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Have you been encountering the security issue and searching for the application that can disguise your insurance? By then, you are on the right way App Hider is the individual who is exceptionally expected for guarding your security reliably hid and from looking eyes. Not simply stows away your applications, pictures, music, singular messages yet moreover App Hider is an incredible application to make clones. Along these lines, you can without a very remarkable stretch access more than one record from one device. The best thing about this application is – it turns itself in a smaller than expected PC application so it’s not possible for anyone to really find that you are using any of the best application hider.


Spreads itself in a scaled down PC structure.

Allows you to make the clone of utilizations to get to various records.

Vault confirmation to keep your insurance secure.

Lets you to play and view the photographs, chronicles clearly from the application.

Application Hider

2. Disguise Apps

As of now it has been so normal to keep your applications evaded peeping eyes. The presence of the Hide Apps makes this task so less complex and speedier. Doesn’t have an effect if your friends and family secure your phone, use Hide Apps and keep a few applications covered which you need. Absolutely free and best secret coordinator application for android customers. This application works like a launcher so if you are new to this, by then at first set this application as the default launcher. What about we know the features that make it an optimal concealing application for android contraptions.


Lock applications with configuration lock.

Permits you to stow away or lock the show.

Keeps your own data secure from spying eyes.

Permitted to use.

Cover Apps

3. Insurance Master

It is protected to say that you are looking for your own security suite to conceal your private applications, pictures, accounts, and messages? By then, you need to look at to Privacy Master. The master security suite never allows your insurance to down in any case. This application also makes you clear your looking or scrutinizing history so your security never going to spill. You can without a doubt conceal your applications, messages, singular data, pictures, and chronicles. Here are a couple of features that make Privacy Master a top notch capable concealing application.


Private examining.

Auto-cleans history.

Lets you to bolt any application.

Covers notice of messages.

Assurance Master

4. Note pad Vault – App Hider

Cover any kind of utilizations with the note pad vault. Journal Vault isn’t only a good performer application to stow away applications yet also an optimal choice to cover messages, pictures, chronicles, and music. Its covered pictures work don’t allow anyone to see your photographs and chronicles. In the phone’s settings the application name displayed as a calculator+, not an application hider. Likewise, in the continuous applications window the application name displayed as Notepad Vault so it’s not possible for anyone to perceive that you are getting to any concealing application. Nearby this much, this application has different features that make it an optimal choice for the same.


Protects your phone with a mysterious expression.

Covers a wide scope of utilizations, pictures, accounts.

Doesn’t show the stow away applications in the continuous applications window.

Shows notice in three modes – all/solitary number/none.

Lets you to get to two records from a single device.

Scratch cushion Vault – App Hider

5. Application Locker

Puzzled! since anyone can without a very remarkable stretch access your phone and see your own things. Furthermore, to discard this troublesome you are searching for assist who with helping you with keeping your security guaranteed. By then, here you go, App Locker astoundingly expected to blocks unapproved access from your phone and keep you protected from peering eyes. Application Locker guarantees your security until the end of time. You can without a very remarkable stretch lock any untouchable application with App Locker. It the best application to disguise pictures and chronicles on android device.


Locks your calls as per your choice.

Secures you by setting a lock configuration, PIN, Fingerprint.

Speedy access and easy to-use.

Extras battery life by turning on the power mode.

Incredibly practical with different tongues.

Application Locker

Use this absolutely free and optimal concealing application to safeguard your assurance from the spying eyes. Make a secret mystery expression or PIN to your disguised showcase and access adequately to all your secret presentation just by entering the PIN. Fortunately, this application displayed as the Audio Manager in the App bureau so it’s not possible for anyone to perceive that it exists. With this application, you can have the choice to share your phone successfully with no worry to others.


Cloud Backup.

Private scrutinizing.

Secret talking.

Application gets normally evaporated from the continuous application window.

Offer accounts and pictures adequately from the application honestly to other online media applications.

Sound Manager – Hide Photos and Videos

7. Vault-Hide Pics and Video

On this outline of best applications for stowing away applications Vault is the most obvious and significant application that is extraordinarily planned to keep security guaranteed. Vault is the fundamental stowing away application on the play store too. Eventually, more than 100 million individuals over the world have exhibited their certainty towards Vault. Vault gives us surprising features including private bookmarks, private examining, cloud support, application lock, and some more.

Lock your phone with Secret AppLock and viably share your phone with your friends and family. Looking eyes are reliably a headache that interrupts our assurance. Hence, here you’ve found an astounding application that keeps your phone protected from peering eyes.


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