussed in this whole process where our SEO will play a role.

Because this is a digital era. And people who purchase online that search also online. And as people physically go to a shop and buy any product so like that people have behaviour in purchasing online. So for that, we have to understand a loyalty loop.

What is Loyalty Loop and Where It Stands in SEO

Does loyalty mean how much someone is loyal to you? How much is your favorite customer? Some user like you and want to purchasing again and again. Because they like quality or price, there are a different purpose to like you. So if we want to show you this loyalty loop that what is loyalty loop and how it works. so you can see and understant it how a loyalte loop works.

loyalty loop structure
Loyalty loop

How Loyalty Loop Works

Let me explain what happens in it. For example, you don’t know a brand or you want to purchase a thing the first time which you have never ever purchase. So your behaviour will be working in some stages.

Active Evaluation

Physical Evaluation

So your first stage will be actively evaluation. If you have required this thing then from where you will get it? Normally you will go market, or ask friends, as relatives from where it will be available and how it will be purchased. Which is better and from where the better thing will be available. So when you ask all these questions these are called active evaluation.

Acitve Evaluation in Digital

In digital, you go on Google and research. You will write a question and search for the answer, and write more questions and also find more answers. Do do you have to come at such a point where you will be understood, a thing which you required from where will it purchased. How much price will get? Who are selling it? and how should you do that?

This can vary from product to product but generally, this active evaluation is important for you to understand what is loyalty loop. If you are business. Because in this active evaluation a user has defined from where he should have purchased a product.

Moment of Purchase

Our purpose is we see how is it done in SEO. So after completing this active evaluation there comes a point, where the user thinks that he should have to buy this. This moment when a thing is decided in your mind that you have to purchase this because before this you are thinking so in a single moment you decide now it has to purchase.

And after that, you talk about payment and put it in your shopping cart for buying. There are different experiences, that where you are standing and from where you are buying.

Post Purchase Behaviour

When you purchase and use this product then this process is called post-purchase behaviour. What is post-purchase behaviour in the loyalty loop? Basically when each brand sale you some thing. So with that rather they give you warranty or support or are many other methods by which you can connect to them. For example, if you purchase a product and you use it, but possible it is not working or having some defects or any other issues product have.

Then you go to them and talk about the product. And after talking you understand rather they are litning your problem or not. It is called post-purchase behaviour. Because it is the most important behavour. Because if any brand wants to increase their customer then many brands can win customer at this moment. And who wins customer at this moment he wins them forever.

But here if you lose them, you do not provide them proper support. Then what will they do? They will not come to you again. And start the process again. Basically loyalty loop explain this that. Because in purchasing post-experience experience user will define, if he required that product again then should he go to that brand or not. If the customer is satisfied with your product and happy with your customer support then obviously he will come to you again, rather he again searches a product.

So this loop will be created. Because in this loop user will not search again if he required shoes again and he again searches on the internet. Rather he is satisfied with your product. So he will again come to you. If he likes to show off brand then if again he required shoes then he straight goes to that brand and will purchase shoes. So for each business, it is valid that it should understand this loyalty loop. And he should be aware of what is loyalty loop.

How Loyalty Loop Effective in SEO

We have to understand how this loop is effective in SEO or digital marketing. Or how can we put our input in this loop? It may also be a matter of digital marketing or also a matter of search only. So we have to focus on stage number one which is active evaluation. The stage when user activity is an evaluation of your brand. Because in digital, evaluating means he is searching for you.

What is he searching this is necessary to understand for you. For example, if he requires shoes then he can write “best shoes in Lahore” or “best shoes in Pakistan” which shoes are best to buy. If you are selling shoes then this customer is relevant for you. And you should rank against this query. Because if you will not give him an answer to this question, then who will give him an answer that will be win customer. So like this, if you talk about clothes, restaurant, jewelry or any type of business, so people ask a question which actively falls in that which brand have to discuss.

So this active evaluation can play a very important role under search evaluation. Because we have to understand that what is search and Google is largest search engine. And these searches occur in Google again and again. So if you make your strategy like this for Google and Bing Which are the largest search engine in search engine types. And you can rank your content on these queries or products.

And after ranking, you can become a part of that active evaluation. When you will become the part of that active evaluation and they will come on your site then they will decide rather your product is so much value that they purchase it. And after using refer it to other customers. so a moment of purchase will be then activated when you will talk about user behaviour.

So if we want to complete this loop and want to come customer again and again. so, first of all, we must do to attract customers. So in the first stage active evaluation. In which search engine play a very important role. And which brands have understood this they use it and by using it they can increase their traffic. More traffic means more customer and more customer means more sales and business.

Search By Social Media and SEO

In this topic, we will understand how search engine marketing have a relation to digital marketing. And how we can use it in a big strategy that we can use it on our website for ranking purposes.
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Role of Social Media and SEO

So here we can discuss what is the role of SEO and where other things will play their role. And how is it different from other things.
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There is four main channel to avail traffic on any website.

  1. Search
  2. Social
  3. Direct
  4. Referral

These are four big mediums by which a website get traffic.

Search Traffic

Search means when anyone find you or search you through any search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc. This traffic will be called search traffic.

Social Traffic

If on the other side you will see social media, then it means if someone is searching for you in different social media channels like facebook, twitter, and linkedin, etc. Or he visited your profile or page or he has watched you any post or video then the traffic. Which will be come form these channels on your website will be called social traffic.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic means people rather know you or familiar with your website. They will search you by writing your name or your business or direct your URL will write and search you.

This traffic is called direct traffic on your website. And they will directly access to you. So it is direct traffic which not comes from any channels. They directly open your domain and we called them direct traffic.

Referral Traffic

4th type of traffic is that traffic which comes from other websites links. For example, if any website has given an internal link to your website, if the visitor of that website will come on your website by clicking on that link, this traffic is called referral traffic.

If someone refers to you and or give a link to you.
So these all types are so necessary to understand that we have to categorize that which medium is most strong for traffic which channel is weak for traffic. If we promote our strong channels and also make better of our week channels then our overall strategy will be going on better.

So now we explain these categories in detail

Search Categories

If we explain search in detail then it can convert in more two categories.
What is search and why is it important?

  1. Organic Medium
  2. Paid Medium

Traffic in search comes from organic medium as well as paid medium too.
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Organic Medium

Organic medium traffic means if someone has a search and finds your domain. And without clicking on Adds they click on your domain then this traffic is called organic traffic.

This is free traffic in this type of traffic website owner have to pay any amount to get traffic. It also means when someone has clicked on your domain then it has clicked on your organic listing.

And organic listing is that listing which Google understand by its algorithm and rank you that you are a better one against this query. So when you do SEO then this organic traffic help you to solve your SEO. And we enhance this traffic through SEO.

Paid Medium

We also know that Google allows us to paid traffic. If we can’t rank early in our keyword and can’t get any traffic then Google five us paid traffic opportunity. We have to place add to get traffic meanwhile we are working on SEO.

This traffic will be called paid search traffic. Because it will come from the paid channel so that search is known as PPC campaign or sem marketing. These are services which we get through search. As on organic and paid medium are available so like that on social organic and paid medium also are available.

Social Organic

If we talk about organic in social then it means that anyone have not to click on your adds come through your viral content or post. They can also come through your page, post, groups or other any type of content which you have shared on social media channels.

This traffic comes on your website free of cost. You have not paid to anyone to show your site. In digital language, you have listened to viral content. That thing which sometimes does viral. Some time some video, status or content publicly become viral. Viral means that become trending.

Trending means maximum people watch it and click on it. This is that traffic which can’t buy by giving money. This is that traffic which is gained by quality content. So it is called viral content and social media manager can manage it through social media management. And can take maximum traffic for you.

Social Paid Traffic

As you know in each country of world everyone is attached to social media and everyone has a presence to social media. And which is present to whom you can show ads. In social media adds are placed as adds are placed in Google.

In social media, you select a campaign and paid the amount and against this, they can visible your add to the social audience. If someone will click on that add then this will be count in social media advertisement.

In which you will know that who is coming to clicking through social media by adds but these are not organic traffic these are paid traffic. Paid traffic means you have to give money. And paid traffic rather in the social or indirect medium you have to paid money.

Difference Between Social Paid and Direct Traffic

But in organic, you have not to give money rather you have to provide quality so, that content should be good enough rather give money people themselves like it and share it to others.
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So this is the main difference in organic and paid rather it is on social or on Google. If it will be on Google then it will rank that content. And if it will be on social then social will be sharing that content. so both have different elements but both are called organic traffic.

In Google people can run Adds through Google Adds product, and in social people can run adds through demographic. Demographic means where you live, male or female, what you like most, which pages you like what is your age etc maximum factors are involved in it. so on that basis, you can run ads.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic means people know you or know your site. They come to search directly your URL or search your business name. This traffic is called direct traffic. This is also another important medium but the organic medium is most supper in SEO than any other medium.

Referral Traffic

And referral traffic means which come to other sites. It means your site is linked in anyone’s site and when traffic will came on that site then that traffic will also move to your site through referring that site. It is called referral traffic.

Importance of Content

In all these one thing is most important that is content. If you have not content then you can’t activate any channel. Your content is heavy on anything. Rather you have to get organic traffic through Google or by paid your content is necessary.

Because when people will click they will land on any page. If there was not any Good eventhoug you get traffic by giving add money people will leave your site. You can get users on your site by running adds but you can’t stop these users on your site. So to stop on your site you have to create quality content.

So like that on social media, you will move users to your website by paying adds. But when they will land on your site and they will not find any quality content then they will go and leave your website.

So like this, if anyone will come by visiting your site and you have to required content. If you have not any content then people will not retain on your site. And if someone links your referral then you also required content. So content is king.