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Who is SEO For? Search Engine Optimization – My SEO Land

This question is often asked.  Who can learn SEO? SEO is technical. So people think that they have not any idea about IT or have not any IT degree.  And they will never able to do this.

So in this course, we will discuss who is this course for and what skills or knowledge required to learn complete search engine optimization.

And what you do not do have? If something required too. Then how it will help you in SEO.

First,  you understand that. This course is for everyone, everyone means all of them. Meaning that,  If you have not to know anything and have not any knowledge about the internet, and you have found out the first time about Google, internet and search engine. you have also become an expert in SEO.

This course has been designed in this way .that anyone will start with any backgrounds, who will learn it.

To become an expert in SEO.  Four basic things you need that are most necessary.

Four Basic Things For SEO


First of all, you must be need passion to understand this. If you will have no passion then you will not learn it.


It’s not, that you’ll do it once and you’ll get rid of it and it will be done. You have to learn it on a regular basis, it is the success to keep it learning. If you will continue to learn it then your knowledge will be refreshed.  As you grow it up, by the way, you will understand it.

Keep this in mind when you start this course then start with full commitment and keep going with patience.


Curiosity is very important, you should have the ability to learn new things. How does it happen?  if it happens to happen, When you start to know this?.  You will start learning many things yourself. And this is curiosity, that man has been here today.

4.Ability to learn and Unlearn:

So there is an important role in forgetting some things. Often people did not forget old things and learned not to new things. It is learnability skill by which, it is told you that Some things you have to change over time. It may be possible for some years to be accepted. But in the next few years, it will become helpless.

When things get useless, they must leave them and the new thing have come.  According to this, it is very important to adopt them. so, to forget ( which thing you have learned to unlearn that thing to learn a new thing ) the things is a very important skill.

And you need this skill because if thing image is created in your mind. That how google works so it is not necessary that they get the same here. So it can happen some things gone against your belives that you have learned before. So you have to open yourself to keep learning new things.

Apart from that. that I told you, If you have these four skills in yourself then you can become a good SEO expert and a good digital marketer.

The most thing is Internet knowledge.  if you don’t know about the internet then it is not a major problem. you can learn the internet. But if you have knowledge about the internet, then you will understand the things very easily.

So other thing is a website if you know about website knowledge. That how does the website run or how to run or how to build. Then this SEO course will be very beneficial to you. Because you know about the website and will learn how to optimize a website.

Again if you know how a search engine works.  Then it is also very important for you that how search engines work and how to optimize them.  Then it will be very easy for you to understand SEO, but it is not necessary.


HTML is a language that is known as Hypertext Markup Language. And the whole internet runs under this HTML language.

There is a language of the internet behind any website you see and websites you see have coding behind them that is called language.  That language is taught to developers and developers to create a website with the help of HTML language.

So that,  CSS is the name of cascading style sheets. CSS handles design elements of a website.  HTML  told you about the website,  but design control in CSS.

For example,  in design what will be the font size, background color, headings.  And where the elements rotating or not,  these all things handle in CSS.

It will be remembered that the things I told you are good.  If you know,  but if you don’t know, then it is no problem. You can learn it by the time and follow it with step by step.

But the most important thing is marketing, if you know about marketing if you have a degree in marketing or business then these skills will be helpful for you. These skills will help you how to do traditional marketing and how to do it on digital. Then you don’t miss it.

Because with the help of marketing and business skills, you can easily learn search engine optimization and become an expert in SEO.

Now we discuss that who is this SEO  for?


For instance, if you are a freelancer or become a freelancer or doing a job anywhere then to learning SEO is very beneficial for you. Because after doing SEO course, you can work on their home with own time frame with different clients.

This is a complete job-ready course, after completing this course or during this course, at any point you can start your professional career.

Job Holders

If you are doing already a job, and you want to enhance your skill or switch your job.  Anyway, this course is relevant to you.  Search engine optimization is a new skill, it helps you in your existing job and provides new ability. If you don’t have a skill So you can also use it to go to the new job.


In the same way, if you are a businessman and want to grow your business, then it will help you to increase your sale.  Because your all competitors have to go on digital Market. You will also need to learn marketing as soon as you want to go digital.

And in digital marketing search plays a very important role. So if you will learn to search or optimization in search then you will grow your business through search.


if you are a housewife and can not go out of the house with any reason. And you want to do something with your family.  And you are not comfortable to do the job out of the house, then you must learn the SEO course.  Because after completing this course you can sit on your home and can earn money easily and can grow your business.


So this course is very useful for those people, Who can’t go out of the house or are still studying or want to do a part-time job.  Under SEO skill they can do the online job. And there is a lot of demand in the market. And it is a very easy course and learns this now you can make money.


if you are a manager in your company and if you think, you do not want to do SEO your self and you have to do your team.  Then SEO is very necessary for you. if you don’t want to do this your self. But if you don’t know how is it and how to do it. So long as you do not know you will not be able to do it now.

Because,  if you have to do it then you can understand it that, what is SEO and how SEO can be done. So if you don’t do it yourself so you will be able to do it by others.

If you complete the SEO course. Then people will not be able to cheat you. So this course is very beneficial for those, who run a team and want to grow their team. They can learn this course with their team also. And they do this course alone. They can create their team and manage it.

So some people start hiring after completing a search engine optimization course. Because they have to understand what is the benefits of SEO. Because they know well SEO, That how search engine optimization works.  So they go to the market and hire people and expand their business.

Fresh Graduate

If you have complete newly graduate and are searching job or you have not to get a job for a long time in your own degree, and you probably think your degree was not suitable for you or now it has no demanded.  Then this course is very useful for you. Because fresh graduate can earn sufficient income after lear SEO skill, and you can make it your full-time job.

Job Searcher

People who are searching job for many time, and not get any job. yet, they can also get skill in SEO and make living. Because its demand in the market is too high and people working are in little amount.  So this course will be very helpful for you. That how you can earn a good living.

If you don’t have a job instead of the searching job.  You should search for online projects and after searching online projects you must do it.

So this course is for all those people who want to do better their jobs or get new jobs. And want to get more visitor on Google to improve your team and want to increase your business.

We learn in this course

What is Google and how it works?

To understand Google is very necessary. Unless, when we do not understand Google, till then we will not rank on Google. Google is the world largest search engine. When you understand Google then you will be able to top your product on Google.

How search works and How Search Engines rank a website?

Then we understand how search works and how google grows and make his search engine.

HTML and how website Structured

You will understand what is HTML and websites. So if you have not knowledge about HTML, but it will be discussed in this course. And you will be able to learn that where is SEO is depended on HTML and websites and how you can utilize it.

What is Seo

Then We properly discussed what is SEO and what are the steps in it.  How we will process it and how we will go from one step to ten steps and what we have to do? If we have to rank on google.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is divided into 3 parts

On-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

This course is starting from basic SEO to advance SEO.

1Abc Directory

Getting Started With The Course – How is This SEO Course Structured ?

When we design this course then we kept this thing in mind that readers belong to different mindsets, different education background, and different ages.

This course is for all of you. But to make it easy for all was an important part. So that is why.  This SEO course is divided into 30 sections. That gradually starts to an advanced level.

In this complete course step by step. You will get a special skill at the end of each section. And all sections are connected to each other.

So to understand this SEO course, the main thing is that. You start it and gradually comes to end so that you can understand completely.  That. What thing connects to which thing. and which things are advanced.

So here is the layout of 30 sections

And in these sections, more than 200 posts are published. In which we told you

  • what is Google?
  • Who are Google competitors?
  • How does Google work?
  • How search engine creates?
  • Google history

And which search engines are.  And ultimately we come to these topics. After completing the basic topics.

In which you will understand

  • How to do SEO?
  •  How to market SEO?
  •  How to earn money through SEO?
  • How to use SEO with business?
  • How to SEO used in different jobs?

These things are covered up in this complete SEO course. So that after completing the SEO course you can get an immediate job or rank your business or website.

Because this course is action-ready and job-ready. It will give you all those skills that are necessary to gain a job or running a business or website.

Because it is digital time, and in digital time search is most important. If you ignore the search then you will not do digital marketing. So it is very necessary to understand search engine optimization.

Who is this SEO Course For?

Introduction To SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Anywhere around the world, people drive on the internet to search for anything.

Among them, 93% of people attraction starts with a search engine.

You can guess this that how much importance a search engine has in a digital world.

According to Google, every month on Google, more than 100 billion searches occur.  And these searches are increasing day by day.

search engines per month searches graph

And with this, you have noted that every business in the world is going online.

Its main reason is, to get users are not only much easier, rather cheaper and global.

Imagine if a business requires an audience in a city.  Then it should be opened 8 to 10 branches in that city.  Then it will cover a specific audience.

But the same brand if launching a website on the digital world,  not only it will reach its products global,  rather to its customers.  So, that is why thousands of new websites are launching on a daily basis.

In which old to new business and small to large scale businesses are going towards the online world. So all are busy to make their places in the race of digital presence.

It is understood for you. That in the future, any business will not survive without the presence in the digital world.

Now this question arises

“Google and other search engines which result shown against which search.”

How will they determine that which result shown on 1st Number and which result shown on 2nd Number?  And which result will not be shown on the 1st page.

Behind all of these process,  one of his algorithms is working.

And as SEO, it is necessary for us to understand it. In such a way searches are growing on one side, and on other side business are also growing. So in this situation how it will be determined, that.  Which business can be attached to which users.

In a specific situation, a new position has been created which is called SEO Experts.

Basically, these are those experts people,  who know very well that what google does.  And how Google understand in these businesses or websites, and how to arrive his message to customers.

That is why we launch the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  course that you can become an SEO Expert.  and can help those businesses and websites to rank among those searches that people search to reach a business or website. And ultimately you can help them to grow their leads and sales.

In this SEO course, we will discuss that
  • what is a search engine?
  • How Did Search Engine work?
  • How Search Engine understand business Related?
  • What are Algorithms of a search engine?
  • How websites Designs?
  • How User Search?

In This Course, You will get answers to all the questions.  And not only it will be told you that.

How SEO works?

Rather it will be explained that.

How will you use SEO for your own and client business, and how to rank a website to get targeted audiences.?

In this SEO, course not only is discussed business. Rather we told you the best methods of providing services in freelancing websites. That how you can offer your services on most popular sites or you can do a job with multination companies to earn a handsome living.

Now the question is that:

what is SEO (search engine optimization)?

Basically, this is SEO (search engine optimization) course.  Actually, search engine optimization is a process. Under which we work on some factors.  That Google accepts or other search engines recommended us, to do that.

According to that we ultimately can rank our business.

In this SEO course. A little technical part is also used.  Because when we talk about the algorithm. Then basically algorithm is a technical field so that we can understand and apply it.

“But it is not so much difficult. But to understand it clearly you have to read all the post carefully and understand it one by one.”

And research it by yourself more and more. If you think that some part is difficult for you then you can comment to us.

Each question’s answer will be posted immediately.  And we will help you to understand this Search Engine Optimization  Course.

Hope you will learn it and become an expert in the SEO field. Because today SEO experts are most in demanded and in future it will be more demand so “best of luck”.

So the Course Content Of SEO is given below.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Google SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Getting Started with SEO

Introduction to Google and SEO

Why Google?

SEO in Broader Digital Marketing Sphere

Key Word Research

Basic Creating Content for a Website

Getting Started with On-Page Optimization With SEO

On-Page Optimization

Page-Level Factors

Image SEO

Site-Level Factors

Advanced Content Optimization

Domain Factors

Advanced Factors

Off-Page Optimization or Link Building

Web Site Audit and Analysis