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What is Social Bookmarking site and Social Tagging?

social bookmarking is a process of the store, organize and share your information with others using the social bookmarking sites. In social bookmarking user can save their favorite link or site which he wants to share the community of “social bookmarking site

In many sites, user can also give comments and feedback to bookmark the site. Actually bookmarking is done on some specific social sites so that’s why it is called social bookmarking site. Another term of social bookmarking is “social tagging” which means the user can tag its list to the community of social sites.
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What is Social Tagging?

Generaly we use tagging in our social media plateform. Social tagging means when someone tagged his share post or his comment to you so that it can show on your wall of the post. It can be tagged to a single person or business on their social profile. So if someone search what is social tagging then it’s mean what is social bookmarking site?

Tags normally used in blogs, site owners attach their keyword which called tags to identify text, image or video within their website article. Web pages and sites are linked to each other by these tags.

What is Bookmarking in Digital Marketing?

It is not a bookmark, in fact, it is BookMarking Social. Sometimes it may also be called profile creations or a web 2.0 list. It’s basically a very simple step where you can go to your Facebook page -> go to the section.

There you have the option to add the URL of the pages you want or own. If you submitted the URL there, technically, it became a facebook recommendation to the URL you added there.

This way you can get an instant “backlash” link to your website or web URL, through which magnetic energy or link juice is transferred from facebook to the URL you added. For this, I know a specialist in this which is pcrao. Consult because this is a good strategy but you should do it carefully or you may lose your ranking. It’s best to get professional guidance.

Advantage of Social bookmarking

Now a day social bookmarking is one of the best methods for creating backlinks for your website. These sites also have the do-follow and no-follow attribute.
Basically social bookmarking tools and sites originally were introduced for a user to tag or bookmark their site or URL online and can access anywhere in the world if the internet is connected.

But after some time some SEO expert finds that Google crawls social sites on a regular basis and get do-follow backlinks. So they started to use it in the search engine optimization term. Then some social bookmarking sites started to provide the no-follow attribute. Which give you a no-follow backlink.

You can get huge quality traffic to tagging your sites on the social bookmarking site list.

What are the Top Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO

There are many social bookmarking sites are available on the internet. But here we can disclose to you some most important and top-rated social bookmarking sites.

top social bookmarking site list
top social bookmarking site
  • Pinterest social bookmarking
  • Reddit social bookmarking
  • Digg social bookmarking
  • Delicious social bookmarking
  • Derrible social bookmarking
  • Stumble upon social bookmarking

are one of the best and top social bookmarking site
So if you want to increase your website traffic and get index your article instantly in Google, then first you should know clearly what is social bookmarking site and then you will be able to use these sites for backlinks.