Different Methods To Creating Video

how to create video for youtube

First of all, if you convert your content in video format. For example, if you have written an eBook or textbook guide, you started it to convert it in the video.

Not only your SEO will be started better, rather Google will provide you extra space.

How Much Google Shows Organic Results

Because Google gives you tube space an extra space.
So we have discussed earlier if you have ranked on 1st page than you have to compete top pages. Because of organic results or not more than 10.

But you have noticed, some time it happened, Google show you maps, videos or its own suggestion site, knowledge panel. Or trying to show you some different information. Which comes from rich snippets. These are extra results.

If you are watching 10 organic results, then the video is an extra result. So if you want to improve your SEO, then you have to ranking your content through SEO and through video also. Which will be coming from you tube.

How We Can Create Video Content

Now the question is arise how we create video content because we are not Fawad Khan.

Google does not notice what is in the video.
As Google has not known that what is in pictures, it requests you for “alt tag“. So we told Google through “alt tag” what type of this image, and what is going on in this image.
So the same thing is in the video.

Different Methods To Create a Video

If you want to rank, you only make a video by a simple camera. You can rank on it, you have not required to hire a production house.
You have not required to pay millions of rupees like to Fawad Khan acter.

A company which expends millions of rupees to create an ad, and then they launch it, and after that, they expend more millions of rupees to show on TV.

But on YouTube, if you create a simple video and do rank it on a keyword, on that keyword which people are searching. The keyword by which someone gets benefits or get knowledge.

If your video will fulfill that query, then your video is better, rather then you expend millions of rupees to create an add.

When we talk about video, then we imagine that we have a fully decorated set, different actors will perform, cameras were installed means a complete production team will be there, but in you tube, it is not necessary.

Youtube Equal To Everyone

YouTube is almost equal to everyone. This is facts, those videos also ranked and become viral because they do maximum expenditure on it. They also promote it. That is right in his place.

If you will create a video, which is related to your business, which will help your client or audience, This is not necessary, that video should be so costly and have created by a production team.

By Using Mobiel Camera

You can take a selfie by a simple camera or by your small phone can put it in your video and as long as it is answering someone question, Google will like to show it.

Google does not make sense, that which person you have hired or which production team you have hired.
If that video is good, people getting answers by it, then this video will be ranked on top.

I will show you some important tips how you have to create a simple video. For example,

you purchase a tripod, and fixed your mobile on it, and record your video by yourself. And you can go outside in sharp lighting, or installed 2 or three bulb in your room.

tripod for video

This can be done a fantastic set at a cheap rate. If you want to show your face in your video content.

Products Photoshoot.

If you are running an eCommerce business, then most people want to take a photo of different products. So product photography has become an important factor.

Because until product photography will be not effective people will not purchase that product.
so before buying people like it and watch it.

A box is available in the market for product photo shot, you put your product inbox and from the side, you take a photo. If you can not do this,

Screen Casting Software.

You go on your screen and buy a screen casting software. some are available on free and some are paid. It depends, how intensively you want to work or how much features you have required.

You can create a screen casting on your laptop or mobile screen and can launch this video.

For example, if you have to told someone software installing methods, or any other tutorial want to create. It depends on what is your business.
You can do screen casting, this is also a video type and you can live it.

World Economic Forum Videos.

So if you have watched world economic forum video. world economic is the world largest forum on which world most in which world great people to whom we follow, they discuss world economic issues to go there. so which policies are created their viral in the world.

If you go on Facebook and watch world economic forum page, if you watch their videos at there, there are nothing special in that video, only sliding are scrolling and a music is playing in background, which is enough. And every video of them take millions of views.

So the purpose of telling this all is if your video have power, then you have not required to speech. show good facts, show slide, and provide information to people which they are demanding.

And if you upload this video on you tube then this video will also be ranked.

Power Point Method

If you think you have do not know anything. I hope you must know about power point.
If you want to create a video by power point, it is also possible. I will not told you in details but I will give you some hints.

When you make some slides on power point and then you can export it on windows not on a mac, when you will export it in windows, then you can export it as video. That would be the slide which you have created will convert in video format.

power point method of video

So you can launch a video on you tube by creating on PowerPoint. It is so simple it has not any science.
If you have not knowledge about it, simple you go on you tube and search “how to create a video by power point” so you will be learn completely, that how you can make a video.


So the purpose of all these information was some people say, how we can create a video, we can’t do video SEO, because we have not any production house not any money not any cameras and any actress.

There is nothing like it if you have to create video like any method you create video.

YouTube is a big platform, and if you want to start getting traffic through you tube then your SEO will be improve and your client will be happy. And you tube will go forward, means, video marketing is growing day by day.

Because as much internet penetration is happening, 3 G,4 G have introduced now the time is 5 G internet. When 5 G will be introduced then internet will so much cheaper and fast, that you will be streaming at any place.

So culture is changing, people are not typing, people are speaking. So these all thing all taking you in different direction. So your content should be ready for that change that’s coming.


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