What is Google Search Page Structure?

google search page structure

When you open Google.com What you see. A logo a search box and some links top-bottom and complete white page. If you open this Google site to any other browser or any type of device, you will see Google as it is.
Google is a search engine or a company

So Google can take place many changes in its search, but from the last 20 years, it keeps same its home page. And here you can see how Google search looks in 2008, and Now in 2019 how Google search page structure.

How Google can do this and what are these changes. What are the new features which Google has added, and What are called these section? And when and how these sections look.

What is Google Search Page Structure and How Google do it?

So Google has made a significant improvement over the past 10 years. Also in design, and many changes are such as to whom we see but we have no idea and ignore it. Here will be disclosed maximum changes which Google has made, what are these changes? and where we see in our daily life?

1- Direct Answer Box

First comes a direct answer box. When you ask a question to Google, it wants to answer it. Google is an answer engine. This is Google attempt if it understands your question it wants to give the answer directly.
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And to make prominent of this answer it shows its result in different form as compared to other results. It gives a prominent place to its answer. In which is the answer to your question, images related to your answer, and also show with it related searches. So this is the one google search page structure change, which Google has done in the previous 10 years.

2- Featured Snippets

The 2nd main change is featured snippets in its search structure in which it shows you different results in highlight form. These forms are divided into given sections.

Google Paragraph Result

In these changes, the first thing is a paragraph. If your query is asking about information, and Google will show you a paragraph. So that which is your information, you have to know instantly on Google.

If your answer is in the small paragraph which you have found on Google then you have no required to click some other websites. That’s what Google wants, you can get all the information on Google. And if you get satisfied results then ultimately you will remain on Google and not go to other site leaving to Google.

featured snippet paragraph example

Bulleted List

Another list of featured snippets is list in Bullets. Most people find some searches like “recipe” or other information in which list is included. That list Google mostly shows you on Google in bullets form. If you write a question which answer will be in steps like “how to set up a camera” or “how to drive a car“.

If you ask all these things to Google and if steps are involved in your answer and Google have to understand that what is your query. Google tries to give you a direct answer. And it shows you in featured snippets form in a bulleted list. You will find this list from there. And furthermore, provide you reference if you want to read more then you can read from there.

featured snipet bullet example

Numbered List

So like that bulleted list, Google has another feature in its search page structure. If in your query results these are involved in steps in numbers like “1,2,3….” then it shows you results in number list. And if you get your result on Google then you will not go any other site. You will get your information from here.
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numbered list example
numbered list

Table Design

Another interesting thing Google does in its search structure that is table design. Some times table design is necessary to understand a specific type of information. If you get information in colums then you can digest it easily, that what meaning of that information.

For example, if you search investment then your result will be in the table and you can easily understand it. You have to noticed when Google do the conversion or show you the information in table form, then to digest information can be very easy for you. And this also Google do for your convenience. It then, when it thinks that its information will help you and it is that information which is you searching.

3- Rich Snippets

Another interesting thing you have to notice when you are searching for some information in which you have required ratings of a product or price of that product. It is called rich snippets in Google Search page structure. And it is the most important feature of Google.

Google does this, it put data form websites if these websites are public website on which people are giving reviews. For example, if you have to shop form an e-commerce website and a product is added there. Some people buy this product and some leave reviews, someone gives Good review if the product satisfied him.

And some on leave bad review if the product has not satisfied with him. And they all gave star rate from 1 to 5. When the five-star rating then Google wants to show that rating. For example, if you want to buy a product then before buying you can understand that this product price is this and have this star value. And this product is available in stock or not.

This information Google wants to show you on Google. So that you click on that point where you think you have to go. For example, if you are searching for mobile and you find a list of mobile list, then you will be known, which mobile is better and what price is of that mobile on different websites.
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And what are the features of that mobile? If you will see the same mobile on different websites, then you will find the same features but a little bit different in prices. So At that point, what will you do? Ultimately you will click on that website by which you know, that website will help you or you think will give you a cheap price mobile.

So it depends upon you to whom you chose. But it is Google attempt, maximum information will be provided on Google. And that information Google provides you in rich snippets form.

rich snippet example
rich snippet

4- Local Pack

Another feature is the local pack name. Local pack data comes from Google Maps. And this local pack feature is then activated, when you search a query in location base. Then it shows your location base related results. For example, if we take the example of a restaurant, then the restaurant is a physical place where you can go and have dinner.

If Google thinks, which thing you are searching, a location can matter. According to that location, it shows you maps, and that maps show you, how much far are you from any place, or near to that place. And by these results, you can decide, that you can go there and do dinner or can do any work or not.

Its name is the local pack. And mostly Google show you maps in your search results.

local pack example
local pack

5- Knowledge Graph

Another main and interesting feature of Google is the knowledge graph. This knowledge appears on the right side of the search. This knowledge graph then appears on the right side, when you have got information to a particular thing.

When we search for any famous actress, place or person. Then Google shows some information on the right side and mostly this information is coming to form Wikipedia or another encyclopedia. Where Google sees fit, it shows images, maps, and furthermore links. Possible you want to know about them or want to search these.

So it is called the Google knowledge graph, and have remained a successful product from the last 10 years. When Google launches it, users like it very much. For these users mostly research become so easy, because some information which they have to watch to go on other sites now can be visible on Google.

6- Knowledge Panel

knowledge panel is a little bit different from the knowledge graph. The difference is, the knowledge panel takes all the information from Google. But in the knowledge graph, we have discussed that information have come forward from Wikipedia or encyclopedia.

And in knowledge panel information comes from Google Maps or other Google’s properties. This is the difference but it also visible on the right side of search. If you have Google Maps listing, means if you are registered in Google Maps as a business, and you have some feedback on your location, people have reviewed it, your number is added in it and your address is added in it.

Then Google will show you your information in the knowledge panel form to whom, who are searching for you.

knowledge panel example
knowledge panel

7- People May Ask

Some times Google feels if you are searching a thing, then you search some other things also. so in research when you ask a question then after that question, you ask 2nd question, and after that 3rd and so on.

This all data is available to Google. And on this base, Google has launched a new feature which name is people may ask. When you ask a question to Google. Then Google understands it that it is necessary to give you an answer, and also provide you some other relevant answers also.

Maybe you have to ask this next question or this next question. As you continue to click on your question it will show you more questions. So people also like most this feature because once again user search becomes so easy. And people search in their favorite search engine and from there they can know more answers.

This is the most important Google search page structure feature. You have also noticed it when you have to search for some question.

people may ask example
people may ask

8- Image Pack

Another feature is with image pack. In which Google show you images. If you are searching images of something rather then you go on Google Images you have to find all results on Google search results. And Google thinks if it shows you images on it possible you have like any image and click on that image and get your information rather then to go on Google images section.

9- News Box

Another most interesting feature of Google search page structure is news box. Which is related to the news. If you search for any topic, and against that topic, a piece of hot news is going on. Or Google thinks it is a topic on which news has to be shown. It shows you a box with the name of the news box.

In which related news or trending news can show you. If your topic is in which an incident occurs or a newsworthy topic then it shows you in news form. And other results show you in below. So if you find news in this form then you become so easy in your life that you have to get information quickly.

So like that Google can take new innovation in its search page structure and with that, it also deletes some features also. It totally depends on what people are liking and how Google test it. And how decided after evaluate that what feature put and what feature has deleted.

google news box example
news box

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