Difference Between Search Engine & an Answer Machine

answer engine and search engine difference

When you name Google, a question arises in mind “is Google a search engine?” but now our discussion “is Google only a search engine?” You can read this Google is a search engine.

Our main purpose to understand the difference between a search engine and an answer machine.

What is a search engine? And what is the answering machine? A search engine is a different concept in internet terms and answer machine is a different term also.

Difference between Search Engine and an Answer Machine?

But our focus is to explain what is Google?. Google is also the largest company on the internet, and not search engine only, or say it like that, Google does not want to remain as a search engine.

Many experts have noticed on different occasions that Google has crossed over as a search engine.

What is a Search Engine?

If we take an example of a search engine, that what is a search engine and what is the purpose of a search engine.

If you search something on search engine it will provide you search results, which is the job of search engine.

For example, if you are searching “movie” then it will show you a “movie” result. And if you will search “a restaurant” then it will execute your restaurant result. So that way what you search for will give you results.

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What is the Answer Engine?

And now what answer engine do? Answer engine has to give an answer which is his job of providing different answers against different questions. And it wants to become an answer engine too.

So what answer engine will do? When you will ask some question to answer machine it does not give you all the answer which are on the internet, rather it will try to give you the best answer also.

So we understand the difference of search engine and answer machine with an example.

google answer machine results 2+2=4

For example, if you will write a quire “2+2=4” in the search engine, then it will give you all results where “2+2=4” is have written on the web.

But if you write “2+2=4” in answer machine then it will give you an answer which is “4”

Google Assistant

This is Google’s attempt that it can become an answering machine, and to the extent, Google also has become an answering machine. And its better example is “Google Assistant”

When you talk to Google Assistant then it gives you answers, and when you ask to search something then it gives you search result.

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How Google Assistant Works?

So how it has happened? You have noticed that against different queries, different results come.

So now we will try to understand that is Google a search engine or an answering machine? Google was the originator as a search engine, but now it is possible that Google wants to become a good answer machine.

And Google some extent Google has become a good answer machine.

And Google wants, which time will come when you will not ask the question to Google, and it will also give you an answer, which will you required at that time.

This is Google best effort that it go at that side. But now Google is also a search engine and when you ask the question then it also gives you an answer.

When Google gives you answers then it means now Google is not only a search engine it also becomes an answer engine.

If you called Google only a search engine, then it will be wrong but if you called Google a search engine and answer machine then both names are true for Google.

How Google Show us Results as an Answer Machine

Let’s watch, how Google shows us different results against different queries?

You will go on www.Google.com and then search a query “2+2” Google will show you the answer of “2+2=4” Rather than Google search it as search engine results, it gives it answer as an answer engine.

Google not only give me result rather it gives me an opened calculator if I want to change my query, then I can change it on a calculator easily.

So why Google opened a calculator for me? The answer is because Google thinks I am trying to do calculation so it provides me the facility of the calculator so that, Google does not want that I move some other to leave it.

Google wants that I find my answer staying at its site. “2+2” this was a simple question, if you write complex mathematically equation then Google will also answer it. Because Google supports many mathematically equations.

How Google Show Results as an Answer Machine and Search Engine

So let’s try to change our query, and then see what results it provides.

usd to pkr currency change my seoland
USD to Pkr

So For example, if I want to change the currency from US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee then I will search it on Google “USD to pkr” and “USD” which is US Dollars currency sign and “pkr” is Pakistani Rupee currency sign.

Rather than Google gives me search result that how many sites have the word “usd to pkr” rather it is giving me an answer. And the answer is that 1 US Dollar is equal to 156.00 Pakistani Rupee.

Google as an answering machine not only giving me the result, rather it also showing me a graph that. How much fluctuation is occurring in currency from time to time? And also providing me an option that if I want to see trend a “month” a” year” “5 years” or “maximum” trend which Google has.

This is another example in which not only Google give me answer rather show me results. If you scroll down this page you will see the search results of “usd to pkr” it means how many websites have a word “usd to pkr” in their content.

But the most important thing is that Google not only searches it rather answer it too.

How Google Show Results as a Search Engine?

When I change my query then Google results also will be changed. And Google working will be changed.

fawd khan search result
Fawad Khan search

For example, if I search on Google “Fawad khan” which is a Pakistani actor then Google not only me its Wikipedia results rather on the right side it shows me this actor’s pictures and complete biodata.

And if I scroll down then it is showing me its wife name, his movies name, last movie name each and everything showing me about “Fawad khan”

As my query has changed so Google is giving me results according to my search, it thinks if I search Fawad khan possible I want to search some other actors.

So it gives me some other actor’s details also, and you can watch on the screen that in suggestion, it is showing other actors also.

Search Places

If I search a place then its result will be different from other search results.

k2 mountain place search

For example, if I search “K2” then Google not only showing me Wikipedia result rather it is showing me videos, which it has not shown in any other result.

And if see in right side Google is telling me about “k2” height who “the first ascent” it what is its “range” where is it available? Its map and its pictures, and it also show some other relevant mountains also.

Google Collects Facts and Figures

Dear readers as we are changing our queries so that Google is changing its results also.

There is another interesting thing that, Google not only shows results rather, it collects “facts and figures” also.

eiffel tower height mysoeland
Eiffel Tower

For example, an Eiffel Tower, which is in Parris and you want to know its height. If I write “Eifel Tower height” then Google will be told me height at the same place.

Rather then it will show me results of Wikipedia or any other websites where I can read its height. Google is showing me the height result.

Google thinks my question is simple, so rather than it sends me some other websites, It wants to answer it by itself.

As I searched “Eifel Tower” Google told me its height which is “300 meter” and also told me if you calculated it on it tip then its height is “324 meter”.

And with that, it gives me some suggestion of “Burge Khalifa” which is in Dubai, “Empire State Building” which is in New York, so that you have to want to know different building heights.

On the right side, it is showing me its picture and map location. If I click on the map then it will take me on Google Map where I can see its location.


So there are different methods, by which Google not only shows you different results against different queries, rather it gives you answers also. So it proof, that Google is not only a search engine Google also an answer engine.

Google is trying more to do better its answer machine. And to understanding you he provides you maximum answers. This proves Google is not only a search engine but it is a search machine and wants to make it better. And day by day, Google does it better.


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