Best Free Instant Approval Article Submission Sites in 2020

free instant approval article submission sites list in 2020

Article submission is an off-page SEO type. It is used to provide quality back-links to your home page and also post article. The submission of your article on these sites is very helpful to increase your DA and PA of your website. Myseoland is also the best website to provide you with quality back-links types. Here is a list of top free instant approval article submission sites list in 2020. By submitting articles on free article submission sites these sites you will increase Da, PA, and get quality backlink.

This is a white hat off-page SEO technique. Article submission is a very necessary step in ranking your website. It also helps you to generate organic traffic.

What is Article Submission?

Many websites on the internet provide you with the facility to submit articles for free.

But they can’t approve your article instantly.

Sometimes some sites reject your article and your effort goes to waste.

But instant approval article submission sites approve your article instantly and that is absolutely free.

This is a white hat off-page SEO technique. You have to know about the difference in white hat SEO, black hat SEO, and grey hat SEO.

Then it will be very easy for you to optimize your website.

Your article must be 450 words to 500 words.

It is very good for SEO that an article must be 1000 words. But some websites reject 1000 word articles.

Benefits of Article Submission in SEO in 2020.

Creating back-links for websites is necessary to rank your website. Different article submission sites provide you different benefits. But free instant article submission sites list provides you following benefits for your website SEO.

  • It accepts your article instantly as you publish.
  • These sites increase your DA, PA.
  • It provides you organic and quality traffic.
  • And it helps to rank your keyword in SERP.
  • It provides you do follow and no follow backlinks.
  • The backlinks are contextual.
How Much to Write Article For Submission sites.

Writing an article for your blog post or for submission sites is an art. Different article submission sites have different guidelines for submitting articles. After approving your article these sites provide you a very valuable backlink. Some sites give do-follow and some give you a no-follow backlink.

The article should be precise and unique. Spin content and copyright content is note gives you a valuable backlink. length of the article should be around 450 to 500 words. Some sites can’t accept more than 500 words and some less than 350 words.
so your article should be within 450 to 500 words for instant approval. And you have to insert no more than 2 backlinks in each article.

Top 10 Article Submission Sites for Instant Approval

Mostly some websites take some time to accept your content. So it may take time in approval. But there are also some instant approval article submission sites that accept your blog instantly. These also have very high authority. Top 10 article submission sites for instant approval are described below.

1- Sites.Google.Com

Sites Google .com is also a Google very popular product. It is a free source content sharing platform. Google sites use for different purposes. And one of the most important purposes is for content sharing. you can write unique and valuable content and get a high-quality backlink.


GitHub is another very famous article submission site. Million of people use these sites daily to reading different articles. It has a very high DA and PA. After submission of your article, you will get an instant backlink and a huge amount of audience.


EzineArticles is also another very famous content sharing websites. It has content in different categories. People want to read articles on these websites. It is also very popular in off-page SEO. Submitting an article on this instant approval site you will get quality traffic.


This is a microblogging website like Twitter. You can publish short articles on it. It is very famous in all over the world. This is a free instant approval article submission site that provides you quality backlinks. and increase your off-page SEO.


Quora is one of the top websites in question and answer sites. You can ask a question and also gives answers to other’s questions. This site provides you huge traffic and your content accepts instantly. So this is a very important website.

So what are you looking for?

Just explore our high DA, PA instant approval website submission site list. Find your niche and submit your article. And get instantly improved.

a list of complete instant approval article submission site list in 2020
Article Submission Sites List

52 Free Instant Approval Article Submission sites List in 2020

Sr. No Instant Approval Article Submission DA (MOZ) Updated Month
95 Feb-2020
93 Feb-2020
93 Feb-2020
4 92 Feb-2020
5 92 Feb-2020
6 92 Feb-2020
7 91 Feb-2020
8 91 Feb-2020
9 91 Feb-2020
10 89 Feb-2020
77 Feb-2020
12 73 Feb-2020
72 Feb-2020
14 78 Feb-2020
15 79 Feb-2020
16 71 Feb-2020
17 70 Feb-2020
18 68 Feb-2020
19 76 Feb-2020
20 66 Feb-2020
21 64 Feb-2020
22 61 Feb-2020
23 56 Feb-2020
24 62 Feb-2020
25 51 Feb-2020
26 35 Feb-2020
27 39 Feb-2020
28 50 Feb-2020
29 24 Feb-2020
30 23 Feb-2020
31 40 Feb-2020
32 51 Feb-2020
33 35 Feb-2020
34 39 Feb-2020
35 50 Feb-2020
36 24 Feb-2020
37 23 Feb-2020
38 40 Feb-2020
39 55 Feb-2020
40 51 Feb-2020
41 35 Feb-2020
42 39 Feb-2020
43 50 Feb-2020
44 24 Feb-2020
45 23 Feb-2020
46 40 Feb-2020
47 55 Feb-2020
48 56 Feb-2020
49 37 Feb-2020
50 55 Feb-2020
51 48 Feb-2020
52 48 Feb-2020

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