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Google is the world best search engine, and how is it the best search engine in the world it will be discussed in details.

But Google does not get money to his organic search. If you want to do something to paying Google then you only can place the ads. We know how much Google is serious about its business.

And it told me that how Google better its search engine and its queries and what is its procedure and what is Google approach to search. We look at its a bit, why Google is better and why it is to be going better to better.

Why Google is Much Better Search Engine in the World

It is a common question, that why Google is much better than other search engines. Because Google has thousand of Ph.D. Engineers, who can frequently make better it’s the engine. And to do better it, they put it in a process and stepwise can do this process and after that shows to the public.

How to do Testing Step Wise

How they do this testing step by step and how they can test it by its users. There are three main steps to test these.

Focus on The User

If you have noticed, the most important for Google is its user. so it not shows you an extra add or other things. When you go on Google, there you saw only a logo and a search bar only.

Unless you search data can’t show to you. So the main important thing for Google is search results for its users. Google makes a search engine for users and it thinks to get an opinion by users is most necessary.

User Test

So when Google enginers give suggestion to Google some changes to make better its search engine then Google hire an external team to check these changes. They are specialist in their field, it shows them to test and provides a guideline.

These guidelines are depended on different parameters, that what you have to test. And by watching results they told Google these things have been tested. This point is we fell well and this point fell not well.

So this test comes in front of all in the form of a checklist. And when Google analyzes its things then it also avails its test results. That these points are favorable for some persons and these points are not acceptable, and what is like it he rollout it. And which are not in favor maybe they stop it at the spot.

A/B Testing

This is another type of testing which Google does. It shows two versions of the same thing. Normally it is called A/B testing.

For example, you have one page in one layout and the same page is another layout. Now Google shows these images to outside people, that we have to show this result in these two types. Chose a result and told what you look better.

So the tester people evaluate that rather they like No A or No B. On this bases Google take forward things which people most like and other things are getting in the review or stop them.

Test with Public

The third thing is Google also test with public. So what is that test? That two things which show to its evaluators as it is, it shows these results to its audience.

Normally people can’t understand it when the experiment is going on with them or not. Happens it sometimes a feature appears on you and then it doesn’t appear on you.

Google put a feature to a separate audience when they open then that some feature make them visible. Some traffic audience how to react to watch this new feature.

All these things Google is monitoring and with that Google monitor graph, if we show them this thing our graph and our activity is growing upward, and on another side, it seeds if we show them other results then our graph is going downward.

Evaluate Results

So after public test, Google gets the data to his enginers. And they evaluate which thing is better and which thing is not better. After all these combinations, when test results come and expert opinion come to.

Then they all decide that which feature will go forward, which will be reject and which will be go in further review, and do it with more testing.

So to take all these things, Google makes better its search engine. so this is the guarantee by Google that it can’t allow it engine effected without these steps.

So this proves that anyone can’t convince Google that which thing you will launch and how will launch.

Because Google says, we sell advertising not search results. So when Google will sell search results on that day, Google would not be Google anymore.

Website Owner Suggestion

So Google does another work which is, Google guide website owner or gives them suggestions. That how you can make your website better and how Google is watching your website and how is perceiving.

Google provides them search engine guideline through Google search console oldest name is google webmaster tool that which issue Google is finding in your website.

And Google also told to website owners that you have not done some things. These are the guidelines which Google launch time to time. You can read all the Google guidelines.

Google Does not Host Content

And at the last Google do this, Google told to website owners that you have the right to share your information. So some website exists on Google which looking not legitimate or creating for fraud purpose, or their results will be not beneficial.

Google understand this thing and watch this, but Google says this that we can’t decide how your content is. Because Google does not host content anymore.

Host means that content is not to Google that content is on your website. What you have written on your website you are the owner of that content or some other one what writes on his website and how he is creating content he is the owner of that content.

Google will not tell him to remove their content or you can’t put your content. Rather it is good content or bad content both have the right to come in search engine.

Google only put search results in its database, and it told only where your information exists.


Nor Google put information in its database nor shows it. Google only told you the location of that information.

But in some extreme cases where Google thinks some people are trying to cheat Google and trying to come on top. To whom we called black hat and white hat SEO. When they try to come on top with that techniques Google can block them, and also can delete them.

Google all these things do like that, Google thinks as it does its engine better its user will come to it. When its user will come to it then its company will grow and he will also generate money. Which is the ultimate purpose of every business?


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