Best High DA Free Article Submission Sites List

free high DA article submission sites list

If you want to rank your website high. Then here is a complete list of free and high DA article submission sites list. You can improve your SEO by sharing your articles on these free high authority sites.

Which also increases your DA, PA, and organic traffic. It is a white hat Off-page SEO technique. You have to submit one article daily for each post on these sites.

You will get the result instantly. All top SEO experts and bloggers also use this method to rank a website or blog.

Article submission sites list has become an important part of search engine optimization.

All digital marketers use this to get better results. Article submission sites give you do follow backlinks.
Even creating quality content is not enough to rank your site and compete with your competitors.

You have to create your backlinks on social bookmarking websites, blog directories, etc.

Let’s start!

Now let me give you a little bit of an introduction about article directories.

What are Article Submission Sites List

Article submission sites allow you to submit your quality article on these websites. And in return, you will get free and high-quality backlinks.

These backlinks are normally do-follow. By doing off-page SEO you can also get instant traffic and sales.
These article directories are free and some are paid.

Top 50 High DA Free Article Submission Sites List in 2021

Sr. No Free Article Submission Sites DA (MOZ) Updated Month
1 97 May-2021
2 97 May-2021
3 92 May-2021
4 92 May-2021
5 92 May-2021
6 91 May-2021
7 90 May-2021
8 90 May-2021
9 86 May-2021
86 May-2021
11 83 May-2021
12 82 May-2021
13 80 May-2021
78 May-2021
15 78 May-2021
16 78 May-2021
17 78 May-2021
76 May-2021
19 74 May-2021
73 May-2021
21 72 May-2021
22 67 May-2021
23 63 May-2021
62 May-2021
25 61 May-2021
26 58 May-2021
55 May-2021
28 55 May-2021
55 May-2021
30 55 May-2021
31 53 May-2021
32 53 May-2021
52 May-2021
34 49 May-2021
48 May-2021
36 48 May-2021
37 46 May-2021
38 46 May-2021
39 45 May-2021
40 44 May-2021
41 42 May-2021
42 38 May-2021
35 May-2021
44 34 May-2021
45 33 May-2021
46 32 May-2021
47 31 May-2021
48 29 May-2021
49 28 May-2021
50 19 May-2021

Importance of Free Article Submission Sites For SEO

importance free article submission sites list in 2020
  • You will get high quality and permanent backlinks.
  • These links are mostly do-follow.
  • Help to increase your DA and PA.
  • A stream of quality traffic around the world.
  • Improve your search engine ranking.
  • All search engines crawl it.

Steps to Follow Article Submission Sites list

  1. Choose the site one by one given the above list.
  2. Create an account with your information like email, name, password, etc.
  3. After the account confirmation log in your account.
  4. Select the article submission tab and complete your profile.
  5. Choose your relevant category
  6. Write an optimized article not less than 600 words.
  7. Put your website links 1 to 3 only each article.
  8. Now submit your article.

You can submit your articles on following free submission sites also to increase your website ranking. These sites will also provide you huge amount of quality traffic.

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There is no doubt that blogging is a good passion. And becoming successful in blogging SEO (search engine optimization) is most important.

With backlink SEO is incomplete. And article submission is very important.

So in this article, you will get complete knowledge about free and high DA article submission sites list in 2021.


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