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How is SEO Profession Different Than Development & Design

Dear Friends, SEO not works alone, many people believe that good SEO means, your website should be excellent it means your website designs and development should be very good.

seo factors

If you think so that SEO will work only, then it is not possible. Because we have discussed earlier and you know that there are different factors involves in SEO to whom we called SEO ranking factors.

SEO Factors

There come on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors and also technical ranking factors.
so these are those ranking factors which do better together with your SEO.

So SEO is the name of these different techniques, which you do on your website, so for that, an SEO process is completed.

Resources For Good SEO

To complete this process not only a single person effort requires. One man can do it, but sometimes you can rely on someone for creating a good website or for good development.

This could be a discussion, that a single person is a good SEO expert and with that is a good developer and a good designer, that is probably is impossible if it is then it is better.

Is SEO Difficult?

SEO alone is very difficult to walk alone. Because it is relay on design and development.

So with the help of these two things an SEO expert can do better.

But in this one thing is necessary to understand, when you are doing SEO then your work is long term, you have to work continuously and long-lasting.

When SEO Start?

I believe that SEO should starts when you think to start a business.

The job of the SEO will last as long as the business remains. So SEO should be as long as your business.

It is a never-ending service or process. which still you always have to do, because without marketing you can’t expect that you will get sales or leads.

Digital Marketing Role in SEO

If you will do marketing then your business will be run.

And in digital, marketing does in different methods, but the most powerful and important is to gain traffic through the search engine, and that’s why we do SEO.

How To Start SEO

So let me tell you, where all different in their own rows.

Domain & Hosting Purchase

For example, if you have to start a business, what would you do? you will purchase a domain and hosting and thinks to design a website on it

Designing and Developing Website

So for designing a website, you have required a website designer which will design your website according to your need.

And designer after completed design will give it to the developer.

And then developer converts the design in HTML(HyperText Markup Language) language.

This is the language on which the entire Internet operates. If you watch the code of any website on which that website is created that code is called HTML.

So for converting the design into HTML, the designer gives design and developer write it in coding.

And he writes the coding and then operates it on the internet then anyone can search it on the internet.

What did Developers do?

So what the developers do? they do good coding developing on designing how much design is good.

The designer has to provide the design and developers have to code this design that it should be executed on the internet as it is.

If it is not visible on the internet, then the designer has just finished his work, but the developer has not finished his work.

SEO Works Start Here

But after finishing these both workers, when the website goes live, then your work begins.
As I told earlier your work has already begun, how does? let me explain.

Finding Domain

For example, if you want to create a website on online shopping, and you want to sell clothes or shoes then for finding the domain name you will think what should be the name of the domain.

If the domain name will be that, for example, if you are running an online business and your domain name will be online business the Google thinks you are the best and exact result.

So to thinking of domain name, according to SEO can remain very helpful to you.

Website Design

So, like that many things matters on SEO today before. After that, we know that Google considers many technical factors.

In which design is an important factor if your design will be heavy if the designer will not know it, that if the website will be heavy then SEO will not be better.

So you have to tell designer, that website should be not heavy, make sure, the relay at least on images, and colours should be used in coding not used it in images, because when they loaded they take time, and their size is large.

If you handle this thing through coding, CSS or HTML, then your design remain better and most lightweight.

As your design is lightweight, it becomes Google friendly.

Website Speed

It is the most specific requirement of Google that your website speed should be optimized, and the maximum it depends on website size, which controls designer.

Same goes for the developer, if a developer is coding your website, and if there are problems or errors in his coding, and creating problems for Google to crawl website then Google will punish it or not give him good ranking.

So as a marketer you have to guide to both of them, that how can be created a good design and how can be a good coding, which is Google friendly.

And then you start your work which almost starts parallel with both of them.

Optimized Website

Some people have noticed something that, developers mostly thinks this, that if the website has to speed optimize then SEO has done if he wrote the code well then SEO’s done. It is very important to dispel this misunderstanding.

That some developers think that SEO is limited to their capabilities, that is not so.

SEO is a very long process, and a developer can do good SEO, but SEO is not limited to the developer’s work.

SEO is a Long Term Process

A long term process is involved in SEO. Which the marketer have to handle later.
there are involve

  • keyword research
  • Article writing
  • And some different things.

So some developers have this misunderstanding, and they also object that we have done SEO. To some extent, they do just fine.

They can make SEO friendly website, but for creating an SEO friendly website is not only a complete SEO.

SEO is a complete process which probably they don’t know.


So that’s why we have to understand, that’s where the designer’s job begins, where its job finishes, where developer’s job begins, and where its job finishes, and where SEO professionals job begins.

Which I told you it begins from start to end until business will exist. So all these responsibilities all depends on good SEO’s.

Who has to rank on Google he will trie continuously that his website alway remain Google friendly.

search engine marketing vs organic search

Organic Search VS SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Dear friends, the most important thing for Google is its algorithm, and he will never compromise on it.

People think about Google, that they can convince to Google by money or reference to rank their website.
But it is not possible.

Nor Google will allow to doing it, nor Google can survive by doing it. so you can’t buy top rankings in Google.

It is impossible for Google to compromise. Let me tell you the reasons.

For example: if Google can be convinced, that he should take a specific link on top, it is very easy for Google, that he may rank anyone by getting money.

But what would be the loss for this, and the harm will be this, the user which he was searching, will not find that, for which he was gone, because he will find that which will come on top by two numbers or reference.

Ultimately a bad experience will be started by this, and it will be thinking, Now Google did not remain a search engine like previous that.

How Google Understand

So the real success of Google is that when someone searches some things then real information can be provided to him.

How it can be provided? because Google tries that it only understand user’s demand and understanding this, told him, this is the information which you search and this is the real information which you want.

But if someone can get ranking by any other methods, will not rank by quality, then it is a problem for Google and also a problem for the user.

Because ultimately he will leave it. But some people do commitment and promise that we can give you a ranking on Google.

Google can do this by taking money, or we have a relation with Google. It dose not possible.

Methods for Ranking in Google

There are two ways to rank in Google.

Organic Search

One is the Organic ranking.
Organic ranking means, which free of cost, Google works as a search engine that he rank your website or information free of cost.

That can be ranked by SEO ( search engine optimization.

In this pic, you will find two different results,
In number 1 are those ranking which come through SEO and secondly are those ranking which come by SEM search engine marketing, means paying methods.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

So Google can provide you with this opportunity if you are newbie are newly launched or your brand is new, you will be not able to rank to early.

But your information is valid and your information is that information which user is searching.

So you can do it, that temporarily or forever or whatever budget you have selected for your marketing or advertising.

Google Ads
sem results adds

You can rank on top to pay them, but Google will differentiate it like this, that he will tell you a difference which is a little different, like in fig. the first 2 results are mentioned with symbol “Ad”.

This is the result which is coming from Google paid medium, to whom called Google Ads also.

So Google Ads is another product of Google on which business can run their ads, so that if someone searches their information and he is not coming top by SEO, so they can come top by Ads.

This is the only place where you can give payments to Google.
And Google tells you by default, that you will run the Add.

But SEO result is free of cost, so to take this result neither can you give money, neither can you come by any other methods.

So white hat SEO, black hat SEO and grey hat SEO, as many techniques we have discussed early, they ranking on lower results(SEO results) not effected on top results (Ads result).

So in organic ranking, you have to come top only on by One method, which is long term and give you long-lasting results, that is only on white hat SEO ( search engine optimization ) techniques.

Types of Google Results

If you will adopt it as black hat SEO or you think you will come on top by paying money, so that is not possible.

So it is important to understand, that two types of results are shown in Google.

One those which are organic, that can do only on SEO, and secondly, are those which are paid to whom called search engine marketing or SEM.

Ultimately Google mention them in Add shape, but other results are the same, but Google writes only ‘Ads’ word, which becomes clear to you.

Google Campaigns

That these are those results which are paid campaigns, or PPC Campaigns or Google Ads campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in which you may rank to paying money.

Some people adopt a Good strategy like that they can run a combined campaign of SEO + SEM.

In SEO they tri to rank their websites in Google free of cost, so that if anyone searches thier information that gradually starts come on top.

But now they had started a business they should result now. Now customers are not coming, then they want this, why not we run paid advertisement, until our organic ranking does not come up with white hat SEO techniques, until then we run the paid campaign, we may get results.

Pay Per Click PPC Campaign

Because these paid campaigns are much cheaper and right then your payment deduct when someone clicks on your link.

So PPC ( Pay Per Click ) means you paid when someone clicks. so that is why it has been named Pay Per Click.

PPC campaign, then you pay it when someone clicks on your Ads. And only then will he click on the Ad when he is searching for information, so your result may appear on him.

For instance: if you are searching a restaurant, and have to found an Ad for a restaurant, and you will click on that “ad” because you are searching this information because you have to eat a meal or take rest so you click on this add.

So you will go to that restaurant and ordered food, rather you order or not, but when you click on the link business will give the payment to Google. why? Because due to Google he got traffic.

So if he was ranking in organic traffic then he will not do the payment to Google. Google also shows it free of cost, why? because Google knows, which people are searching restaurant, for those, this is the best website, which should come on top organically.

So by this Google create a big difference between SEO and SEM, that organic medium is different and paid medium is different.

In organic, you can’t come on top by giving any payment to Google, or by giving any reference or doing any black hat SEO or grey hat SEO.


But in Search engine marketing, ore SEM you can come on top by giving payment to Google, but the day you stoped to giving payment to Google, Google will stop showing your ads.

So they are not long-lasting rankings, they are only on temporarily rankings.

But organic rankings or long-lasting rankings, if once you have ranked and you are not doing two numbers work or black hat SEO, to ranking your website on top.

Then it is possible Google may rank your website on top for a long period.

And if you will do it better then anyone can not de-ranked it.

seo techniques black hat vs white hat vs grey hat seo

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Grey Hat SEO

Dear Friends, as you will know, where it is good, there is ill also. SEO is also not free for this.

There are also good things in SEO and also bad things too. And Google said good for those things to who you can optimize your website to understand and follow the guidelines of Google.

They say better things, they have been named white hat SEO.

Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

So white hat SEO means all those things or activities that you adopt for optimize your website or creating links or for links building then they are allowed that you can do it.

Black Hat SEO

But there are many such things which are forbidden by Google.

So these activities are known as black hat SEOs.

Black hat SEO is called for those activities to the Google and another search engine forbids, that you will not do these things, then you can not do this work.
so let me tell you in detail.

What is White Hat SEO

Basically White hat SEO are those work or activities to whom Google and other search engines follow because of search engines or not humans.

Search engines are machines or algorithms or programs to who is designed with a specific formula, and they follow things with a specific formula.

Some people think, that they can rank by cheat Google and other search engines.

So they try to break that program or code, let’s do it with two numbers. so they can rank up as soon as possible, when they will rank up they will get big traffic, when they will get traffics they can generate leads or sales.

Now the problem is, Googe just has an only business, the primary business of Google is only “search“.

How Google Add New Features

Google hired thousand of Phd Doctors Engineers.

That can understand these things and run these programs and optimized them, means let them do better day by day and add new different features.

Such as Google added new features likewise people try to break them.

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Actually this is continually running a race between good and evil.

As Google launch a new thing by the way people think that they will break it and come on top. while this is not possible.

If that is even possible then it is a limited range. So white hat SEO is the name of that thing which Google said you have to do.

How White SEO Works

For example. Google said You make a good website or Google said you do speed optimized to your website.

Because if someone opens it on mobile or on desktop then it should be loaded within mili second.

So that is a good thing.

Google wants, that user gets a good value because as Google provides user good value so you should be provided good value to Google.

These all activities are counted in white hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO

Some people think if they will do black hat SEO then they can do better as compared to white hat SEO.
Often this happens too.

Because runs on algorithms and they set some perameters. Some people can get the expertise to break them. And what they do? they try to rank up to by break these rules.

Websites are often ranked, but this is a very dangerous process.

How Google DRank A Website

Because as soon as Google knows about that stuff, that many people are ranking a website to apply a specific technique.

Those are the people who really deserve it or the websites who should have to rank. they are no longer ranked. So Google will not allow to plying his algorithm.

Because which day, Google’s algorithms are cracked, so that day Google as a company will not sell his algorithm as a company.

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This is the only thing which makes GoOgle “Google”.

Why Google Not Allow Black Hat SEO

Because if people will rank up by doing two numbers then good websites will remain drank.
So white hat SEO and black hat SEO both run in a parallel.

Because some people believe on black hat SEO, and they try with shortcuts and to take small steps or of jumping or by two numberings they will be doing SEO.

But in reality that is as early they go up as early they go down.

What is Grey Hat SEO

Beside these Two SEO techniques, a third technique also exists. which name is grey hat SEO.

Grey hat SEO is that SEO in which people thinks they will not only do white hat SEO rather they mix in it black hat SEO and will rank up easily.

Grey hat SEO techniques are those techniques which contain both SEO’s Techniques mixture.

Services are providing by combining both SEOs Techniques.

Is Grey Hat SEO Works

People also do that work which Google allows to do and they also believe to do that work which Google forbade.

So Google says, you don’t force to Google for rank your website, you allow to Google to ranks your site, you should wait to rank your site, write valuable content when you provide value then people provide you links when they give you links then ultimately you will come up.

How Black Hat SEO Works

Some people for getting links, because of creating content or writing content is a hardworking job, sometimes a lot of investment also seems to take place.

But some people instead of doing it, they think to take a shortcut, or buying links someone, instead of creating links.

They take links, and with that, they follow the Google instructions also. That’s the technique, that’s called grey hat SEO.

Means not you completely fall on white hat SEO and neither you fall completely on black hat SEO.

This is most important to understand the difference, which activity you are doing.


All our efforts will be this that we follow all white hat SEO techniques. Because the white hat SEO technique is long term technique. And Google will also like this.

Because if you will do black hat SEO techniques, first of all, you will not be able to rank, even if you rank, then you will not remain long on top.

Do our this course will be around completely white hat SEO techniques.

And we will try to do all these things which Google search engine and other search engine allow to do.

social and search in digital marketing my seoland

Social Vs Search Vs Digital Marketing

As we know, search engine optimization is a service in Digital Marketing, or consider a catagory.

That is very important to see that in broader prospects where it falls or what is its difference with other catagories.

social media marketing

Normally search competed with social. That what is the difference between search and social.

Social Vs Search in SEO

Both catagories fall in digital marketing, so I believe, it is very important to clear it that where search falls in SEO and where social falls in SEO.

Why are both used, and how are both linked to digital marketing?
One mistake that people make, that’s it, they think to do a single factor or service they become better. While it does not happen.

social media role in seo

Search in SEO

Your user comes with a different journey and searches you on Google. They search their information on Google found you on Google and move to on your website.

By visiting your website, your website wins his heart and he wants to subscribe your website to read your all content.

So rather he wants to search you again and again on Google. He searches you on which platform you are existing, and on which platform he uses.

For example, I am in pain, and I search a doctor on Google, I have got a sit, so after visiting multiple websites, I like a website and I satisfied its all things.

Now I want to save it and also want to subscribe to it. So apart from doctor website I will see his channels where it can exist.

Social in SEO

For example, they can be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and any other social channels. As many channels as I like I will go on them and like or subscribe to them.

And it will, next time when they will start uploaded content it will started to gain it.

Now, these both things fall in digital marketing. But their difference is most important.

Why People Fail in SEO

That a mistake which people can do, they think only by doing SEO or sharing content on social or doing any other things or doing some most important factors we will be succeeded.

Follow the Audience

It is wrong. You have to do everything. But according to the search marketing perspective that where is the audience.

so follow the audience is a golden rule.

Follow the audience means, you see where is your audience, so how many people feel pain, is a big audience. Anyone can suffer pain, and anyone can search doctor.

What doctor do they like now, a fan following become of that doctor and they started following it on social media?

Normally search is a huge medium because it targets many people and is a most broader catagory.

So if someone feel hungry he will search for a restaurant and if you have a restaurant then you will start ranking in restaurant catagory.

If anyone feels pain, or become ill he will search for a doctor or search a clinic, he does not know that Dr.Usman exist or not. He only knows that he is feeling pain and he requires a good doctor.

when he sees you, then he will be familiar with you trying to follow you, then your social media is active.

So then we have to see, we don’t miss the big audience. Who knows us by the name they will follow us or directly visit our site by searching our name.

But who don’t know us by name, those who need us, those who have intent, intent means have a want to search a particular thing, so we want that they may find us.

Following on Social Media

If anyone searching something and he is my targeting customer then we have to reach them under which SEO.

So that We may find them. And after that, we can activate other marketing aspects.

For example, once he comes on my website, then I can also to subscribe to his E-Mail. I can ask him to follow me on Facebook or Instagram or watch our videos on Youtube, but this is possible then, what a user will find me.

Who knows me he will search me directly and also follow me, But who don’t know me that is a big audience.

So search gives us opportunities when anyone search then we understand its intent. That what is he searching.

If it is our targeting audience then we have to refine ourself for themselves according to SEO. And then we have to available for them.


All these things work in a parallel. But, because search is a big catagory so we need to do much focus on search.

The audience will come form search then we activate another channel. If the audience will not come from search then we will reach only a limited audience.

But when we focus on intent, then anyone who needs us will be able to find us.

When relationship will be build up according to need then they will follow us, and then we send them another thing with the following, e-mail campaign, and do e-mail marketing.

If any event or promotion is coming then there are many possibilities to campaign them.

So the search is a big medium while under-standing it, we will move it forward.

on page vs off page optimization

On-Page vs Off-Page Optimization in SEO

In this topic, we will see more in detail about ranking factors, that, what are the ranking factors?

On-Page and Off-Page Ranking Factors

Actually ranking factors are divided into different categories.
In these catagories, one category is On-Page Optimization or you can say it on-Page Ranking Factors, and another category is Off-Page Optimization or you can say it Off-Page Ranking Factors.

on page vs off page optimization details
on-page vs off-page SEO

1-On-Page Ranking Factors

The On-Page factors are those factors, in which, which information you have created on your website, and which information you can control, to do anything on it is called On-Page SEO, or On-Page Optimization.

So, for example, you have created a website, you will write its title, write it’s content, put an image in the content, optimize the content, will fix its language and layout.

All of these factors are called On-page ranking factors. Because you implement these on your own website.

Google Sees On-page factors, and then Google sees Off-page factors.

2-Off-Page Ranking Factors

Off-Page Factors mean, factors which are, off the page, means which are not on your page.

If they are not on your page, then it means that they are on someone else’s page.

So off-page normally, if we understand it, is called link building.
So in Google to do SEO, Which are Most important two factors.

On-page SEO, meaning whatever you do on your website, only you can do that.

But then again you can do Off-Page SEO. The factors which you can’t do on your own website, rather you can dot on anyone else’s website.

And by doing this from anyone else’s website means, you get links to form there, and take this link is called link building.

Roll of On-page and Off-Page Optimization

Normally it can be said it has not most preference in SEO, But normally it is believed, that On-Page optimizations have 30% role in SEO and Off-Page Optimization have 70% role in Search engine optimization.

This is no guarantee, but if it is seen in important wise, then it happens once. For example, once you created a page, you also wrote the title, also gave the headings and also write the content, when everything is done, it was written once, then you leave it.

But if you want to promote it then you daily, weekly or monthly, you will go on different websites, on which people are discussing seeking different information, you post your website link on there.

That you required information, this is the link on which I wrote information and you can get on it.

So it is called link building or Off-page optimization.
In which, actually you can try to link your content to someone else’s website.

And that link should be ethical, and if someone demanding you information then you give line to them.

He will click on the link, and move on your website, you will get traffic also.

If Google crawls that site then he will come on your website too.

3-Technical Factors

As we have studied Google behaviour, how Google jumps or crawl from link to link to information.

Besides these two categories, third categories enhance rapidly, is called technical SEO. What is basically in technical SEO.

That technical factors, which normally common marketer can’t control. For which requires development or developers, in which basically on the server-side or on other things technically things can involve is called technical SEO.

In which some factors are, for example, you have to improve website speed, so this is a technical matter, as much you write good content.

if your website is not loading, if its server or IP is another country, if SSL Certificate is not installed on it. These all thing handle on a technical basis.

But in SEO normally many things are depending on developers. So if we normally catagories these things then these are called Technical SEO.

so the combination of Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO has become a complete Search Engine Optimization. Underwhcih you can optimize your website and trie to rank your website.

google ranking factors

What are SEO Ranking Factors – Myseoland

As we know Google and other search engines work on the algorithms, Algorithms are the calculation on some base. In this topic, we will discuss, on which base calculation are taking place.

SEO Factors or Ranking Factors

Algorithms are working on which specific formulas these are called SEO factors, which are also known as ranking factors.

Because these factors help you in ranking your website so that these are called ranking factors, or SEO ranking factors or just factors.

Under which you have to understand that, these algorithms index and extracts information and then show in the useful form under certain criteria or a pattern.

How Many SEO Ranking Factors are?

We have to do the same thing, But how many factors do they have? How many factors are they to whom Google sees.

So this is the point no one can know about that but Google told himself that it can see more than 200 ranking factors.

And Google considers more than 200 factors to rank your website on 1st-page 2nd page or any other page.

But in most place, they also get a reference. Google Sees more than 10,000 factors, while indexing, extracting or executing any information.

How SEO Ranking Factors Works?

As SEO professionals or digital marketer, we have to judge these factors that how these factors works.

Let me tell you this, Any search engine will not provide this information publically.

Because this is a secret recipe, and this is the formula under which they are making money and by which Google is Google.

If Google told someone how to it present information, then Google will not exist. Why? Because when I know this, that in which ways Google rank any website then I Will follow these factors and will do rank my site.

So others will do in the same way and they will also do the rank.
When this thing will be public, and this thing will be normal.

So when this will be normal, so the uniqueness and the factors on which Google rank any website will die, and so Google as a company will not exist.

That is why Google is much serious about its information and Algorithms. And Google tries a lot to not leak out.

Actually, this is a big industry and many people do experiments on a daily basis, so many experts understand some factors on which Google rank a website. They are sure about that factor, so they called these are more than 200 ranking factor on which Google ranks a site.

So we have to keep track of these factors as an SEO have to develop our website, and have to optimize our site.

And on these factors bases, we are analysing which things Google is catching and which thing is not catching.

How are the factors?

Again we will discuss it. I will tell you a little bit. for example, factors should be these,

  • What is going on in your title,
  • the information which people are searching can do exist it or not, if exist then how many time it exists.
  • How many links are on your page
  • How many sites give you backlinks.

Besides these, there are some other factors also.

  • Your website load or not, if load then how much time it takes?
  • Is it shows on mobile?
  • Is it secure?

There are more ranking factors, to whom Google and other search engines consider.

And after that, they decide which website to do ranks and which website or information to do drank.

Ultimately what is there a goal? ? There Goal is to provide right information under usefulness. which they are searching they get it.
So to do the things right Google and other search engines critically analyze these things and they also stay updated.

Today’s Google

And one thing you have to understand that Today’s Google is not 20 year before Google. Today’s Google is much different.

Before 20 years, Google only shows you links, when you search some things on Google it shows you only links.

And Now today’s Google Shows you maps, flight data, social media status, websites and also video.

So these are the factors that are changed. If you want to learn thoroughly SEO, one you have to understand these ranking factors, but secondly Google and other search engines can make changes you have to adopt them on time.

Information Obsolete

SEO is the only field in which information obsolete very quickly. Obsolete means, today which you have read, possible after year it did not valid.

Why? Because Google launch one thing before a year and then he thinks it was not good, or he thinks it should be launch some other better method. When he launched it in a better method than old information will be obsolete.

So you can’t say it, that two years before it happens, but does not happen. Why,? Because now Google thinks it should not happen like that.

So which way Google do advanced, we also do advanced.
so we understand how are search engines working, what new introducing, how changing is coming and how they are affecting?

And then we apply these things to our website, and a list is going to be made.

That something is in the title or not, speeded or not, secured or not secured, so these all factors can become an SEO process for us. Under which we rank own website or client’s website. And the entire industry runs the same way.

As this new information keeps coming, as Google and other search engine keep changing their SEO ranking factors.

And with that this happens, we have to adopt it with them.
With the coming of the new thing, old things become obsolete means their importance is to do down.

And practise which will be valid before one year now it is not valid in nowadays. So we just updated with Google, that what are they launching and how we have to utilize it on our website.

And these things can make a change with the passing of time. Because this is the evolution process, As much it becomes fast, so much we have to become fast.

If we miss this thing then ultimately we will not remain a good SEO.

Why? Because now our information will not be effective. So what we will do, Google will keep ignoring it. So if we not working according to the Googe so ultimately our performance of SEO will fall down.

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In this topic, we will discuss search engine optimization, that what is search engine optimization or SEO ?. Search engine optimization or SEO basically is a process. To understand SEO, it is very important to understand these three basic elements.

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  2. Search
  3. Optimization

We have discussed earlier that what is search and also what is a search engine. Now we will discuss in details about optimization.


So first of all to understand Google you have to take an example of a library.

For example, if you go a library and required a book then you will go to librarian and ask him about your required book, and then librarian will be told you exact place of your relevant book and also guide you what information is in that book.

So taking this example, if you try to understand Google, so basically, Google or other search engines are libraries for the internet.

Internet is a very big library if we want some information from it, then we go to Google and search for information and get the result, Google shows us the right information.

This information is shown under specific parameters. Parameter means specific criteria or a pattern under which this information is shown.

Search Engines Optimizations Pattern (Algorithms)

Every search engine has a different pattern. These are not humans and not any humans involve in it, only involve just to make it up.

So technically these are called algorithms (algorithms of search engines). what are the algorithms?

Basically, as you have listened in maths that algorithms are, which do mathematics calculations, under which decided which is true and which is wrong, so these all programs are working under mathematics calculations.

So these are called algorithms. And in easy language, these are called programs.

So what these programs do? as many other software is developed for solving a problem, so these algorithms are also developed to solve specific problems under specific parameters.

So they collect information, organize it and execute it. Which we have discussed in an earlier topic how the search engine works.

So to understand that What is search engine optimization or SEO it is necessary to understand these algorithms, and by which base these programs do calculations and then show results. So these things are most important which we have to understand.


Because these algorithms are different for each search engine. So they gradually updated and become advanced. As it goes to advance its characteristics are updated.

Then they explore things in different methods and also execute in different methods.

And so we being a Search engine marketer we have to understand it completely and then we apply it. So in all process, we need to understand some basic things about search engine optimization.

  • How did the search engine work?
  • How do they find the content on the web?
  • How do they index the content?
  • How do they rank information?
  • How do they show results against the search queries?

these all steps we have discussed earlies.

To gain knowledge of all these things, utilize this knowledge, and to understand how this thing works and after that utilizing it to improve your website and its content. so this process is called SEO.

So this is a process under which, we improved our content and information and many other things which we developed for marketing. According to Google and its parameters.

Because Google is trying to make its information easy and accessible for the user. So we should do to make information easy and accessible for Google.

Why Google Help Us

So as we help Google, so much Google will promote us. so this is a two-way process, that if we don’t optimize the website for Google (optimize mean tuning like a bike, for better performance) so like that we tune our website.

Where we do this tuning which part is working good and which is not which part is creating a problem so technically this tuning is called optimization.

So when we do optimization of our website so basically we develop our website according to Google or any other algorithms rules.

So, Which is Google searching can found on our website. When will he found easily then he can be shown it up easily.

So this whole process is called search engine optimization or SEO.

And in next we will discuss what are the factors under which Google algorithm works, what things he watches, and how we can make it better because as we improved things, by the way, our ranking will also be improved.

When our ranking will be improved then we will start coming on the front page.