Google Ads Account For Google Keyword Planner Tool

google ads account for google keyword planner tool

As you know that we can do keyword research on Google. And that tool name is the Google keyword planner tool. And for the searching keyword, we have to create a Google ads account for the keyword planner tool. Actually this tool is a part of Google ads.

And is this topic I will disclose how we can create a Google ads account on keyword planner tool and what requirements are required.

How to Create Google Ads Account for Google Keyword Planner Tool Free.

For creating Google ads account for keyword tool we only required a Gmail account. If you have not a Gmail account then, first of all, you have to create a Gmail account. And then follow these steps for creating Google ads account.

Step by Step Creating Google Ads Account

First of all, you have to log in to your Gmail account. After login, your Gmail account then visit Google ads website. When Google ads will be opened.
So keep in mind when you will open the first itme Google ads website then you have to loged in. In the top right there is a button of sign in. When you will be signed in and you are already loged in, in the Gmail account then you will see this screen.

There is a special thing on this screen which you have in mind. And the special thing is this if you have not skipped off this step then Google will take forward you in a campaign mode. In which ultimately you have to create a campaign and Google will be told you to sign up with a credit card.

Skip the Guided Step

So to avoid this thing we have to skip this step. You will saw a blue line which is written “skip the guided step” so you have to skip this guided step so that we can avoid this problem in which we have to put a credit card. We will try to create an account without using credit care.

Select the Currency and Country

As you will skip this step Google will take you a page on which Google asks you your country and currency. So in this step, you have to verify to Google that you have to log in with that Gmail account which you have already logged in. After that, you will select your country and then your currency. You have to select your country’s currency

Keep in mind currency and country can’t change after

If you will want to use Google ads account after that, then that currency and country will run with you. And in which currency you have account if you will use after that Google ads account then you have to pay in that currency.

google ads account

So after selecting the country and currency click on Save and continue button. As you click on save and continue button Google will create your account which will be called Google ads word account. This is a very simple step to create Google ads account for Google keyword planner tool.


So Google ads words and Google ads have this difference that the first Google ads name was Google ad words. Some people know this with Google ad words name. Actually Google ad words and Google ads are the same names. If you will write then you will also redirect on So now its new name is Google ads.
So in the mean when you will see this screen then you will know that your account has been created. and now you can use this account.


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