How Google Search Engine Works Step by Step

In this topic, we will discuss actually how Google search works, what happens when you go on “” and write something and press enter, within second Google shows you results.

This is a very interesting game, which Google plays in the backend. Because these all things go under a process, and it is very necessary to understand this process.

Because this process is basic to understand that what is SEO and without knowing this process we can’t understand search engine optimization and we can’t rank our website or blog.

When you search something on Google, then there are present thousands and millions of results to Google.

But how is it decided that Google shows you, your acquired results? Why No.1 Website is on No.1 and why No.10 website is on No.10 and why a website is on 2nd or 3rd page.

You will understand these all things when you understand google algorithms. Google does this in 3 big steps.

Google Search works in 3 Steps

  • Crawling & Indexing (How basically google crawling and indexing)
  • Search Algorithm ( Google has multiple algorithms)
  • User Responsive ( How user response on )
how google crawling and indexing
how to google search works

These 3 things are most important for understanding if you want to know how google show you results.

Crawling and indexing

For example, if you want to visit a website, what you do? you open a website and watch your required information, and there you watch different websites links.

You click on a link to jump one website to another site, and 2nd website to 3rd website and so you jump different websites to multiple websites through links.

Google absolutely do like this. But Google Does not do this itself.

Basically, Google has some algorithms which are called bots or crawler. So Google drops own crawler or bots on a web.

What did they crawler do?

They start crawling to one website and by jumping they go on different websites.

As much a website has links so they go one link to other website and that website to the other website.

and when they crawl all links of a website the came back and submit or index all the data in the Google database.

Google does indexing by its own algorithm base, but here you have to know that, when you search on Google then basically you don’t do an internet search.

Basically, Google Crawl on the Internet and then index it. When you search then you search from this index. That’s mean Google can’t reach too many websites.

Some people don’t like you to reach their personal websites.

If you have a private forum or such a content which you do not want on Google because you place it paid and when payment is done then content will be accessible. So it will be accessible when he will do the payment.

Google has no public information because if information goes on public, so your loss will happen and you will not run your business.

Because people have to pay for which information then that information will be provided free. So Google Avoid these things, so you can be told Google Which information Google will crawl and which will not crawl.

So in this way, so Google has not the whole internet in his index. A lot of internets, It is so huge so we can’t imagine how much is it huge, so it can’t imagine how big information Google has not.

But Google has some millions of TeraBite data. And when you search so basically you search that database which is index in Google.

Search Algorithm

When this process completed then next what Google does? Basically when your query generates then Google Apply its algorithms.

1 Google algorithms analyze your words.

In this example you will watch the word “Change” is using in different examples.

1 The bulb is going to change.
2 the currency is going to change
3 the color is going to change

So these words “change” have a different meaning. When you talking about “bulb changing” then Google knows that bulb can’t change it only replaces.

And when you talk about “currency exchange” then Google knows that currency can’t change its exchange. You give someone money and it’s against you receive money.

And third information where you are adjusting brightness or color not “changing”.

So Google has all aware that in which context you are talking to Google. It understands your wrong word in the right meaning and reaches the right place.

2 Match Your search.

Next process is about your queries, what you search and what you get the result. If you search doctor but you get result restaurant or any other irrelevant site then is it will be ok for you?

I don’t think so. When you search a doctor you get a doctor and when you search for a restaurant then you get a restaurant.

So what queries you search and which query is matching, Google search it in its database and then show you result.

3 Rank Useful Page

Next step is Google rank useful pages. There is not only a single doctor or not only a single restaurant to Google.

There are Millions of pages and among them, Google ranks which page is better. So at this stage SEO is apply and many other places SEO also apply. so Google ranks it on some basic ranking factor.

When It ranks pages from 1 to 10 or many thousand pages then he tries to show you the most useful pages.

Another concept comes out form usefulness.

What is usefulness?

It could be different according to different people.

So if I am searching restaurant possible I want to go there. And if you are searching for a restaurant possible you want to open a restaurant.

So how Google understand What I want and what you want. So to whom which result to be shown.

It will be useful for me that I get information about the restaurant and it will be useful for you that you can get a guide for opening a restaurant. So Google can understand these things on the basis of different factors.

Return the Best Results

When Google shows you results, it tries to show you the best result. And these results show you indifferent results.

For example, one of them is the Knowledge Graph. That shows your knowledge graph.

For example, if you are going somewhere or you want some location it will show you, show you distance, show you the map, some time give you direct answers and some time show you feature snippets.

So these are all thing which Google shows you on different occasion provide you different results.

Now we will try, if we search differ things in Google, then how Google changes its search queries.

For instance, if I write Lahore to Karachi then what Google shows me, let’s try this, so as you are watching when I write Lahore to Karachi then Google show me this result and Google think, that I want to travel from Lahore to Karachi.

Now Google shows me a different result. And it is usefulness result for me. So Google is making useful data for me. But you can imagine Google provide this result only in 0.44 second.

So a huge amount of data Google provides me in less than a second.
So here I can watch flight schedules and then if I scroll then Google is showing me maps, and distance and best roots are showing me.

If I go by foot then what time is required and if I go through car then how much time will it take.?

So if I change my queries and write the word “flights” then Google provide me only flights data.

It will remove maps because now Google knows what I am asking for?. Then he will show me only flights and to do scrolling page he will not show me anywhere maps or any other thing.

So this is a challenge for Google that he wants to show different results to different users with a different meaning.

Now this time all procedures which I told you above are applying in these queries.

So to provide the most useful results to its users Google makes updates in its algorithms.

I hope you have understood the concept that how google search works step by step.


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