Different Types of Keywords in SEO in 2019

different types of keywors in seo in 2019

Keywords are most important for SEO. But how many different types of keywords in SEO we will discuss it. We will explain it with an example

Explain types of keywords

For instance, you have a cloth store. Many people will come to you who demand clothes. They can be included children, young, old, women and men also.

Now, what will they demand you? Each one will demand what he or she wants. Someone will say show me the latest trends, and someone will say show me fashion’s latest design. Someone will demand a function dress. Someone will demand marriage clothes and someone for business clothe.

So like these many people have gone to purchase clothing but according to their different demands, they respond to their needs. And often the shop owner is aware of the customer, which customer is serious and which is not. You have often experience in your life that you would know too which customer is serious and which is not. We can take this example in digital.

In digital when people search on Google. They try to find things according to their needs or Intent. Now, this need or intent when they convert it in words these are called basically keywords. What is the purpose of these keywords? how many types have these keywords? and which keyword can tell you about that customer which might be become our customer.

4 Main Different Types of Keywords in SEO in 2019

There are different types of keywords in SEO which are explained as under

  1. Short Tail Keywords
  2. Long-Tail Keywords
  3. Broad Keyword
  4. Specific Keywords

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords consist of one or two keywords. There is not clear intent in these two words. For example, if you write “Mobile Phones” now mobile and phones are two words in this keyword. This will be called the short tail keyword.

Here is the problem we have, we don’t know “mobile phone” searcher wants to buy a mobile phone or sell a mobile phone or want to do some other thing with the mobile phone. So in short tail keywords intent is not clear. Short tail keywords search maximum but they have less or no meaning. So you can’t get any idea rather short tail searcher to have a specific intent or need or not.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords consist of two or more than two words. In these words normally intent is clear. For example, if you write “mobile phone prices in Lahore” this keyword has clear the intent. It shows that searcher is searching for a mobile phone in Lahore city. So in long-tail keywords, it is often clear what people want.

Broad Keywords

You can classify keywords in broad keywords. Actually broad keywords also form a short-tail keyword. In which basically broad keywords are called short-tail keywords.

Broad keywords are those keywords whose meaning is very broad, they have no specific meaning. And it is not clear what is its specific meaning. So in broad sense they can have a broad meaning.

As we discussed above if someone is searching “mobile Phone” then it is not clear rather he is searching for selling or for purchasing a mobile phone or his mobile phone has broken and he is searching for repairing it. So this broad meaning can’t give us the clarity that how many types of business we have to take and what kind of need customer has and how can we satisfy him.

Specific Keywords

Specific keywords also form of long-tail keywords. These can be more specific or less specific. They are slightly better than broad keywords. They have clear intent in there. For example, if you want to repair your mobile then you will search “Mobile phone repair shop in Lahore” So in this keyword, we can understand that people are searching for mobile phone repairing shop in Lahore city.

You can make it more specific. For making it more specific how will you add keywords? For example, if someone searches “mobile phone repairing shop in Gulberg Lahore” Google now understands that a person is searching a mobile phone repairing shop but in Gulberg. And that Lahore city and Gulburg also come to clarity.

So these keywords broad and specific we need to understand that we focus on this that in next these keywords help us that on which keyword we have to focus and on which keyword we have to not focus.

Keywords are also classified in another different way.

  • Simple Queries
  • Money Keywords

Simple Queries

Simple queries can be those queries that people search on Google only on for browsing. As we take the mobile phone example again. If people are searching “latest mobile phones trends” or “latest mobile phones specification” or “new latest mobile phones in 2018” These are all the searches that people will write, maybe they want to know about latest mobile phones.

Which new mobiles are coming? and which mobiles have to come? Nowhere is this clear that a person is searching for buying mobile purpose. So that’s why we call these queries simple queries because we have not clear what is intent in this.

Money Keywords

Some queries are those queries in which we clearly understand that a person is searching only on for buying purposes. For example, if you want to buy a Samsung mobile or any other company mobile. First thing you will write its prices. If someone writes “Samsung Note 9 Prices in Lahore” So it means a person who writes this is searching a Samsung Note 9 mobile phone and searching its prices in Lahore city.

This search query is better for that query for which we can’t understand what they are searching for. If you have to search for any mobile brand, you will write its brand, its mobile name, and model and then its prices. In this query when anyone will search a mobile phone with pricess then it will be clear that he is searching for prices of that mobile and its intent of purchasing is clear.

Whenever any had a mobile phone. First of all, they search for their process. So in the simple query, it is not clear that he is searching a mobile phone for purchasing purposes. But when he attaches price words in this query then it becomes clear to us, possible this guy wants to buy this mobile. And right now, he is watching its prices.

Now that’s a different matter, he wants to purchase for his own or someone else. But this one word changed its meaning completely. And these keywords help us, which keywords we have shortlisted and selected. And on which queries we have not focused. All these things are important

If we work on the wrong keywords, we can't get good results. But if we work on the right keywords, we can get good results

What is the Right Keyword in SEO

Right keywords mean, that keywords from which we can get sales. So if you are running a business then you should have to know which customer is coming to you for business? or which customer will buy the product form you. We know this as if someone is searching for a mobile phone if he writes the word “buy” or “prices” word then it is clear that he is searching to buy a mobile phone.

And possible the person is ready for buying the mobile phone and he is searching a website for purchasing a mobile phone, or he is searching what are its prices. And where and how many pricess are charged. These keywords are called money keywords.


So these are the main “different types of keywords in SEO in 2019“. So money keywords mean that search queries which give sales refer to giving you money mean they come on your website and after that, they do shopping. And that business has some sales and they buy something regularly.

And how is all this possible? When this query starts, when he writes buy word, then we have clear these are those people possible they have the intent or need to buy a mobile phone. So to identify a money keyword is an important task.

These money keywords helped our business that we optimized our business on those keywords which are people searching. Not for those keywords which people are not searching if they are searching then there is not any intent or need clarification.

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